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Hello guys! And welcome to our very first
studio sessions video. And this one, we’re gonna talk about global health insurance.
We’re at a very transitional point in our lives. And I’m gonna lead in because
Rebecca totally did all the work on this project. I need to have something to say
in this video…I’ll make you feel useful… Yeah… But she was an employee for a corporation. Her job
status changed to contractor. Which means she lost benefits….and part time… But it also means we can travel the world internationally now. And
not be restricted to like a Monday through Friday 9 to 5 deal in the United
States…..So when we first realized we’re gonna be making this transition. We
weren’t exactly sure when we’re gonna be leaving the states. So I did check into
health insurance that would just cover us in America. And what that means at
this time in our country, is that you have to go on to the marketplace. And
there are restrictions on when you can apply and register and become part of it.
And….. it’s a joke!Truthfully.. If you don’t you have health insurance in our country right now, you
have tax penalties that you have to pay. So…. And of course for us particularly
being and having had a health care background. It’s not something that we
want to skimp on or not have. So it’s really important for us to find a good
plan and something that kind of fit our lifestyle…So…. And didn’t break the bank…..
No kidding! So when I went on the marketplace and started having a look…
Breaking the bank for really crappy health insurance was kind of what I was
looking at. And I started thinking about alternatives. Knowing that in 2018 we
were planning on leaving the country at some point…. For an extended period of
time guys…. Not just like a two-week trip…No! This is not a two-week trip. We’re
talking the next three to five years. We’ll be out of the United States
traveling in other parts of the world… Making videos… That’s right! And we are
going to need health insurance for that. Whenever you go
anywhere else, whenever you get a visa anywhere else, you have to bring health
insurance with you. And so I started looking at options that would cover us
in the United States as well as once we leave and go overseas. And that’s what
brought us to this. I looked at about 14 different companies. I made
this little table and you know check marked all the boxes for all the
different things they had to compare them. I ran all the numbers…. I do need to
say this is not a sponsored video guys! This is just us sharing this really cool
insurance that we found and what we’ve learned… Yeah! because I started from
scratch and I really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I read some
articles that suggested some different companies. And then I found this really
nice comprehensive list. We’ll share it in the comments below… So that you can
see it as well. The different options. But I really narrowed it down to the point
of two companies. And one was in Europe and one was here…What were the names again?…. So I don’t remember the one we didn’t choose…It doesn’t matter now!…The one we did choose was Cigna… Which is kind of a household name….. It is! Absolutely! And I
didn’t even know they provided global health insurance until I started looking.
But a lot of the international travel living magazines and websites that we
follow, they recommend Cigna. And then when I started looking, It’s not that
they’re the cheapest but they have the best coverage that I could find
particularly for what they wanted to charge us. And so…. The other place I would have chosen them but they were about two hundred dollars more expensive. And they
didn’t have some of the extra tiny little features that I just really loved
about the Cigna plan. So…. Kind of moving into that… Let’s talk about what that
means. For us we had really good health insurance before. I was an employee for a
Native corporation. So that meant that we had federal employee health insurance.Which in the United States is like the Cadillac of health insurance…Yeah!…And even when I was filling out the paperwork when we first signed up for it, I’m like….. “I think
there’s something wrong!”….. Too good to be true…. Health insurance like this don’t exist anymore… This is like health insurance my parents had when I was born kind of
insurance. So…. The only major difference that changed for us is of course the
premiums that we pay. And secondly our deductible is about 10 times higher than what it was. But still…When my employer was paying part of it… That’s not bad. Yeah!… Three thousand dollars a year
for the two of us…. Yeah! It’s three thousand dollars a year. And I actually broke the
deductibles up into two separate components so that we could get our
premiums a little lower. And the guy that I worked with at Cigna was great! I mean
he sent me like eight different ways that I asked him… We’ll combine it this
way, combine it that way, how about if we do these numbers?….. He was awesome! He never got frustrated with me at least that I felt. And, and we finally found the right
combination…..And we got our monthly premium to….. So we got the monthly
premium to 897 a month. Now then! That is not just for health insurance. So let’s
talk about what that includes. That includes inpatient care. So if you’re in
the hospital, If you have to have x-rays, MRI, CT scans, the whole nine yards. If you
get cancer, if you get pregnant and have a baby, if you have to have surgery…..All
of those things are covered under that. And we pay a fifteen hundred dollar
deductible for that portion. Then we have our inpatient stuff. And that is…. I’m
sorry! Our outpatient stuff. And that’s like going to see the doctor, getting
your pap smears, your mammograms…… All of those kinds of things are covered under
outpatient. And that’s $1,500 deductible for that side of it. So….. Sometimes if we
don’t go to the hospital we may never pay that first fifteen hundred dollar
deductible. It may only be the second for our annual visit stuff.So it covers
inpatient, outpatient. Then it covers emergency evacuation. Now Ben and I have always had this kind of coverage because we live in Alaska where a plane, a
helicopter ride to Anchorage is thirty thousand dollars. So we’ve always paid
for that kind of coverage. But this is…. Included!… Included in the plan. You don’t
have to include it…. But we chose to for obvious reasons…. And the places we’re
gonna be traveling….. Seriously…. We may need it! Where we’re going, there are no roads…… You may need somewhere you can get to. And they’ll transfer the patient and they’ll
transfer their spouse. And they’ll put the spouse up while the patients in the
hospital. And then they’ll fly you back to where you came from or fly you home.
You pretty don’t get good coverage for that. It’s just peace of mind to…. Here’s the
best part! Sorry….You know that junk that’s offered
on the marketplace here in the United States, It’s just crappy health insurance
at an overly inflated price. And here we’re looking at like eleven to fourteen
hundred dollar premiums for the two of us. For just health insurance….Yeah!… Not all of this other stuff….And she’s 36 years old right now and I’m 41…..Yeah! So…. Then it also covers health and well-being. Which is like immunizations and mammograms and all of your stuff to
keep you healthy. Preventative stuff…Yeah!… Then it has vision and dental. So you get an
eye exam every year, glasses every other year, dental exams and cleanings every
year and any dental work that you need done. I was kind of shocked when it included….
All of this for $897….Yeah!Dental and vision for like $900…. The other really cool thing and this
actually is a feature that swayed me towards Cigna versus the other plan I
talked about….. Is that as part of the emergency evacuation insurance, they pay
for what are called compassion visits. So let’s say Ben gets really sick and he’s
in the hospital in Paris.They’ll fly one of our parents out to see him. Give them
a place to stay while they’re there and fly them back home. So that they can see….their son….That’s unheard of….. It’s insane right!…Yeah!… Like, I don’t know if the
rest of the world has insurance that’s this good… But in the United States…No…. Come on! You’re screwed! Yeah! yeah!…. So…. And that brings us to
another point about this health insurance. One of the reasons that our
premium is higher is because we chose to include the emergency evacuation,
the preventive care, the vision and dental.Those are all at heart things
that you choose. What you do and don’t want. And then…. You can choose whether or not you’re covered in some of the really high cost places in the world for health
care. So that’s like Japan, Hong Kong Singapore and the United States.
Give or take!If you want year-round coverage in those places, you have to pay
extra premium. We chose to do that because, If you don’t… We are Americans….
Yeah! if you don’t then you can only be in those high cost centers for up to 60
days a year, three weeks at a time. And it would be fine for just about anywhere else in the world… But because we’re from the United States….
If we want to come home, We don’t want to be like…”On day 20, we gotta get out of here!”…. We have to be able to stay….”We got to go to Mexico!”… Yeah…. “We can’t stick around!” We want to be able to stay as long as we want. And so we opted to have US
coverage as well…. But if you aren’t from the United States and you might just be
visiting here. You wouldn’t need that and the price would be about a hundred and
fifty dollars a piece less per month. So now… You, you know, totally jumped into all
this research! How did you find all these health insurance options that covered us
internationally?….. Well, so I did some research…First with the International
Living magazine coz…. She loves that magazine. I’m totally addicted!!… Like ask Ben…. When it shows up every month I’m like…. Yeeeeiiiy!!!….And it doesn’t even show up every month because we are fabulous…So
we get a mail drops…I only like three of them at once and then I’m like “Just leave me alone! I’m gonna go read!”….. And I read it cover to cover. But… International living, the expat
websites that I belong to, the expedition vehicle companies…. A lot of them
recommend Cigna. And so that was the first one I went looking at. But then I
thought… Okay well you can’t take the first thing you see. So I started doing
some research and I actually found this article that we’ll share in the
description section below. But it listed out, either 10 or 14 different companies
that offer international health coverage. And so I went and asked for quotes from
every single one of them. And so the bottom line was is that…. It wasn’t that
Cigna wass the cheapest But…. It provided us the most coverage for
the dollar amount we were gonna pay…. So also just because we like to share some….
Squeaky! First video, I’ll have to fix that!…Ahhh…..Just because we like to share real life and like both
sides of the coin here. There are things they can rider. Just like in the United
States they’re gonna rider things… Well! This is a US company they’ll rider you…
Well okay!They ridder things..Yep!They did!And there were some things that we
were expecting and then some things we were like….. “Are you effing kidding me?” It was unbelievable!… Like my back…. We knew that was gonna happen….Yeah!…We totally knew that was gonna happen. And I’ll share something really personal. I had a breast
lump last year. And I was completely benign. I just have Fibrocystic breast
disease. And they switched my thyroid hormones and that’s what made it happen.
And….. I had to go have the whole workup done. Well they riderd my “benign
breast lump”…And we were like…”Are you kidding?” Like..No!They actually wanted to rider your breast…I know…. I was so mad! I was so mad. I’m like “I can’t take hold the insurance that they’re not gonna cover my boobs!!” Anyway…. We got….Boobs and backs are rider guys…. We got them to put in writing that if I got cancer or something not benign, that they would cover it. It was only for the benign
breast lump I had…. And we can also appeal after one year because like…. Okay how many times do we go to the Chiropractor?…Once in a while…. Yeah!… I can’t even remember the last Chiropractor visit I went to but you have to be honest on your records. And I’ve been clumsy over
the years and I’ve hurt my back!… Yeah…. And so that was the thing that I went back and
forth with him for a while. But they finally said like…. Okay this is covered
and in a year you can appeal these things. So we went with it!….. Alright! So
this video is getting rather long….It is!…. Nitty gritty… Cigna is who we’re going with
mm-hm… We’ll put all the stuff in the video description below…. Any closing
thoughts? I’m just looking here through my notes
to see if there’s anything else…. The whole world is ours…. Really, really important!If you are going to be getting a long-term visa for any countries, then you need to
go look at their requirements for health insurance before you purchase health
insurance. Example…. Germany offers long term visas and it’s apparently one of
the better countries to get a long term visa from. But then they require that
you get their insurance from Germany which won’t cover you all over the globe.
France on the other hand just has parameters on how much coverage you have to have while you’re on a visa with them. And so it’s a better option! So be sure
before you buy any health insurance that you go and look at the visa requirements
that your country is gonna have…. Okay! Battery’s low! So two more things! This
is not travel insurance. This won’t cover you if you lose your luggage, if
your trip gets interrupted, if you need a place to stay or whatever it is. That’s
not what this is. This is health insurance while you are traveling…Yes… Okay!
And then…. The last thing is that you can buy different levels of coverage. So if
you are a healthy person or you don’t want to have such high premiums…You can pick and choose and dial again… Yeah! For us, I really liked the big one. The one at the
end that said “Covered in full! Covered in full! Covered in full!”……So we went with the
premium plan that they had.But it’s very malleable. You can pick and choose what
you want and make it what you personally need. Which is really cool for health
insurance. Are we done?… We are done… I think our battery’s done! Alright guys! We are gonna be traveling the world. Very, very soon and
we’re gonna make videos the entire way. So make sure you hit that subscribe
button! Leave a comment below if you have any questions. And….. That’s a wrap!!


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