Horizon Transport Vice President Joe Braun on the Perks of Driving with Horizon

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you what I think makes horizon transport unique is the amount of freedom and independence that our contractor drivers experience in the work that they do unlike many skilled trades our contractors can work hard for a period of time they can take time off and then they can come back and begin work again as though they had never left in many trades if you try that you'll find that someone has come along and eaten your lunch and you may have not may not have any customers left that's not how ours works at horizon transport the drivers really set their own schedule they set their own pace they choose which trips to take or not take and when they've had enough they can disappear for a while and that's all part of the program so there's really nothing like it in terms of the experience of freedom in terms of the experience of being in control of your own work process I know nothing that compares to it you

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JukeBoxBear · May 16, 2019 at 10:28 am

oh yeah, you get to become just another chicken broke transport driver

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