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well hello my friends and welcome back to another episode this is going to be part 2 of the north wind manufacturing tour so in part one we learned a lot about truck campers and we learned a lot about sidewalls how they make their sidewalls we went in depth with a lot of key components of the RV but in today's video I'm gonna kind of skip over certain areas that I've already covered in the previous video so if you haven't already seen that video I'm going to link it in the description below and I'm also gonna put the title right here so if you feel like it go and check that video out first and then come back and check this video but for those who haven't seen the first video or for those who don't want to go see the first video I'm gonna quickly skim over what we learned about basically the first process of it all which is the aluminum structure and the lamination process to make sidewalls and other components in your RV like I said it's going to be very brief because a lot of people have already seen this step in more detail but I'm just gonna quickly cover it and then we're gonna go on to how they make their travel trailers and fifth wheels so whether you're making a truck camper fifth wheel or travel trailer it all starts with the aluminum superstructure that Northwood is quite famous for this aluminum superstructure is pre-cut and bundled so it makes it very easy for the welders to start their job it's an O 6o grade aluminum which is thicker than industry standard it allows them to do full bead welding this is the stage where it all gets welded together and ends up looking well like a sidewall and then they're all stacked along here and basically ready for the next step yep so this is an artic Fox 5th wheel almost a fifth wheel guy so it's gonna be an inch and a half compared to and then and then it's on to cutting the high-density block foam which is inserted in place now we're ready for the lamination process alright guys so it starts with fiberglass and then that board goes on and then the frame goes on top of that with all the foam inside and then it's another one of those luan boards I believe it's called and then it's all stuck together and then it goes through this machine and basically flattens it out and gets rid of any like air bubbles and whatnot and that's basically what your wall is and many other components of your RV this roller applies 3000 pounds of pressure per square inch here's a bit of a better visual from kolbee who is our tour guide today luan yep so all fit bills get to layers will live on two layers kr7 high-density foam yep interior wall gotcha for the stuff you see on the inside yep perfect make sense and just to give you an idea of how strong this high-density foam is without any aluminum structure in it I'm gonna stand on it and keep in mind it's embarrassing to admit but I'm close to 290 pounds so this is only foam there's no there's no framing inside oh god damn 290 man your wall is then taken over to the CNC router and that carves out every hole in your side wall so there are two big differences with building a truck camper opposed to a trailer one of them is the chassis and the other is how they construct the roof so we're gonna primarily focus on those two points and like I said I can't stress this enough to go watch the first video to see all of the other work that goes into building these RVs alright guys so now we're gonna do a little tour of the travel trailers and the fifth wheels and it all starts with the chassis or the frame so on the left or on your guide is right side we've got a travel trailer frame of course a fifth-wheel frame this is where the truck campers were made back here and this is where the travel trailers and I believe the fifth wheels are over there so let's go take a look okay so our chassis so one of the biggest things about all of our chassis is the fact that we build these here in-house so by building these in-house we can do a lot of things that other manufacturers can by relying on another company so we use the thicker creams so this right here is an 8-inch IV all right from side to side you're gonna see full chunks of Steel okay you're not gonna do any woven steel throughout to save on weight because we truthfully do not care about the weight we care about the structure of the chastity everything is gonna be fully welded in place okay so this is what your floor attaches to very important it is common you find L brackets that attach these to the chassis reason being another manufacturer builds the chassis these do not come attached that fully welded steps as well right here this is a very he's spot on the coach this is where your leaf spring attaches to the Ivy being an i-beam it's gonna want to torque a little bit who put this scrap piece of steel from top to bottom to prevent any talk of your travel 3/4 inch steel gas lines throughout that you'll find right next to your chassis beam okay so instead of copper lining throughout it's a lot easier to run we do this because if you have a tire blowout it's not going to damage your copper line the other reason it's 3/4 inch compared to a half-inch copper mining so your LP will flow throughout your coats a lot quicker and easier so here we have travel trailer this has an integrative a-frame okay so the integrated a-frame you'll notice goes right through out and attaches directly to your IB where the structure is okay what's a sob and I mean some other brand out there about the a-frame on the bottom of the chassis okay and just an example we have a little cargo trailer new stuff back and forth that's what the SOP looks like there's a bottom of the chassis batteries are mounted here fully welded in place you go up to a group 27 batteries two of them you wanted to do more you can mount an accessory on top of the chassis as well LP tank fully welded in place and your LP tanks aren't gonna fly off your tow change you're going to notice a lot every butier than most manufacturers use okay these change for 10 bucks apiece I know cuz I bought them for one of my projects they are very expensive so all of our travel trailers made by Northwood will come with shock absorbers a shock absorber for each individual tire okay so this helps with the right of your coach not the fact that you're gonna be driving in it with everything on the inside is gonna have a nice smooth ride so your addition should be worried left foot depending how you drive right Taylor that's right that's right because a lot of a lot of trailers just have leaf springs I don't have shock absorbers yeah cool so let's head inside and see a little bit more oh yeah you know what I might do I might just show it so guys we're just gonna do it quickly because it's kind of the same thing right you different from the chassis to the floor to build inside out the chassis obviously is the big difference between a truck camper also the roof the roof so we'll show that just because that's kind of interesting but other than that is there any other big difference on your floor is a big difference its lumber compared to fully welded aluminum is laminated right okay the truck campus floor okay this is key because a lot of maybe smaller great wood half by inch-and-a-half this is a 2 2 by 3 ok 5/8 inch plywood that goes on top yeah and it's all done in a jig oh yeah ok so one of those like floorplan yeah but floorplan yep so this floor is going to match the one in front of it they're gonna be identical gotcha and then everything that's installed cabinet that's all the same all the wood that's used in your army is pre-cut here and then bundled together so it makes it easy to grab a piece and start assembling [Applause] enough space knife valve is enclosed – that will freeze before your take this is where they make the cabinets for all of the travel trailer and 5th wheel models keep in mind that these RVs are built from the inside out so having your cabinets ready to go is very important so like you said before inside out this is where they start to kind of bring the wiring up blimey and all that good stuff and I just continue on this way yep it's so odd to see these RVs in their different stages along the assembly line so this is a sidewall which looks like it's for a fifth wheel and then if you just look behind me we missing its sidewall so they're going to take from here and put it on the side it's just neat to see them completely detached the sidewalls that we previously talked about that we're going through lamination this is when they are put on amazing one of the kids sleep is this any one of your man it's it's crazy to me just how much space is in these fifth wheels I'm so used to the truck capper I've been living in what like ten square feet for two years now and you see these truck campers and their mat they're just there they're rolling homes I mean look at this one so this one's got the the walls on and you just keep going down the line and every step it's a little bit more built a little bit more built and then it's time to lock everything in place with the roof so I'm gonna ask Colby to explain this to you guys a little bit better but the roof for the truck camper and the roof for the travel trailer and the fifth wheel they're different so the truck camper like you guys saw was a high-density foam where is this is like a home roof with with trusses and do you want to elaborate just a tiny bit on that just the comparison between the truck camper and the this is a travel trailer and v we all have this same same exact concept yep so what we're using is just like what you find in a home is an actual wood trust gotcha okay so wood trusses we do 16 inch centers which is key because in the industry standard is 2 feet oh two feets and centers you're not gonna be able to step everywhere right so when we say full walk on roof you can literally step anywhere it can be right in the middle right can be right on a wood trust but because we use so many different wood trusses throughout you can put whatever you want on the road beautiful it's strong as five and a half inches of space so we can insulate it with an R 18 insulation in combination with an ar-15 reflective foil so these things are fully insulated because all of your heat escapes through the roof so right here we are starting on fox mountain v wills this is our 235 RLS with them if you look right here this is the a different model there's a transition period where you have to change out all the jigs right and then we switch to the new model right that's why there is kind of a little gap here in between production or as what you've been seeing is trailer a trailer trailer oh I see okay yeah I understand yeah awesome Matt your luggage doors windows everything goes into place this is called molding okay once they get everything a ground level in place including decals it is really going to top folding okay where they'll begin molding everything up on the roof and they see where they can reach on the catwalk right then we can run up there fold it glue it in place we've pretty much paint glue on the plywood yeah and then we put your EPDM rubber in place and then this is where we begin to use our Beall tape and screw everything down into the rope the slides are then built and then basically craned into the RV furniture right furniture and then we mount the entire slide out in place just like what you see behind you here those four machines to do oh so close from down here and voices up with that voice right there let's go check out a 90 percent built travel trailer so what do you think this one's eighty percent then ninety let's go see a 90% done camper I love that shot right there I love that so neat we show on this guy what you got in here yeah look at this sorry I'll just get a little footage of this starting to look like a home man but now your flange is in place this piece of plywood yeah so now it's pretty much impossible from this light furniture starting to come in TV sink and this gentleman's working on the bed look at that so after all of that this is the finished product guys the dealership that you go to you go and walk in and you go wow look at that that design is really neat this is really neat a lot of attention to detail over here over there it all happens here now let's head over to one of the last steps which is the pre delivery inspection these guys can spend two plus hours going through your entire RV making sure that everything is perfect and top-notch oh just the whole thing folds in then like an airplane whoa what's your steps nice butt model is this 135 5 z is this so what are your bigger ones it's our biggest oh yes 39 feet o rolling perfect we're gonna hop into fifth wheel here so you've seen the travel trailers we're gonna hop in the fifth wheel then want to go to a truck camper and this is the what would you say final stage pre-delivery inspection so this is like we talked about when they go over it and they test everything look for every was kind of joke about take them camping for six hours no that's right he does and then he's got to give them away yeah right could I walk in the car oh man this is ten times better than an RV dealership to check them out look at this space look at this space nice try back so my favorite thing about the fifth wheels is ceiling height you can just Tiger the fifth wheel because of the the design of it the island and they always have the comfiest chairs back here always maybe one day maybe one but I'm just amazed at how much attention to detail goes into to their visa I mean it just passes through so many people so when you buy yourself an RV you know that it's been tested and checked over and put together by hand and it really is neat to see I mean everything's checked everything all right so at the very end of the day you've got the finished product now how does it get to you well this yard right behind me you see all of these RVs and this is their transportation branch I guess you could say beeline hauling and so basically this company most likely has delivered the RV that you're about to buy to the dealership so they are all of North America and Canada us so the neat thing about this company I thought that these were shipped with semies it's not it's actually one time truck so with the 5th wheel they can deliver one 5th wheel at a time and with the travel trailers and truck campers they can actually pair them up but the truck camper on and then haul the travel trailer behind it so they can deliver two at a time but it's amazing that you see this product all over the place but you never realize how much work actually gets how much work actually goes into it to get it to where you are I mean they've got a deal with dealership up in Alaska it's in the middle of nowhere and tada then it gets to a customer like me who I've been living in this for two years so it's my home so straight from there to me it's kind of neat that this RV that I'm sitting in right now was was built right where I was standing it all starts there so if there's something in this video I have not covered I've probably covered it in the first video much more in-depth once again go check that out it's in the description box below I hope that you guys found some of that interesting I would have loved to stay there for a month to film every little look and cranny of the RV but I was only there for one day of filming so I kind of had to squish a lot into one single day but at least you get the basics of how it's all made and it gives me a better appreciation for for what I'm living in right now that's it for me guys if you're new to the channel you're more than welcome to subscribe if you feel like it I got lots of RV videos I've got lots of tour videos it's actually crazy at my last video the the tour of the one and only truck camper that they made the only one they produce the 1163 that video apps absolutely blew up I have about forty four hundred thousand views on that video and I got 4000 subscribers from it so it's just crazy it kind of sucks though the one video that I did I put maybe two or three hours into it it was not a very professional video I guess you could say it just blew up so for anyone who watched that for any new subscribers that became a subscriber from that video I really do appreciate it I have some really neat videos right spend hours and hours on the editing process to make it look very cinematic that was just one video that I didn't do that at all so I appreciate you trusting me and coming over and subscribing thank you very much other than that guys as always keep living that dream my friends until next time take care of yourselves and Rebecca will be in one of the videos coming up I'm still with Rebecca she's still my girlfriend she just hasn't been in the videos for a while but she'll be coming up there will be a pretty face to the channel soon see you guys okay you


jimmy neutron · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Vernon Joseph · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Charlie Ronk · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Very well down Taylor.After just spending tons of money rebuilding my current 5th wheel, it's nice to see in detail how "SOB" 😂 makes theirs.
My good friend just ordered his new truck camper from them last week to replace a lance.

Mike H · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Dave Kimbler · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Did Arctic Fox do you a solid or was the tour there payment to you ? I was hoping they would give you a new camper ! Lol

Nomadic RV Living · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

They do make fantastic four-season RVs. Outdoors RV is somehow related (cousins?) and they also make a great product. Thanks for the videos.

David Walker · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Great video

shawn rempel · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Awesome video . I noticed they use canadian wood from gorman mill in west bank

paul1mdrn · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

I would really like to see Northwood make a version of an Australian style trailer like the Black Series HQ 19!

Keith Newton · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Leaf springs wow America does not embrace new tech in in vehicles. Not that shocks are new tech we moved on to airbag in Europe. Still using wood in the framing why not composite that will not rot. Europeans been using composites for a number if years now. Lighter stronger no rot issues

Ed Wilson · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Much better quality then the typical Indiana stuff. Go check out Northern Lite, so thier tour too, make you proud to be Canadian. No other RV built as well as the NL.

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I just want to tell your subscriber's if they are ever looking for a work camping job's check out RV S.W.A.T they are in TX working as gate guard's and loving it. Johnny can tell you how to get started as a gate guard.

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Okay, reality check. I agree that it's impressive to watch these things being built, but in the end, the product coming off the line is cheaply made junk for the price you pay. Aluminum isn't the strongest material to use when putting these campers through an earthquake at 50-60 mph. These companies thrive off of the service and parts required to keep you on the road. Leaks and vibration damage is what keeps them in business. They are all the same, even though they all claim to have better assembly processes than the other. If you don't believe me, pay attention to the quality the next time you go to an rv show. If these campers are so wonderful, why do the mfgs only offer a 1 year limited warranty instead of five or ten years. Why do you have to constantly seal them and inspect for leaks and damage with every use?

yachtandmarina · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Speeding Pontiac SLE · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Great videos of Arctic Fox Factory Taylor. I have owned a couple of brands of truck campers and fifth wheels and very impressed with Arctic Fox !! Thanks.

Heli colors · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

I started to watch your first video as you went through the Northwood Factory. I hit the stop button when I saw them laminating Lauan to the aluminum tubing. I thought the design & fabrication was pretty nice right up until I saw them laminating Lauan to the aluminum. Lauan is the most inexpensive plywood made which the majority of RV manufacturers use in the construction of their RV shells. If you have ever seen the exterior side panels of an RV that have areas where the exterior plastic panel is bubbled and loose, the reason for this is because of a water leak at either the roof edge seam or around a window or any other entry point that water can leak in and wick into the wood. When Lauan gets wet it comes apart in time causing these large loose bubbled areas. I know this because I have repaired a number of RV's having this problem. The sad thing is that this problem can be completely alleviated by using a composite material like Coosa board or Space Age Composite panels. These composite panels are made in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. The composites that I am referring to are lighter than wood, stronger than wood and will not absorb water or deteriorate like wood does. I have used both Coosa board and the composite board from Space Age composites for both RV and boat repairs.

The composite boards 1/4" thick x 4' x 8' run approximately $135 each whereas Lauan is about $7 per sheet, so it is clearly obvious why most RV manufacturers do not use it. If you have to pay to have the exterior wall of your RV repaired, the cost for the repair most likely will be substantially more than the additional cost if it were used in the RV's original construction.

They are just like every other RV manufacturer that uses Lauan in their construction process.
Anyone owning any RV that has seen the de-lamination areas on the exterior side walls of their RV's know exactly what I am talking about. Unless you are familiar and have actual experience removing the exterior plastic panels to access the water damaged Lauan areas for repair, the average person has no idea about this nor do they ask the RV dealers what materials are used in the construction of the RV or if those material are susceptible to problems. If more people were aware of the issues involved with using Lauan in RV construction most likely more people would be leaving the RV dealer with their wallets intact.

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you should seek out sponsorship from a company that would not only provide a camper but a stipend. Companies realize how much one person can do for them its part of their advertising budget if they know what they are doing. Dump northwood and get something else.

Eddy S. Razor XP · May 14, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Brother i was ready to go buy two then I realized they didnt give you anything. You are responsible solely for a spike in their sales and profit. They should have sponsored you or given you a monthly stipend like 5 k a month so you can travel and put more info up for them. Man thats crazy. They would make money back 6 fold. I'm disappointed. Video great, quality of work great , but seem pretty damn stingy if you ask me and I don't want to contribute to a company like that. I'm now getting ready to go buy two attitude trailers. Sorry Northwood. Bummer for you.

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I have a couple of questions about your artic fox taylor or anybody else and they are with the tanks being heated are they heated during summer or is there a switch to shut the heating system off and what happens to your fridge if you run out of propane does it switch over to your batteries by its self also your heating system to if you run out of propane what happens and one more question if your batteries get too low anytime does your generator automatically come on or do you have to turn it on thanks for giving me some good info

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