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hello everyone and welcome to my crib hey everyone its Chloe so today I'm showing you guys my house which is crazy because the only reason I showed you my house the last house tour was because I was moving but I got an insane amount of requests for a house tour like the second I moved into this house so I thought I would do one when I had 700,000 subscribers and oh my god I hit 700,000 just a little disclaimer I'm not trying to brag with my house I have a very nice house and I am very very thankful for it but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it please make sure to give it a thumbs up and let's just get started here is the entrance to the house come on so this is the laundry room okay next room and then right here is the kind of cool like they spit lousy room pretty cool this is where I like to like hang out sometimes and just watch a movie and here's the TV and it's really big and really cool and that leaves us on to the workout room basically this is where my dad spends all his time cuz he's like a big workout person now we're going to head upstairs hello we made it to the main floor so here is the main level and we have this nice little seating area right here and is very cozy right have to come up the stairs this is my mom's office and then here is the living room so yeah this is the living room area and then behind our living room is the dining room this is where we need to know and then we have this nice arrangement the best thing about this house is the view so it's nice to have dinner and look out at the ocean it's very beautiful so and then here is Nia's room and Mia is my older sister but she's in college now so her room just kind of City this is her bathroom ah oh my god right under the shower here is Nia's bedroom this vanity might recognize from my old room tour so that our viewers and probably the pretty spread the house cut off like redo the kitchen when we moved here we have this giant like white granite and everything's white and modern this is the French this microwave that everyone's obsessed with be fascinating so then here is the freezer Wow you broke the lights up here's the pantry then outside of the kitchen is this nice porch area so it's just nice to like sit out here and look at the view so this area basically speaks for itself there's the hot tub and then you know just the pool and then we're gonna go down by the dock none of us go back here but this is where my dog likes to poop so this dock is kind of like old and rickety but it's still nice to go out here and then this is the boat and I love going on the boat it's so fun has a lot of fun adventures especially ours empanadas what is that banana you asked so the banana is this giant tube thing that we attached to the back of the boat and then we ride on it and it's really example I know it's been all fun and games so far but sometimes you gotta channel your inner serious bag and just take a moment to think about the world so now we're heading up the next flight of stairs and it is pretty exhausting climbing up these stairs all the time really so my room is the smallest of all my rooms but I had like the giant room in our old house so that's why but if it's nice and cozy as we walk along this hallway we have this nice animal thing the stage and I share this bathroom this isn't my sink and then this is stay just think this is my toilet stage doesn't have toilet this is our shower and then these are our table hooks this one is my temple and then this is stages Huck no clothes on I make stuff up and then this one's mine no no I use this yesterday that comes my time you use this hell yes I use this tell yesterday no it's my towel you're still on the left so we've been sharing a towel for like a year here at sages room planet say oh this is pages view while my room looks out at the wall of the house next door but you know what page always gets like the runt of the room so you know we let her have it hello click tour fans this is my room as you can see it's the best room in the house because I am the favorite mom this is my closet it's also a mirror none of us can say mirror right what are you doing say I just wanted to show you wearing my Halloween candy for this exact video drawers we also can't say that word too well continue this is where I do my homework no you do your homework do you the last two days you could see the entire house which is cool this is a closet okay then here is my parents room and outside that balcony just reconnect with sages room so this is the finished house Tori I hope you guys enjoyed it and thank you for watching if you liked it give it a thumbs up and I'll talk to you guys later bye

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