HALLOWEEN (1978) Filming Locations

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the shot that started it off as right where the original Michael Myers house once stood now before being demolished a man bought the original house for a silver dollar this was at the end of the 80s I believe and they moved the original house from this location right here down over there with the blue houses that's the original Myers house and another little fun fact that a lot of Halloween fans might have never known the Elrod house from Halloween to is literally directly behind of where the original house used to be so yeah they're pretty much neighbors the Elrod's and the Myers so yeah the opening shots right here and that's where the lady was making the ham sandwich was wasn't it over there like great on the right on the right side that's all right there is where he walked in you got the knife which door right where I can't even see it just standing st. where I'm standing oh yeah way over there yeah right in the back there you can see it right there this is all right are you okay Sally Gonzaga come on sit for the camera mr. Elrod mrs. Elrod are you okay Jesus that's funny that's rich all right let's move on here we are at the Meijer time Halloween 1978 and this is not where you can be like we said before you down there so come on let's go check out the back we're at Cosi to me [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] yes that's it Grady because you cannot for it oh shit it's open since when did they let them water around so now we're at the gate of Smith's Cove sanitarium now the funny thing is it's a complete opposite location of where the original location of the cemetery was that neighborhood we shot at and uh funny story I believe they just kept driving around in circles to make it look like as if it was a really long driving path to the fifth grade so all around here is where all the patients were wandering around that Michael let loose and right here right around here was where the phone was to call the hospital and all that where doctor limits was I believe it was right around here where the car was parked that Michael jumped on top of the hood and then I had Lee terrified the fuck out of a Marion nurse Marion and so she fell out of the car I believe it is broken happy yet so let me imagine what this was like at night time especially with this ring well let's go take a look inside this gate that nobody has ever seen careful good morning rattlesnake so you kidding me oh it does Wow so maybe we'll find a sanitarium for you never know you got porta-potties I love you so I guess for the most part it's really just a path helping that much up ahead I'm a van just stop to see for sightseeing but good location they use especially with all the barbed wire fence I can totally understand why yeah there's not much appearances just pretty much a road yeah but just the people now I wouldn't be surprised if they filmed other stuff here to be on both this street sign into this poll we're both singing in the original shot the opening shot of the movie and this is the opening shot from rubber verse side so over there would be the camera crew this way it would be the street you saw trying to view Halloween fans out there great lady that lives here leads out pumpkin for anybody that wants to get a picture it seems about a gene recruited back now there was a real pumpkin here last time I think so we smash it is your fake so well I'll use this one same spot school I created one that greater one this bench right here is in loving memory of Mustafa Akkad the great man that produced the greatest horror movie ever one of the men who made it possible known to the world as the Godfather of the Halloween film series your legacy lives on filmed in southern Pasadena rest in peace and over here is the strode house right across the street and for some of you that don't know this library over here is where they actually filmed the library scene or school library whatever scene from the remake of Halloween in 2007 and once when a Laurie Strode Scout Taylor captain's character looks through this window so I'm right there she looks like her off the street and they do a homage to the original with you know Michael Myers across the street just like how in the original where Jamie Lee Curtis is an inter-school of class and he's across the street so yeah it's like I'm up homage to the original and if you didn't know in the remake that is the original house Eddie standing in front so a lot of people don't realize that but it's an easter egg yep so yeah right there remake original so right here is where the Smith's Grove sanitarium from Halloween used to be up here past the skate I'm guessing obviously the actual gate from the film is in the Hollywood area and the hills or whatever but this is where dr. Loomis came out talking to one guy about Michael escaping so that was up here somewhere they're not going to let us in here but it was up here he was up here to the right a little bit somewhere but I building once stood it's been demolished in so pointless to even go in there anyway but yeah up there I think it was one of these windows but at the same time I feel like it was this one or no no I feel like it was actually I think it was this one right here there is that one actually I think it might have been this because it's pointing directly right there where they shot it might have been this one yeah I think that too bad on I think it was this laughs in here because look it really let me just look at that this is a you're smashing here so I think it I think it's the end of this because she was in the bathroom and she she was in the back I think it's just window right here should be dead on that hole I think I well I do think I see a wall like inside right there I could be wrong and then uh here point that way oh yeah cause like right this way now just point that way watch the trees in the way hang on okay you're standing like right around here watching his sister I think it was right there where the garage door is I don't even yeah and then again I don't even think that garage was underground at first yeah now Brett Haddonfield elementary school for poor little Tommy Doyle got confronted by those three little dickheads and fortunately boss's pumpkin right there sucks at this fucking gate is here because we can't go any further so what happened right about there still the spot yeah yeah so what happened like you tripped them there then this kid came running down right here and boom right here the shape comes out of nowhere pretend you're the shape and he snaps them right here pretty much Nona stopped the camera even like touch my shoulders I like like that yeah so here Michael Myers and he's got for my trollers you just and then the kid ran and he went and he went running kind of like this way sorta and then he probably I'm guessing you eventually turned so we didn't fall in the street so then after that after Michael stopped Oh Lonnie that's what it was Lonnie Donegan Chatswood anyways Tommy went walking down that little pile over here and Michael oh and bear in mind this whole jungle gym and all that stuff and all these letters this was not here over almost 40 years ago jungle Jennison jungle exam it's a friggin playground playground jungle gym same freaking thing anyway he goes walking over here and Michael got in the car no those are here yeah it was right here it was like right here so I guess we'll cut you that where be you you okay go here we are the South Pasadena High where's Lori were walking home from school go follow her hey I think I know this area here green up here right down here is where they walked wrong you know this the little gate thing wasn't here but that's where they walk from here the crazy cheerleaders in the background going how it was song it her from Hatfield couldn't be prouder can't here's mallalieu yell a little louder yeah yeah there's another thing too I actually found out some like deleted footage there was like a scene where Ben tramer was uh standing right there we're prepared field couldn't be prouder can't here's now then we'll get a little loan yeah all this your crash I had a great day of school guys hey Linda Laurie why didn't you wait for me so this is where they come walking around and the next spot we're going to go to is across the street over here where speed kills now if you go back and watch the movie this house right here is seen while they're walking by it that we've beckoned out okay and the people that live there are backing out about to run me over speed kills so where Michael took a serious stop on the brakes when he was about to what Nancy Loomis's you know caboose got slit her throat pretty much into them here's the pole from the movie I might touch it because I'd like touch and stuff it sounds like you're wondering all right some peopled around the corner over there which left right now right Mary took a right you went right you not right so worried around route you know Sunday Annie you're getting there I like deep travel and they were on the sidewalk over here Jamie Lee Curtis PJ souls and Auntie Loomis walking home from their nice little classes and yeah and this is Linda's house totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally and this house right here it has a mistake in the movie that a lot of people don't notice right on this porch right here there were two extra two not even extras just two people in general that we're living there probably they were watching the whole scene go on with the hedge and all that from the porch and you can actually see them staring at the camera over this so yeah hey creep so after the NXT where Michael Myers listed here we now go over here as Laurie continuously was looking back wondering where the hell he went right here where she bumps into sheriff Brackett obviously hey Lori Lori you know at Halloween everyone's entitled at one good scare right you're a real prick mr. mr. Brackett everybody now we're at the cemetery from Halloween and Sierra Madre California and I will show you right where that famous Sinclair tombstone ends as well as where the hole was when they found the hole in the cemetery Donald Pleasence included we're walking this way si s tree right here this treats from the movie they walk along this side of the tree it's right here is V tombstone they walk alongside of it and obviously in the background you see it more like this is kind of where the camera was something like that they came by this way passed by it now I'm standing in the same spot where the grave keeper guy from the cemetery walked with Donald Pleasance he's standing right where I was standing there where I am standing and this is the spot he looked at when he he asked why why did they do it why did they do it with Donald Pleasence and you know hole was there because Michael Myers decided to steal his sister Judith Myers tombstone and yeah it was in this general area somewhere here or that guy was looking but uh yeah he didn't take Judith Mira's body he just took the tombstone I'm surprised he didn't take her body and do weird things with it because he seems like a really screwed-up individual but he just wanted the tombstone to freak some people out I guess so yeah now I'm going to go up with my fancy fingers and touch the tombstone from Halloween this is the one this is the one everybody knows of however wait got focus focus focus love it this person's been dead so long they've been dead even before Halloween they don't even know they're in Halloween I mean you know they didn't even sign any liability forms to be a part of this film you know they just chose to use them anyway so if they were alive they'd probably be suing for a lot of money because they are they're famous and they didn't get it they didn't get a single paycheck for this movie so Sinclair whoever you are thank you for the memories now I'm going to touch the tree that they walk by just because I'm weird like that and I like touching everything and I'm going to go back and lock it again here's the tree all right let's go walk under why did it do it so if anything people who were involved in the filming how they dug a hole like right around this area to make you look ahead that the gravestone went missing and obviously we find out later in the movie where the hell that gravestone even went so kids to children give I went into the garage gotta fill the headstone why do they do it goddamn kid why did it do it you that there he is Neal this you hey chill how you doing do we good hey what happened what what happened alright somebody broke in to the hardware store public Church you blame everything on kid well they took with the rope and a couple of knives who do you think it was aren't you going to be late why I said aren't you going to be late you shout to fight yeah you screwed it up by girl you're not a girl yeah but that's the line of to you though well you'd be screwed up hi girl it's not bikers I say bye to you I think my yeah but in the movie if I girl I know but I'm doing it with you so now we're on Orange Grove where all hell broke loose no play over here you might not recognize they could have to change the hell of a lot over the years here is the Wallace house when the three teenagers were murdered upstairs in that bedroom well actually Annie was murdered in the garage that used to be there as you can see the Wallace house looks nothing like it used to back in 1978 that garage wasn't there that upstairs wasn't there and you were able to like walk beside the house right there there's actually a smaller house so unfortunately one of those eerie parts of when Michael is walking beside the house he never be repeated number again so going further there everything was downhill in the house lorry was chased out of the back door she came running down this way and this I'll be result this is actually all participants of grass there was no driveway well I think there was but I was different there was no offence there was none of this and then right here is where Jamie Lee Curtis went running up the stairs pounding on the door and someone who was living in the house opened this open the blinds ignored her as she ran down back this way ran across the street over here here is the Doyle house with change anyway tub going further so Jim Lee Curtis came running down this treatment year I might have she went Pat you are in between the two trees okay we know ideally pushes were in here and wasn't there she man that front door the keys keys the key like came running down while walking down over here and as she's having a door that's out when the hell continued inside the house I went upstairs and then right up stairs when that went in that window unfortunately it was a doorway where people could go out in the balcony michael was shot six times fight out here Loomis well if you see him a second movie at seven times he came falling down right there landing right in the grass right there and you know what like that he disappeared so that ends up leading into the second movie so after that I came out here and found its imprint in the ground with blood in it and so continuing was that dr. Loomis came walking over here a little bit and this house over here since all these bushes weren't here before his neighbor came out of the house and that's where one of the famous quotes I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight and actor Loomis said you don't know what that is and he went running around the corner of the house to go look for Michael interesting and this is alright by one of the most busiest streets in Hollywood James a lot within a matter of 40 years like that now get over here make sure it's straight alright to be a broth staying here longer because this would be a cool apartment we could turn into


baileyellard1 · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

Great guys … best match up of the locations I've seen. The California houses used in the movie are very much like the ones in the real Haddonfield, New Jersey … especially the one where producer Debra Hill lived. There are pictures of it in my book about Debra, "The Real Woman Behind Halloween." – Brian McFadden

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To which avenue did you refer when saying "this is next to one of the busiest avenues in Hollywood". thxs!

Star Blazers · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

I heard that the Wallace house and Doyle House inside scenes were done in other homes on this same street. The outside scenes were these homes of course. Also, in Halloween, Michael Myers appeared to fall off the balcony on the side or back of the home, not the front. When they recreated the scene in Halloween II, Michael fell out of the front and landed in the front yard. However, where was the cement walkway leading to the door? The grass was also too green in the recreated scene in Halloween II. When you watch the end of Halloween, Michael falls into the yard and you'll notice the yard has a dirt and grass mixture. No imprint could have been left in the grass.

leo Ibañez · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

Awesome video guys!

mark hernandez · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

This is fine but would have been nice had you all described in more detail where these locations were. Apparently, in the movie they used different road name signage, so 'Genesse Ave' was actually Hope St. or something… I wish we could get a 'mapping' between the movie roads vs. the actual location road names. Thanks.

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Jorge Flores · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

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I've always wanted to know where they filmed 1) Laurie looking down from her window and seeing the Shape by the clothes line. 2) Where the Shape was shot and fell from the Doyle house. It was not the front of the house like H2 reshot it, it was a totally different balcony. And would have been to the side of the house. Anyways, I can't find any info about those locations.

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dre 100 · July 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

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