GTA V Playing Card Locations

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do these open oh wait these open fuck I was over there too all right and why got one viewer Beth thank you all right whoever watching right here one of my drugs okay it's me saw both huh add me so we can play together ruble radio all right does it go oh yeah he's biting like a little dirt yeah bark and for life RV Barca for life RV that I'll add you in a bit alright where's it at oh wait is this area oh I might I'm at it I'm right here all right mm-hmm two humans go yeah I admit all right let me check all right right here ho capito I could tell that sombrero I knew it no there was two and Humberto was watching I didn't see the things that uh hello Cupido stop low nigga what mods oh I know exactly where that it is oh yes let's go see some grandma titties mm-hmm Ron finna bet all this money bro the if I get the jackpot 2.50 I'm gonna meet ballin often of items like a new car I maxed out my penthouse bro hold on did I feel like there's something right here it's just like there has to be something my mind is not sure there has to be something I like the most obvious places of mm-hmm I hold up I got to show the stream even though the show people all right right here stream right here but we got one person watching watch all right just guess y'all wanted to see right there wait hold on I think there might be one over here I'm just taking the guest I just try to guess it throws one over you was that but oh yeah and I just want to buy my money already WTF is that for this for the casino Humberto oh my god I clicked on the home button I don't know I want to see what you get though I want to get some real money Sega's inner tubes $10 in a and a free edge and a free LG and a free LG bread and forget about the theology yeah hopefully give something good though I just want something good at least a hundred kid chip a hundred kid chicks grow best thing on the first day bro fuck I ain't learning oh my disorder my present when I come down there Thanks thank you but holy shit I felt it do that was it I have five years bro I'm fuckin rich bro I never had more than five you alright I gotta show it to the stream first alright write your string right here Little Bay alright I need to order my oppressor oh crap people are coming I didn't even notice oh wait no one's comedy what although all my just order hide you order your Hydra I'm gonna jump back off fiendish I'm getting off my blessed complain later oh my god bye wait dude look the way I know you have sex people watching I know Rose is the most what sorrow why everything's free it's been free yes no I always had to pay dude why is your mic so shit I your mic is ass right now yeah alright there you go all right in my Hydra dude I customize my Hydra and it doesn't customize it Oh your hides is right there Ron all right oh I bet all right what was the other one Oh Jacques roundly yeah whatever that is oh yeah my mother Yeah right all right right up here right you love oh you love shut up damnit I was watching that I was watching he said oh yeah hop on though haha alright bro I got cheap and where's it at they set off on we said fat ass nigga get on get on over this is I am on bro all right mm-hmm I'm not even there no yeah yeah I see it I see it mm-hmm mm-hmm all right but like it on the campfire I can't get on BC of Jorge well fat as George dude I got six viewers and I can't find this unless shit I gotta show this shit to the viewers come on right all right all right I can't stop cuz I'm fucking rolling off on fucking Mountain right now dude shooting my cake disease falling off Oh Dan all right I'm gonna show you all the spots yeah if you haven't watch the stream right here all right there's one in here one right here right here right there and I don't know where the rest are I'm trying to find this my character has been straight rollin for like a whole last fucking minute by now hold on let me just get this all right I got you although I'm barely gonna go my repress tree because they cut myself and that spawned me all the way down there oh and by hat off alright so tense tense so up the trail way up the trail oh yeah I see alright stream stream right here by this rock right here should be right there dude I get a thousand one hundred each all right where's the next one LSI all right I'm gonna update my game oh he's gonna up these game all right and I caught you fatties now oh sure it's one is right here – where's mod which mods fat-ass so there's one around here if you haven't gotten that one by the way no right there right there right there all right Ellis are you right wait there has to be one right here dude I could feel it bro what it has in rest mode and Jose shut up who told you to shut up right I know he is alright we're gonna go to LSI eh yeah I streamed this one right here there's one right here where is this uh where is this by a stream right here I already got in this one it's right here to you right here and there's one right here by the fire station it should be sitting right here don't check this one all right I got you oh let's just think like as Gary shut up huh no I can't eat here Jose Jose put your audio sharing on no put your audio Shana did no I had my mags viewers right now party settings mm-hmm III put it fuck yourself all right I got more locations coming so make sure to drop a fat like put some music for you here you go I put on the one gallon so you know that run the box now there's layin going round about yeah you know how there's a round of OLS I a and the modern going towards the airfield there's a little like square shape you see that like hey so look okay how can you see this lightness great yeah you know okay look at you see the the flight school thing mm-hmm go exactly to the right of that yeah the little squirt the middle the little squirt thing in the middle of the back of the roundabout so you see the runabout how it splits into two different ways in the middle mm-hmm so behind that there's a little square thing at the bottom level it's on the bottom level it's basically where the LS LS I a sign is like you know how you spawn on top after the bogden oh yeah yeah right right under that and there's like blue there's like blue blue chairs mm-hmm just like some blue chairs and like right there is next to my favorite thing some blue chairs all right try and join my session all right let me see for the word what sir I don't even know what's the reward to be honest hopefully it's something good though I don't want to be doing this just for nothing all right well I'm telling you they're gonna give you a Big Mac and a free IC coupons thank you for watching your time all right wait you have to go so don't we're gonna buy our car downstairs all right blue chairs yes blue chairs and they're like a like a coca-cola out right next to it mix some newspapers oh I found it all right everybody right here on the map other side right here I count stairs which I join you in agentive party I have 24 and you Paulin are here a little I knew it there's one at the Pierre all the way in paleto Bay oh I could join you I knew you can't join all right I'm journey honor your facility I would see spotting your facility yeah tell me what you ate there is one story Miriam to zero there's what hold on there is one store yeah I know there's one in the circuit we got in that one there's also one in the fire where the fire department is by Polito by sandy shoulders too and there's one in the pier there's one it this one everywhere to be honest you all right all right then your session and why meet you all right although fuck on ATM in filete obey next to the barbershop on ATM by paleto Bay next to the barbershop all right bet Thanks I'm gonna go get that one all right I'm going to the pier one right now paleto Bay by Irish out oh shit this street that barbershop up a little bit guys are you already over there I'm at the military base wine tours the pure one first part that I'm gonna Buzzard there's only one thing left for you oh yeah there's one down there they wouldn't put one where you need to get the cops inv to party invite to party mmm about that all right hold up uh I don't know someone on my shrimp but whereas the next one eat it up okay yeah I'm not to call it on now yeah there's one of the paleto Bay here all right just wait for me try and lick up a video so we can both got together again I need ya all right join did you get the invite yeah they're settled on my Hydra that's hella hard to laugh no it's not saving failed again for I want to bet all my money I know I wanna bet all my money do it bro what do you get if a new have them all I don't even know what you get I think you get something real good though I better do something you take this you know chips and they won't give you a free I think couponers having liver and a free energy just easy didn't get the first one remember that yeah wait were you that oh shit Politis in my left eye I gotta show this to the stream too I I still think there's one in the arches camp well I can't find this one throw what there's a big-ass fucking plane there are no real it's in the top five there are no rewards what do you mean you know it said you get something for GTA all right there's one over I'm standing all right there were some what right there I shall not open atomizer all right I got shows just real quick all right stream right here paleto Bay I guess you'd call disappear it's right here fuck the fuck no yeah all right put little bay by the hair so long I'm crazy I'm crazy with a hair salon Kenzi airfield already got that one there's a set play encouraged on the biker cap you know that biker cap yeah it's like a shirt yeah right there here let's go to the pollute obey hair salon though oh yeah he said it was to the left or the right I forgot what he said all right it just like just wine in here by the way stream one right in there but all right the hair salon bro oh yeah right here here wasn't such a pain in that Salemba hydrate all right stream right here let me see on the ATM I murder my eyes right well what did I see was that oh yeah biker camp record camp I how long let me order my Hydra biker camp where Trevor goes in like merges all the mazes oh yeah we had sex with one of the bikers daughters era it was from that one other game I remember who are Don my black Hydra that's how we do it how many people still yeah she hold on let me check six dates five all right what did you get on this pinwheel oh I got foot I got a clothing I got a clothing piece I wish I got the car though all right we're at by curry biker camp that's bad Sandy Cheeks ah it toxically I don't think alright if you want to see more of them the cars then go then go rewind the stream because that you could see a hell and I mean have all right halite cards it's for that casino five million or you could buy it you can get one for 1 million though if you want to be it if you want to get the cheap one and if you had twitch prime then you get it for free I could get it for free but I like this five million kind of bar I'm trying to ball these goddamn always crash to hide you yeah dude Jose I got 13 years bro I don't know which one where is this one on the speaker where's the speaker oh right here oh thank you I right here right here alright everybody watching the stream right here thank you see all right thank you for the call out and what the food say he was like you don't need it no more all that cancels it out we bought it at an auction all right I'm gonna try and get some more recorder you know the aisle is another one I read small box we already got that one I don't know it's another one it's in the city all right he's employed by the Mercado armories Masato Oh Romano uh you want another one yeah hold on we're fly right here follow me I know when is oh shit all right follow me all right all right come over all right but I I think I might know where this one's at oh shit Hey Oh Oh safe successful where is it by right here we're approaching it all right here at the no I see a way twice you're wait wait wait I think we already got this one fuck yeah all right let me just show this stream oh my go to the one stream Observatory it should be right here me no no right here molding Lightner joined oh my god hey lose chance on rebel radio we already got that did you yeah 24/7 you should learn my spell over here come in handy dandy Don I said Bambi oh shit hold on I got I'm gonna check right here No that really sucks what I died yeah it's right here recorder right here where I'm at I dirty out of 54 that was my 30th one where 24 hours this it's right in there on the red toolbox on the right and lots of a piss over your back oh shit I was right here thank you right here it's a new people that just tuned in right here on the tool box check you see what fuck there's no more what the fuck I think I gotta check this oh I found one hold up where's the fire station I I found one I found one we're at fire station over here I'm right behind you all right where's an ice I know there's a fire station around here police station oh yeah we could go inside their boat there's a fire station that when you look for oh yeah there's one over you're the fire station I've seen this shit before I with you bro I remember seeing a fire station around here is your one there no I remember singing no I know there's one there's one I just saw a video right now the ship oh yeah right here I think there's a fire station no although I remember seeing a fire station man where's this how uh hello I'm gonna check this again something to find it one end up here we already got snare hospitals near a hospital you know that one a hospital you're not the one by the fires in here right inside yeah dude I got 17 viewers dude this is crazy alright although a hospital that ran in the hospital I think I know where it is damn I just didn't shut up oh I think it's right here I think it's somewhere around here we arrest the one at the camp appear in the hospital no where's the one at the camper period the beer oh yeah right here I'm coming first class very glamorous yeah I remember it's somewhere on here oh yeah it's right here here to come we're here record oh thank you right here wait this is not the way I don't know cuz in the video I watched uh they picked it up right here yeah I think it's the wrong one then nah on this yeah I don't think it's this one then what the fuck cuz I'm the YouTube video they picked it up right there and then you came out yeah this is a different one oh yeah it is cuz I remember seeing the scenery around it it was like yeah you should be over here then dude Mike shit won't turn on can you kill me want me to kill you I can't kill myself fuck never mind alright dad I don't know we're set oh and by Mauricio a yet I see no more and by bighead are really over dozens family with calls right now hey buddy Jews you in a party or in the lucky mommy oh I know what it is one at the LSPD we're up at the allah speedy was that which one yeah which one the one by let's go check out this one if you know where it's at tell us no no no oh yeah yeah yeah I remember I remember I found so impound impounds right here yeah the hospital's right here your hospitals right here mm all right I don't know exactly right here where which which fire station I mean which our Studios one right here I'm gonna check although I think with 100 yeah on the other side excuse me wait oh shit I tried to turn on my life losses fuck found it found it found it found it found it on me all right I'm coming it's right here it's right here just literally people after me right now fucking after you more than lightning oh no fucking those in their motherfucking alright stream one atom in a country house right here right here yeah on the right side inside wait what'd I say when at the Martin country house yeah we got down already that's at the beach – I'm getting like sprayed and your ground we got it so you got the car first try mm-hmm oh so now the doors are here all right I'm at wrong Jose I know where one is Hanuman I'm following you there were you up all the fuck parents would not like Beach Tim there's one I liked the bit yeah we got that one I know seats yeah we got that left how many people in your stream 12 all right I know I'm forget I think I know where this one's at well there's just a level Gotti's trash away yeah everybody's trash or it's a fucking house you want nothing right the one that's Australian there's one right here too if you dig we're gonna add the country house that once it's in the red tube are you like me again I like the I forgot just turn back or what you both know it's John because he has no your mama and then you're doing your right here you're literally right here look where is it recording but why the lassie your sister for me wait where's it at I didn't find it they said this one right here I don't know oh I know where another one is uh like one year no kill yourself no kill yourself kill yourself something you probably are use are you right here can you see my next scene yes I thought you said you didn't see me yeah but like one right yeah the one at the camp here we found that one wait what right here is it one right here no cuz I saw you come over here you're like seen there's one right here no I was over there you know that one over there that we got by the little seats in the tables yeah yeah I went over there looking at I really can't order my bike what is or does that cross the sheets and like invader just one across the street from life abate I know where another one is that come over Carter they should be worried when she find it what do you is that you tool store I think there's one at the tool store yeah I know I got that one right here gonna I'm trying to show this real quick I found one one yeah I found the camp one record about one where okay I'm not dirty I think I'm I think that was one that I was going for the bigger the fool sure either he had zero Coover's oughta go into the comments oh yeah it was like across a sheet yeah it's right in here okay let me get this I stream is that one in the golf course right here oh shit right here my quarters are one in the golf course no I don't think though you know that one look so prep yeah did you get those in there yeah all right so how many are you at record I'm at 32 32 all right there's uh you know that deluxe Oh prep we got to go into the house to steal the deluxe oh there's one there way a prep or a setup prep oh wait I think so are you in a car get out of your horn decide the apartment cuz I want to get your money besides the apartment which one nigga let me get your money mmmm just get out the car I won't repeat don't I know where this ones are directly well can you have a wagon I know I don't know if it's my wife are you guys just recorded officer – fuck you saw me like ten seconds I am asking it for the deluxe home I think it's it's the one reset besides that eclipse towers there's eclipses towers eclipse ours is right here by the okay by two bodies of water so that's probably this one Carter found it funny it's in a house right here one of the one of the things inside the garage yeah yeah I know I know I was going for those is it this one record oh I don't know there's two garages right here do they open up No [Applause] there's somewhere here I just don't know where I'm gonna watch hold up oh wait oh wait I – I might know we're not even close to it me you aren't my oppressor and it went into the pool oops Lucy's wears it up recording all Don I'm checking no this is definitely not it full brother numerous mutual things are knowing SLE where's me it's true yes brought a pay-for you all know this buggin oh I think I might have found it I know it's so on right here somewhere honor to do this based on a fucking Ford Raptor I find that one oh did you yeah right here is there one at the mansion play mansion 30 need to be out of 54 anywhere I'm that recorder all right inside it's right here all right here right there oh there's no more yeah yeah I don't know what I'll just have to look like Tristan yeah you got that what's wrong there's no more from the one flaw on YouTube there's no more and fucked me so what kind of message was that for well I'm a trip on you guys finding this info on YouTube and then we're just stretching them up real quick also store 19 words that I'm gonna keep trying to find them 1138 a monster oh yes Raju does not therapy today oh damn play cards oh not that bitch open the door store 1 9 neighbor the damn head off where's the damn house so right here by little people in GTE tell me if that's true if it's right there where is it at Oh Shep is wrong buddy over there under your weight plan recorder I think so closer to city neighbor barber right here or is it different oh yeah it's that one yes all right that was a you saying it's over here I think we've got on this one where the recorders are at the Waypoint you said mm-hmm some already here I don't know you guys in the back on the TV it's on the back on the TV all right back on easily be shown and don't go to London I'll be watching you I found the I got I got I got it so that's the whole table the one that you just updated is it it's in there as in here but it's in the back it's look back on a show it's on a show shop close to bed in the tattoo shop I thank you tattoo shop speaking about panels I know so Carter was it next one I sing it to beer let's go over there that's what we're doing I don't want to where is it you know what person are you getting the Rosary Joe once you found search of GTA online play cards locations in there there should be like a whole playlist as I'm talking I was gonna say why is this so small but yeah Bon Jovi where is this okay thank you so much thank you I'll take this one in here I don't know I don't even think this one here isn't nothing here no that one the one near the meth I found 36 and the one near the messy oh okay not your most expensive city meth sorry yeah I can't move so anyway you can pin the tail meat you know what I'm searching up rewind rewind this room you could find how that I put I'll try and do to buy the ransom get to buy new room so how much you end up paying total for all of it who said this how much is the rim early but shipping and you don't eat there will everybody on the stream right here on this little counter right here that's my 35th one same let me see if anybody how many for sure Shh I can't let me now I can't imagine you fucking I hate it riding on the street at the gas station kompozer can't leave each other good if I mix in the fucking gas yeah okay well what's the one to get I wouldn't that's in like Jersey um she always just like right out poor Don in Philly Road not Jersey fuckin I don't know Phil even like Jersey area lingo Philadelphia is a whole state nigga I found them okay who need this wrong you ask mother fucking couch follow me Jose we're forcing Kudo there was one important cool huh yeah not really because you know the only thing you can get in the casinos you can buy a penthouse there yeah I don't know what's that thing go through there like I don't even seem that the servers are straight eyes she's nigga the service have been straight as so I haven't even been able to start up the missions yeah cuz you like people to do a mission with the senorita right there it's like I have the headphone and I tried to do him but you can't because uh well for me it said I couldn't but you said you couldn't connect to the GC online session or something like that and then they did the safety for Ricardo so we just came in we've been busy RDR to item I don't know if you only get that but I think you get someone knows but worry about it find this out forget something else they said that on their website so there's one important thing why have Red Dead Redemption so I'm good I have art here too so I could give it over I won on there well it better not be something just for I don't know now you get you get a you can get something for Red Dead 2 if you do the playing cards I don't know what the reward isn't you see we bought a seat and you get a deck of cards to use in casino Recaros inside fort Zancudo hollow it showed me it was somewhere around here hold up I got you yeah I think you have to have upper house get the when you go up to the wheel click left on the d-pad you have to pay five hundred so buy a membership or something and then and then you should be able to spin it unless you have to get up our house yeah peg around 2.5 million the máquinas wait so what so they said that on their website I was a you get a deck of cards using your casino a deck of cards to use and that's I don't know yeah you know you can play the marquee meet us yes you can play mocking Nita's you can play blackjack poker let you cannot obey our ethos yeah but you don't pay you don't pay to money oh I don't you pay cut car stream right here for San kudos Greg oh you can you can change them reg oh you can change them to GT money so they back up 2.5 million dollars and chips right here you can change it to 2.5 million dollars of of uh United oh I should've been buying chips where is it at Ricardo it's inside side another thing what's our well he's not missing what you robbed it I'm pretty sure I'm not sure those in the trailer I just don't remember what you do plus I'm your minimal Play services a butchie's trying to find some that's the mission all trying to do but they said earlier that you couldn't do it because uh my services which is what the first let's say you buy a membership to the whole no I'm trying to find some time yes pin the wheel what's this nigga ahead I get the Bugatti first first bit I mama can find something tell me what you get so it's how the casino tubes if you know if you know where any of the sparked sorry if you could tell me that be that would be appreciated are there clues was a no there's no clues you just find them out in the round room it's nice I got twenty thousand five first one hey Jose when you were starting the missing yeah and I like go anywhere just stayed on the screen like froze uh-huh oh fuck these shades down gosh and we just fucking play the whole ethos record where'd you go I'm just looking for some right now twenty thousand uh more video there's no more baby I haven't been able to find any videos or post online I went on Reddit and I searched there's no trim find some on YouTube your buddy got left doing our game oh you already in I had a little band you lost 15 thousand already Anna only if you're betting on 15 nigga was Betty 2500 earlier you need 12.5 mil and so I can I'm gonna blackjack so you know how to play these Yankee recorder I'm looking for them please max bed every time twisting the fuck I'll surrender Kevin yes Rudy real like this one oh you're gonna be like Brady yesterday the same day yeah we're on that in the morning okay today at 3:00 in the morning like and I was like heaven didn't fucking do the same sheet in real life I'm about 10,000 to them I'm gonna play a collie eaters nigga I bet 50,000 on a fucking horse you don't think anyone wouldn't be open at one point to know ya know what I mean look no you can do malicious to the membership should be fuckin like a million dollars go hard enough the Rockstar Games aren't available in athlete you can you guys all right ahaha too many poor niggas they can build those car has they cost cocoa songs for your your pump Wuerffel those goggles a Costco kousonsan that's how much I was offering you 15 bucks and four sons sons Sons has been closed it's closed Mondays he's barely open today Sons was closed yesterday I was gonna go yesterday to my well I think is only at the diamond one won't try and play all y'all got whole divas well how can you play that the ceiling games I'm not the same festival go to the beach where those bodybuilders yeah I know where that one is a I have you got in that one do you know where anymore I can find it oh boy someone all right right here stream right here yeah do right here yo shut the fuck up making a camera shake nothing I was doing a minecraft your first week right here yeah I just caught that out of the random – I cherry for never old obesity cheapest get it ah the Martinez Holloway Oh yeah cool on playing the máquinas food is food 12.5 million won nothing new best man does oh I got 5,000 I that's what I like that's what I like the diamond one that uh diamond miner it's like it's like pee with Imus how many do you have I'm at 37 and now my phone is ringing Oh though are you where am I well I'm playing I'm playing at 2,500 each one what those bike mama bro I got ki diamonds in the nigga this I can't shut out a stream house when we get man I don't want nothing o 62,500 soul oh man I'm at 98 400 no his gold oh that was a good spin oh that was a good I spin my anyway this on my and I'm gonna run next evening imma win and I won six years no in revenues today I'll let you get I don't know oh I got diamond diamond chip is there one at golf course or romantic I don't know I can't find it right now yeah yeah well I bet 2500 max bet max these in this one the max on this was only 25 for head I didn't want 62,000 oh holy terror is loose hello unique it up you get cherry cherry cherry they're not 62,500 amalgam elbows I wanna play I'm gonna get a hell of money off this bro I I lost thirty thousand then I won 62,000 bags he does it Assad see you guys oh dude mute the Latino dude I wish but I can't oh my my my thing broke my game broke we'll go back back back back back no and all my game throws I'm gonna come sit my game throws I can't get off the machina now how'd I get on this I can't get off the machina how'd I get on them okay all right you know I can't even open up bro yeah all finally well that's another useful I thought I was gonna have to do my app and I what do you think now you're playing useful I don't play this woman did what the fuck is wrong with my cape I had I'm playing this with her bet max 125 max I was like I'm not an insta moobot Oh or I got a diamond bro oh let's go 250 boys that's only two games that's right it was something expensive as machines I don't come here I'm coming I'm a way bigger there's Mars and if they don't give me nothing same chapter alone my horse this isn't gonna be my last one this don't be my last Jesse quarter all those pretty ahaha worthless you'd make it just woke up on this one bit no oh my god I almost got a cherry no again put some black ops to be there beautiful Marion how many mushrooms


BeefyBodyJose · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

u only get a uniform btw

KingWolf · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Is there a guy named gimbofish in the party

EnvyAbove · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Card Locations : 0:39, 2:20, 6:59, 13:40, 15:29, 18:58, 24:26, 29:21, 31:57, 33:30, 40:20, 45:10, 49:10, 52:25, 55:35, 1:00:25, 1:07:10

Johnny terrell · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Wish you could timestamp the locations

OneMan OnePurpose · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

How did you get the first 20 cards? I wish u had a video on them. I support ur channel Im #54 subscriber.

Joshua Martenson · July 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Chill with the button mashing for fucks sake

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