History of Tourism

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welcome back everybody so our last video is titled introduction to tourism and address these five questions so if you can't answer these questions you need to go back to the introduction to tourism video and have a look to make sure that you understand these five questions what is tourism what are the different types of tourism what is a tourist attraction how to ice attractions categorize and why is it important to understand tourism so this video is focused on the history of tourism and we're focusing on the broad question of how has tourism changed and I think it's important to ask ourselves a question have humans always wanted to travel have I always had the desire to move about for entertainment and for seeking knowledge of other places so to address this broad question of how has tourism change we need to look at the four distinct periods that we can look at different types of tourism – the first time period that we look at is ancient tourism the next that we'll look at is classical tourism and that time period runs from BC 600 to ad 600 then we'll look at some of the 19th century developments that allowed tourism to change into modern tourism and then we'll look at contemporary or current tourism so the first time period that we are going to look at is the ancient time period and we're going to just have a quick little look at the kind of tourism that was undertaken during the ancient time period so tourism or travel for fun can be traced right back to the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks so ERJ ancient Egyptians traveled to the steep periods of Saqqara which are pictured here they visited the Sphinx and they visited the great period pyramids of giza so so these three features are actually one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world today and these structures were actually a prime example of a tourist attraction right back in ancient times the ancient Egyptian pharaohs would often visit these three structures if we look back at ancient Greece as well they also undertook something similar to tourism today in that they actually traveled to visit and watch the Olympic Games okay so those games were not as we know them today but there's what our games are modeled on they had events such as Chariot Racing pictured here and many people from all over ancient Greece would travel to view the Olympic Games which is something that we also do today um we also have travel riding so if anybody's looked at like Lonely Planet guides or anything that's what travel writing is and that began right back with Herodotus in 485 BC so he visited Egypt North Africa the Black Sea Mesopotamia and Italy and this here is a map that Herodotus created on his travels during his lifetime so he not only travelled to see the world but he traveled to travel to contribute some knowledge about what the world was like and translated that knowledge through the creation of maps and also of several documents that communicated his findings about other parts of the area in which he lived so the next time period that we're going to have a look is the classical time period and that time period runs from BC 600 to ad 600 so travel and tourism continued into the Classical time period and that was thanks to the development of early road networks so Romans when well known for their well-developed road network and you can see here all the red lines the roads in which the Romans developed during this time period and saying that all roads lead to Rome came from this road network because as you can see you could follow any of these road networks and eventually you would make your way down to Rome so during this time period travel and tourism was undertaken mostly by wealthy people he was seeking fun and it was in this time period that the idea of seaside resorts were popular with Romans so if he pictures sitting on the beach enjoying the Sun that sort of travel was pioneered by the Romans during the classical time period and they also developed the idea of spa holidays so these days a lot of people go on holidays and they go to the spa I have massages facials go into the saunas and that idea started with the Romans during the Classical period so they would go to luxurious firm bars across Italy and around the Europe around Europe and they took that sort of relaxation one step further and people would often go on holidays to partake in gambling and prostitution so they definitely pioneered the idea of having a relaxing holiday so if we move into the 16th century we really start to see the beginning of modern tourism so wealthy people again would be the people who would partake in tourism and basically young men or women but mainly men would take what was known as the grand tour of Europe now this tour would last between one and three years and the goal of doing this grand tour of Europe so visiting many European countries were to be broaden the individual's education it would also mark the end of childhood so they're allowed to travel without the overseeing of their parents and it was also to acquire social graces so you can see here partaking in a sort of parlor activity where social customs were developed although not the initial goal pleasure and entertainment became very important so people would seek to travel to areas which were known for their fun and games and people would travel with a large entourage so an aristocrat a wealthy young and heiress aristocrat will travel with a large entourage including including their servants tutors mentors protegees and coachman and although it wasn't the primary goal as you can see pictured here this young gentleman is probably looking for a potential life and it was quite common for young males to travel around Europe and find a wife from a different country and so that was definitely something that influenced modern tourism as we move into the 19th century there were some significant technological developments that allowed tourism to change the first being the development of the railway system in Europe so because we have this large railway network you can see all the black lines are the nineteenth-century railway network around Europe it was much easier and much or less expensive for people to travel so of course along with reduced cost they also had the benefits of increased speed so it was much faster to get around Europe and they had increased comfort okay so I wouldn't be traveling for days on end to get from France to Italy it wouldn't take that long and it was much more comfortable and it didn't cost as much money so the development of the railway system was really important in shaping how tourism looks today it also led to the development of day trips and short staged trips so prior to the development of this railway network people would usually stay for months on end because it took them so long and so much effort to get there with the invention of the railway system people would stay for day trips or shorts day trips and that's where that sort of travel eventuated we also had steam ships that allowed this to happen and they were developed in the 19th century as well so there was access to areas that weren't previously accessible because it was too hard to get there so with the steamship we also had a broadening of tourism something else that happened in the 19th century was the beginning of organized all-inclusive travel so all-inclusive travel is where your accommodation your travel costs your food your entertainment are included in one fee and that actually began in the 1840s and this allowed not only the aristocracy to tour but the middle class began touring as well so up until this point only the very very wealthy could tour but with the beginning of all-inclusive travel in 1840s we start to see that tourism becomes something that people in the middle class can afford last area that we're going to have a look at is contemporary tourism well what tourism is like for us today and how it has come from railway travel in Europe to what we know as today so one of the key points that has changed travel is economic growth so thanks to increased trade between countries we have people who are able to afford travel much more so we often see many many different types of people going on holidays rather than just those who are wealthy like it was in the ancient in classical times of course we've also had developments in air travels so it's easier and faster to get to where we want to go so obviously back in you know the 1800s it wasn't possible to take a trip from from England to Australia unless you wanted to spend seven months on the steamship but thanks to the increased ability to move around with speed due to the development of the aircraft obviously it's a lot easier for people to travel something that's come about recently is luxury air travel so pictured here is the Singapore Airlines first class cabin on the Airbus a380 and so travel air travel is no longer just a pro as of getting somewhere but it's actually an experience it's just a side note if you do want to rent one of these cabins it's about eleven thousand dollars one-way from here in Australia to Europe another development is the opening up of new destinations so previously we've mainly talked about tourism in Europe and maybe a little bit of Africa but now we have many more destinations that we are able to visit so of course people can visit Australia Asia is also open to tourism all of Africa basically is open to tourism and the newest place that people are interested in is the Middle East in particular – by Abu Dhabi the United Arab Emirates they've spent a lot of money turning these vast deserts into basically tourist paradise we've also got new types of holidays on new types of tourism there are many different types of tourism that people can undertake they can take backpacking holidays for sure sort of on a budget sleeping rough eating cheap but you know getting around and seeing many many places you also got the all increase cluesive resort so you can head to places like Fiji Mexico the Bahamas and you can pay one fee and you can eat as much as you want you can drink as much as you want sleep undertake activities and it's all included in one fee we've also got the development on volunteering holidays so you can volunteer to travel to Southeast Asia or poorer parts of Africa and you can actually as part of your holiday volunteer in some of these poorer communities so you can do vaccination programs you can build structures you can build homes and that is definitely a new type of travel that has come about in the past 20 years or so another type that we have is ecotourism so people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and you can actually go and be conscious of your footprint in the environment and undertake ecotourism another type of tourism that sprung up is sort of the luxury safari so you can go stand these luxury tents in Africa you can pay a lot of money to spend your time in these luxury tents you receive you know food from five star chefs and then you venture out of your tent guided by tours to now experience the African wild as well so I hope you have a better understanding after watching this video of how tourism began and how it's changed over the year so I think a key point to take out of this video is that although for much of our time here on earth so from ancient time to about the 16th century Travel was reserved for the very wealthy however technological developments such as the development of railway networks of steamships and of course with air travel we are able to access travel much more easily which means that travel has moved from something that was exclusively for the wealthy for something that everybody can manage these days


Nicolas Cataldo · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

In Roman times, tourists would travel to Anatolia to see the ruins of ancient Troy (they called it Ilium), Athens, Alexandria, and the great pyramids. Tourism was a big industry back then.

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Really gd explain ….so gd mam

Kasturi Bai Vijay Naik · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

Exhalent experience explyned some of the place's thanks mam

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Tristan Collera · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

very good narration! though I found it lacking because u left out middle age/dark age and renaissance & elizabethan era, which also has some historical landmarks about tourism's development.

ANSH SHARMA · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

can you please convert this into hindi pls

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thnxxx for your video 😉

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Can you please tell me, what is travel Propensity.. a simple definition please

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Great ,,hope to here more inforamation.

christian borinaga · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

history has taught us that people travel engange in tourism activities in increasing numbers when several basic conditions can be met. identify and describe these conditon and why they help facilitate travels and tourism ?

Krabbe Chaves · May 14, 2019 at 6:46 pm

Really good explaining but lacking some of information regarding The middle ages: Fall down of the Roman empire, followed by an introduction of Religious tourism and later on The Renaissance and reformation

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Great explanation miss!
Keep it up, genuine info (y) .

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