Here’s a Tour of an $80,000 Ford F-250 Platinum Pickup Truck

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this is a 2017 Ford f-150 platinum and it has a sticker price of 77 thousand dollars with taxes where I live that would come 283 160 but there are some deals and incentives on this truck so let's call it 80 grand 80 grand for a truck today I'm gonna show you around this thing and show you what you get when you spend 80 thousand dollars on a pickup first a little history now back in the 1950s and 1960s pickup trucks were a little more than bare-bones work vehicles designed for farmers to haul chickens to the market things started to change in the 1980s when people started to use trucks for fun they would lift them and they'd add light bars on top for style in the late 1990s the luxury truck started to appear first with trim levels like the Ford f150 lariat and the GMC Sierra c3 which later became the Sierra Denali a couple of automakers took it too far putting luxury trucks with their luxury brands the Cadillac Escalade EXT lasted for 12 years the lincoln black woulda lasted for only two but while luxury brand trucks didn't make it the luxury truck has survived and that brings us to today where there's a luxury version of every single pickup truck now this is the latest ford superduty and i've borrowed it from hoffman ford here in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where they have about 20 super duties on their lot half of which are luxury trim levels and listen to this while the base price of a new f250 is just $33,000 the average asking price on auto trader for a brand new f250 is fifty four thousand six hundred dollars meaning that very few bass trucks are sold and most of these things come out of the factory loaded with a lot of features and a lot of options and this one is maybe the most loaded of them all this is the Ford f-250 platinum and platinum is the top-end trim level of the Super Duty pickup line up and yes the window sticker is seventy seven thousand dollars or eighty-three thousand dollars after taxes today I'm gonna take you on a tour of this thing and I'm gonna show you all the cool quirks and the cool features you did when you spend 80 grand on a pickup truck and then I'm gonna drive it and give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the $80,000 pickup truck click the link below to go to slash oversteer now I'm gonna start with this trucks biggest quirk or maybe depending on your perspective its biggest feature and that would be its size this truck is two hundred and sixty six point two inches long that's twenty two point two feet or put another way I could park a Toyota Camry next to this truck I could lie down behind the Camry and the truck would still be longer this truck has a 177 inch wheelbase that's the distance between the center of its wheels in other words you could park an entire Ford Focus in the wheelbase of this pickup and its physical size isn't the only gargantuan thing about this truck the next massive thing in this truck is under the hood that would be the engine which is so high off the ground my tripod doesn't even go high enough for me to be able to show it to you this is a 6.7 liter turbo diesel v8 it makes 440 horsepower and that's pretty good and 925 pound-feet of torque that's amazing in fact this engine is such a beast that it allows this truck to tow up to 18,000 pounds in other words this truck can tow three of itself and that's no small feat because I just showed you how big this thing is or put another way this truck can tow an elephant and a hippo and a Lotus Elise at the same time and it's not just the body and the engine in this truck that's enlarged everything about this truck is bigger in more massive than in a normal car for example in your car you have five lug nuts or maybe four if you drive a crappy 93 Honda Civic this thing has eight and why does a truck need eight lug nuts to screw you that's why and since we're talking about the wheels one other crazy massive oversized thing in this truck check this out I couldn't get my head in the wheel well now I Drive a lot of exotic cars and usually you can't even get a finger in the wheel well let alone a hand but in this thing I can get my entire head under here and it's really not all that difficult in fact this would be a nice place to take shelter in a storm hmm next we got to talk about the mirrors which are quite large not just large but look huge that's just huge but radically insanely massive how massive this is my laptop it is a regular MacBook Pro not a macbook air macbook blue skies sunshine or whatever they came out with this week it is a regular laptop size laptop put it next to the mirror and look at this this mirror and this laptop are virtually the same size you won't see that in your normal car and of course those aren't the only gargantuan things next I move up to the headlights which as you can see are larger than my head in fact it isn't even really close my head doesn't even come close to the size of the headlights on an f250 and then we move on to the back seats and yes that is a giant sunroof you see up there I'll get to that in a minute but first let's talk about the back seats now when you get in the back of your board or car you probably have to sit upright maybe tuck your knees in a little so your knees don't hit the back of the front seat well in this car you just basically make yourself at home you can just lie down in the backseat of a pickup truck I can lie down like I'm being chauffeured in a limo and the front seat is in a normal spot where a normal person could sit not some crazy far up spot this is how much room is in the back and of course if you're making everything else huge you also have to make the manufacturers emblem huge so people know just who made that huge truck in this case take a look at the logo and take a look at the license plate and compare them a US license plate is 12 inches wide this logo is wider in fact this logo with all but silver accoutrement is 14 inches wide this front emblem in this track is only 1 inch shy of having the same diameter as the wheels on the original Acura NSX seriously next up last thing on this trucks massive size and I'll move on to the rest of the course but I got to talk about this one now you know how in your car you put the Sun Visor down to shield yourself from the Sun that's pretty normal and you can also move the Sun Visor to the side in case the Sun is on the side that's all pretty normal nothing special here but this trucks front door and side window are so gargantuan Lee massive that Ford has allowed you to move this visor along a track because it can't cover the entire space and there's a window next up so I move on to the other quirks starting with the tailgate now I'm gonna run trucks my entire life and in the past they tell you it was something you just threw up when you threw whatever you needed to in the bed you didn't care if anything got scratched you didn't worry about it in this truck things are a little different the tailgate in this truck can be opened by pressing the key fob push it twice that's right there is a power tailgate now a lot of times you want to get in the back of a track of bed and throw some stuff around rearrange things and these trucks have gotten so big you can't easily do that anymore especially if you're older but Ford has a solution push this little thing at the top of the bed and then a step comes out so you can step up and get into your tailgate but even this let's be honest is a little bit precarious you're stepping you're not really sure so there's a railing grab the railing step on this step and you're easily in the bed of your f250 you want to get out grab the railing step on the step and you're out a power tailgate and a bed step with a railing if you need it any more proof trucks have come a long way here it is another thing I like about this truck is the rear window which is the coolest rear window in the pickup world today you can open or close it by pushing a little button above the driver's head on the overhead center console and when it's closed look at that it just looks like a floating window there's no stupid lines like on every other pickup truck for some reason I think that looks really really cool regardless when you have it open or closed or just half open next we move on to the finest feature of any Ford vehicle reason alone to buy a Ford product and that would be the exterior keypad which is something that no other automaker has for reasons that are beyond me here's how this works let's say you want to go swimming or piking or fencing I don't care what you do in your spare time but either way you don't want to have your bulky keys with you so you want to block them inside the car will in every other car you can't do that but in this truck just hide your keys somewhere in the interior then type your little code into the keypad you get the code when you buy the truck and then go off and do whatever it is that you want to do when you're done just come back type the code back into the keypad and then the door unlocks fits your keys out of the hiding place and then you can drive away and you don't need to have your keys with you at all times which can be very useful in fact so useful that every vehicle should have this feature but for some reason only most Ford vehicles have it now I love that Ford keypad but I've always been confused by one thing about it specifically it has ten numbers zero through nine but it only has five buttons each button has two numbers on it so if your code is one three five seven isn't it also two four six eight and also one four five eight and various other things too I don't know why they didn't just go with five buttons and five numbers that seems like it would make a lot more sense next up we got to talk about the window line now you'll notice on a lot of heavy-duty pickup trucks that the window line on the front door sort of starts up here and then it curves down and finishes flat in the front so it has basically two different elevations now over the years I've heard a lot of people say well that's because you rest your hand there and then it's just a nice comfortable position but that's not why they do it they do it because the mirror in this truck is so gargantuan Lee huge that if they don't curve the top of the door panel you won't be able to see the mirror and you certainly wouldn't be able to see it on the passenger side so they have to curve it to give you extra visibility so you can see your laptop sized side view and speaking of the mirrors there's a lot to cover on the mirrors so what am I going to talk about next the fact that it says forward on the mirror and nice chrome trim no how about the fact that there are mirror lights push a little button to the left of the steering wheel and you can turn on a light that lights up the side of the car so that you can see I don't know the ground if there are any woodland creatures trying to attack you maybe your parking space that's late at night press the button again and the light turns off next I'm moving on to the f250s interior quark starting with one of my favorites that would be interior storage now whatever my drive sports cars are exotic someone's complaining they don't have enough interior storage well this thing is the exact opposite on the inside of the door panel you have a nice little storage pocket also to your right you have a nice little storage pocket on the center console itself there is a storage pocket in the front there's more storage in the middle there are two cupholders to the side of that storage and if you lift up the little plastic bit in the storage in the middle you have even more storage open the center console and you'll find that the storage area is absolutely massive you can fit in there whatever you want and there are nice little cutouts for pens so that you always know where they are and behind the center console there are two more cup holders for a total of four of course there's more storage over on the passenger side then there are the glove boxes that's right the glove boxes there are two one on the top where the superduty logo is and then another larger one on the bottom if you can't find a place to put something in this vehicles interior well then there's no place for it except maybe the bed next up we've got to talk about the gauge cluster or the Driver Information Center as Ford calls it it's a screen in the middle of the speedometer and the tachometer and is loaded with so much more information that you would ever possibly find interesting I found a couple of things especially interesting number one this truck has a turbo boost gauge and it's set default to display at all times so you can always see how much psi you're running in your Super Duty another interesting item inside the driver information center how about the off-road incline meter which shows exactly what slope the truck is on from various different angles that's a lot better than having some sort of aftermarket gauge this is built right in and you can see it at any time and then there's the fuel economy display now one of the most interesting things about heavy-duty pickups is they are so big and heavy and large that the federal government does not rate them for fuel efficiencies so the largest vehicles on the road are exempt from the government checking out their gas mileage now when I was a kid and I grew up and I saw that I thought it was ridiculous and I assumed these things always got six miles per gallon because no one was paying attention but as you can see in the Driver Information Center this truck keeps track of its own fuel economy and it's actually pretty good this particular truck is a demonstrator unit which means it's wrecked up a few thousand miles already and that also means that that fuel economy number comes from more than just a couple of test drives and it is really not all that bad for a vehicle that can pull an elephant and a hippo and a Lotus Elise all right so at this point you're probably thinking I get it the truck is huge and that gives it a few quarts and it's a pickup so it has a few interesting pickup quarks but what about all those luxury features the stuff that brings this thing price tag all the way up to seventy six thousand whatever well I'll get to those now starting with the remote starter press a button on this trucks key fob actually press it twice and okay so now you've remote started your truck or at least you've unlocked it now it's time to climb in but that's some pretty substantial ground clearance to get over so when you open the door keep your eye down there that's right the running board extends so you can just step on it and climb right in and when you shut the door yep that's right the running board retract back into the body so it doesn't catch on anything if you take this truck off-roading for another interesting luxury feature we have to go back to the mirrors yes they light up yes they say forward on them they also retract automatically now in your car you can fold them in automatically perhaps if you have a nice car that's not what these do these actually go in and out automatically so that you have a greater vantage point behind you in case you're towing a trailer if you're not towing the trailer put them back in and then you can see just to the end of the truck it's genius and God forbid you should have to just push the mirrors yourself and speaking of visibility as you can imagine driving this vehicle is rather difficult because as I've already told you it is massively gargantuan Lee huge but Ford has taken some steps to address that starting with the J mirrors which help but that's not all there's also a backup camera of course and a 360-degree top-down overhead view camera which actually makes tight spaces pretty easy despite this thing's huge size I'm especially impressed by that 360 camera because a lot of luxury cars don't have this feature yet Porsches don't have it a lot of Land Rovers don't have it and yet here it is in a Ford pickup but speaking of screens I'm getting ahead of myself here because my favorite screen of all happens when you get in the truck to start it now this truck doesn't have a little key like a plebian cheap truck instead it's got a starter button like a luxury vehicle you push the starter button and it doesn't start right away instead of tells you to wait but while you're waiting it plays a nice little built Ford Tough movie so you have something to do next up we move on to the seats in this truck of course this truck has leather upholstery but it doesn't stop there the truck also has heated front seats and it doesn't stop there this truck also has cooled front seats and it doesn't stop there this truck also has heated rear seats and it doesn't stop there because this truck also has massaging seats I'm serious go into a little menu in the infotainment system and you can turn on the seat massagers in a pickup so you can drive down the road getting a massage while you're pulling a horse trailer on the highway and finally yes this truck has a panoramic sunroof I never thought I'd live to see the day where a pickup had a panoramic sunroof but it does there's one panel of glass above the driver's seat in the passenger seat and there's one panel above the rear seats now interestingly if you go to open the front sunroof which does open you'll find that it opens a little bit differently than the front sunroof in most cars with panoramic sunroof unlike most cars where the front sunroof opens over the rear sunroof in this truck the front sunroof opens under the rear sunroof inside the truck so it robs a little Headroom from rear seat passengers not that they need any more space back there of course if you want the sunroof completely gone you can always close the sunshade push a little button next to the driver's head on the overhead center console and the sunshade whirs closed all the way from the rear sunroof to the front sunroof so it can completely block out your panoramic roof if you don't want the Sun so those are all the crazy quarks and the cool features of the $80,000 pickup the Ford f250 platinum now it's time to get this thing out on the road and find out what it's like to drive a vehicle that's approximately the same size as Indianapolis so I mean the first thing that you realize when you when you sit inside this thing is it's absolutely massive you know I'm behind the cavalier and I feel like I could just run over it really feels to someone who's used to driving cars and even smaller SUVs this really feels like a monster truck everything is just enormous I mean I look at those mirrors and I was making fun of how big they were a second ago but now it's like well they're useful I can see that the entire gargantuan length of this try I just can't believe this thing is so big and in just a note for Europeans watching I know I got a lot of viewers in India and Asia this is not an uncommon vehicle to be driven on American Road so you see super duty heavy-duty pickups fairly often if you're in the city it's pretty rare but if you're anywhere else the suburbs the country II's see em at least a few times a day and maybe 2030 times a day there they're pretty common it's just you just feel like you're above I mean there's a Honda Pilot I can see his roof on you got the sunroof must be an e X I mean that's that's you you just have this commanding position and it's not just you have this and there's a there's a Chevy 1500 pickup light duty and it looks like a child's toy compared to what I'm sitting if you drive these things often and especially if you tow with them you're just used to it and it's just like well whatever that's that's my truck but to me and I think to most people it's it's just a completely crazy experience one really interesting thing I've noticed the course of filming this is just how quiet it is you know it used to be that diesels were so loud and you just wanted it dying you were around one and nobody wanted to buy one for that reason they were just so have an obnoxious and you could tell when you were next to a diesel to stop light and commercial vehicles are still that way school bus and that's I think but this this doesn't feel it's a little bit louder than a gas car and it's especially louder when you're at fort when you're accelerating you can hear it but at idle it's like barely louder and that's kind of an impressive thing a lot of people buy these to tow but also as you get out of the city where I live then you get sort of into more rural areas you get into a situation where big trucks like this or a status symbol and especially like luxury tree you know the platinum the King Ranch or whatever and it's almost like people who have sports cars or s classes in town and they never use half the features and they never use the giant back seats when you get out to the country there's a lot of people who buy these just to have the big status symbol you know I made it in life and I got a I got a big pickup and I got a new as I'm sitting here with the massaging seat going and the cooled seat I can turn on and then all this soft leather I do kind of feel like I've made it in life of course the ride is tremendously smooth it's so nice to finally drive a vehicle for a video where I'm not wincing every time I go over a bump I always tell people don't go to superdude unless you need it if you need a super TV then go for it and you need the towing and hauling and of course some people are go I just wanted it's cool well yeah okay it's cool until you have to go to a parking garage all right we got to give it at least one good acceleration right here let's make sure the police honor huh here we go Wow boy there's sixtieth yeah it moves pretty fast the problem there's there's two problems though number one is you actually don't hear all that much when to move you know redline is 4,000 so it never really gets you don't like like a sports car it never really gets high in the rev range but also you're just so removed from the road that you don't really notice the speed like something else I wouldn't be surprised if this thing does zero to 60 and 6 point something you're at low 7 this or something it then but you just don't your so away from it you just you barely feel it one of the interesting things about the attorney in this truck is the interior is not all that nice it doesn't have super high-end leather and high-end materials and there's a reason for that if you're actually using this as a work truck you don't want any of that crap because you'll get it wet you'll get it dirty so instead of being having nice stuff it has durable stuff that's that's gonna last and sort of hold up for a long time and also everything is sort of large in this truck all the buttons are huge and I've always been told that's because the theory is you can use them with gloves if you want to if I was out here this is the ultimate it has everything it's so practical you can put stuff anywhere in this thing it has power outlets everywhere regular household power outlets and it can tow anything and it can haul anything and it can seat people like what else do you need if you live in a compact area it's really a little smaller but if you don't it's like screw it I'm gonna do this because this is the ultimate it has literally every possible thing so that's the 2017 Ford f250 platinum Super Duty the $80,000 pickup truck of course I say V $80,000 pickup truck but really rivals from General Motors than from Chrysler with the RAM cost just as much and their heavy duty guys and a similar trim level I just chose this one because this is the most newly redesigned heavy duty pickup and I wanted to check it out indeed for the money you spend on this you could buy easily a certified pre-owned Porsche 911 but if you did that you wouldn't be able to tow that elephant hippo lotus elise combo anyway now it's time for the doug score starting with the weekend categories and styling this truck is about function rather than beauty and it certainly won't get any award for its attractiveness including for me it gets a 4 out of 10 next up is acceleration and indeed zero to sixty in something like 6.9 seconds which is amazing for a giant pickup truck but not for the dug score and it gets a 2 out of 10 next up is handling and the Super Duty is as far from precise and sharp as you can get it's laughably vague and slow and over assisted but it isn't dangerous so it stops short of a 1 and gets a 2 out of 10 as for cool factor it depends on who you are and where you are but to me these aren't especially cool since I don't live out in the country and they're not especially uncool since I'm not an environmental protestor so it gets an average score 5 out of 10 importance however is low in 10 years this gleaming $80,000 pickup will be a beat-up workhorse and will be on to the next generation version so it gets a 2 out of 10 that brings the weekend score to a mere 15 out of 50 which is among the lowest scores yet but let's be honest this isn't exactly a thrilling weekend dry next up on to the daily categories starting with features the f250 is loaded it has a lot of cool stuff especially for a pickup misae only some of the top new autonomous driving features and it gets an 8 out of 10 comfort 2 is excellent it doesn't quite insulate you like a rolls-royce or a Bentley but it comes closer than you might expect and it gets an 8 out of 10 quality is good but not great the materials are average though these are known to be reliable workhorses so it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality is the next category and it would be off the charts high if it wasn't for one little problem if you drive this truck into the city you can't drive turn park or even cruise along without taking up multiple lanes for many people it's an easy 10 for me in the city it's much lower but I'll compromise and give it an 8 out of 10 finally value again it depends what you're using it for but $80,000 is just too much for a truck any truck especially when you can get a good practical Super Duty for a lot cheaper if you compromise on the chrome and all the fixin's it gets a 6 out of 10 bringing the total daily score to 37 out of 50 very near the top but not number one add it all up and the total Doug score is 52 out of 100 this truck is the exact opposite of the Ferrari boxer I showed you on Monday it's great for daily use and abysmal for fun driving but still just as interesting to watch on YouTube maybe that's why they call them headlights because they will swallow your hand that doesn't even make sense key fob actually press it twice and key fob actually press it twice and how is it only with the cameras off its key fob actually press it twice and that's it


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$20,000 truck for $83,000?sounds like great deal

Bennett Chason · May 14, 2019 at 12:56 pm

I saw a 2007 Ford Focus and it had 4 lug nuts

Jay Savage · May 14, 2019 at 12:56 pm

U literally see hundreds of heavy duties a day in abilene tx, at my shop thats mostly all we service lol

Shawnlize Leatherdale · May 14, 2019 at 12:56 pm

Good god ! I can't believe they brought keypad door locks back . They tried that a lot in the early – mid 80s , on luxury cars , and wow , it was a failure .

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