Hobo-Trip Juli 2019 3 – The beautifull valley of the Dordogne

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good morning on this beautiful day it's it's a new day and the last night was very cold so the last two hours we uh we were sitting in our car and on our laptops and yes to some some picture work and cut films and so and it was really very cold and now the Sun comes into the rally and we want to go by bike to the next city again huh and because we need some new water and we also want to buy us a big breakfast because we are also very hungry and yes and then when we come back to our car we go down the river to our canoe and then we want to paddling the next each other is that no they don't wake it's more than like don't be expected skirts for me sin Oh thoughts with us but I guess it'd been [Applause] so a really really great day we arrived now at our our sleeping place the this morning we were in a guitar and by the fruit trees it was from the chop and also had a really good breakfast and then we we we pedaled I think twelve kilometres and come back with bicycles to our car and then with the car the river down to our carnival and so now we have all how you can see on our car again and we drive back to the place where we slept the last night because here's a very good Internet yes and it's also something for sitting on and a table and that's really nice so yeah it was a really great day I think it's now six o'clock or something like that and now we will make chili evening with our laptops cut some clips and have a nice dinner I have something in my box for this evening and I think it I hope it will be really good and yes it was a great day and I can't tell you all the things I want to tell you because my mind is empty and also I I lost some some vocabulary so I have to maybe I have to look for it but in this evening [Applause]

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Wo ist Sven ? · July 30, 2019 at 7:08 pm

Hallo, Samira ich finde es interessant wen du Outdoor am Kochen bist auf Tour und wie ich gesehen habe macht dir das doch auch Spaß vielleicht wer das ja eine coole Idee für dein YouTube Kanal LG Sven und euch noch weiter hin viel Spaß

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