haveing a picnic

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it's me Mary welcome back to my channel today we're gonna do picnic now I'm gonna be videoing the process so make sure to LIKE subscribe click the bell at the notify and follow me on Instagram and snapchat then let's just go ahead let's get on with the video yes so first thing is we're prepping for the picnic so we got this basket that we got a long time ago we always use it really pretty as like this you can play out in your shoulder let's actually open it it's actually really a lot of room we got it from A to B and I'm so happy my sister would go date to be with SIA and we always wanted to picnic basket you know mom would always say no but one day we we were looking online just to find one and we couldn't find one and then I mom said okay we can get it so now we have it so now what are we doing you're looking for some food no and we got our water bottles and we're just looking for a blanket we have this plate that was another lies and it was like mint put outside and we would always use it but I don't know what it is right now so yeah hope you guys in a while we make holes maintainer yeah okay you can put it in a thermos we have to mess up their boom yeah Oh some of that even though I just had it on how to begin if you haven't tried these my stuff this is actually Julia Joe is having ramen and will then put out in film insist that way to keep one and I got this beef ravioli and I'm gonna warm it up and put it in here and we are gonna eat in gets over with and you live boiling hose right now that was trying to figure out what we can use for cups but I think ones out there but we were going to eat promises but we're trying and yeah this is so fun what we're doing for the picnic soon it looks yummy and good and I think sir have some chips puss I just think it's um I'm so hungry and yeah my phone is up soon a little battery need to charge it oh wait there's one I love the sandwich now there you could ask me cuz I knew where it was it was under a can of soup please setting okay the activator on you and it's so neat and the loudest on there just went boom right under us and scare me so much I'll and yeah we sing you having a fine picnic with twin and wonder truth hope we don't get jobs because they say don't get under the tree what we're having a picnic under a tree hey some days it looking like like a nice day hope y'all ha really hot outside old sunny you know something just come gonna new with I don't know why but yeah I'm gonna go get some sum over Q we just got in from dinner it's been a while actually forgot the video so but we had the picnic it was good never going into this video me to like subscribe get a thumbs up for me on snapchat Instagram and it was a good picnic and Julia went home it's actually in my next video

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