GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations #2)

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hey what's up guys my name is Noah and dang going to be talking to you guys about some hidden locations in granteth 205 that's right I've scoured the map and done some research and found some very unknown locations which are not known within the community as well as they should be now these locations are both beautiful and awesome in the game and I'm also thinking of starring up a series called secret spots in the game which are actually spots in the game which you may advantage from which other players may not know for these spots for example you could find a cave or you could find a nice place underneath the water or even just on top for skyscraper nevertheless I'm going to be showing off some awesome things in the game which still haven't been seen as much as they should have been and just things which have been sized off which are actually absolutely amazing and beautiful in Grand Theft Auto 5 so before against video if we do teach you something the please feel free to leave a like it really does helps out and it does show your support also if you are new here please feel free to subscribe to our channel so you never miss any more Grand Theft Auto 5 content let me know any other awesome hidden places or spots in the comment section below where the online or offline it doesn't matter I will state if you can do it online offline the video and now without any further ado let's get into this and so at number one I'm going to be showing you a very secretive cave in the game now although this cave may seem very open and allowing anyone to go inside it's still very coordinated off and very hidden the reason why I'm saying this is because I have seen a very few videos of inside this cave and this cave is a lot bigger than you would expect it to be the reason why I'm saying about this is because underneath the water there are hidden treasures you guys to go and explore with and if you do go above the water when the sunlight is peeking in it becomes one of the most beautiful places in the game now this is also featured in the omission coveted in which you go down that hill and shoot some people and then still be crate or the container however you would say it and you may see this tunnel which is being guarded by a few people on patrol however as I saw this cave I decided to go and take an explorer into it and actually a few awesome beaches the sunlight has a great glimpse inside it and you can also go and explore it for what you need to explore for nevertheless I absolutely love this location it's just about east from the map it's just very hidden away is underneath the land as well so you can confuse a few people if you want them to come and get you and the apps love that spot because any hidden cave is just absolutely amazing now coming in for spot number two I'm going to be showing you a clock tower now although this isn't one hidden location or technically it is it's still something which is very very underrated in the game and that's because it's an actual working clock tower which you can go inside and you can also see the clock move around as the time goes around in real life for grand theft auto 5 say for example the time is 4 o'clock in the day on granted 2:05 you will obviously clock at 4 o'clock in the day the clock updates itself just like your phone would so it does go round in circles and clockwise as well now I think you guys know what a clock looks like and how it works however you can go inside this and go on top of it which is absolutely amazing and it's just a very hidden away thing because no one has ever seen this in the game now although you may have seen this already you may not notice that does go round as it would which is like I said earlier which is why I think this is an absolutely amazing feature in the game because I didn't really expect Rockstar to have features like these which coordinate well with the in-game time so this clock I'm guessing is just a clock of the city it's just under which people can go and look up at if you wondering where it is it's about a west south of the city somewhat so how it's near the coast so if you are looking for this just look for these really really longer yellow staircases because although you can't go up them which is quite annoying I thought you could you'll have to get a helicopter up by the way because these staircases go all the way down to the ball in the building and I was thinking how cool would it be if you could just keep climbing up them but it's actually an optical illusion it's just barred up so you can't climb up stairs so unfortunately the only way up is helicopter and the only way down is helicopter or parachute but take the cool way out guys and take the parachute so that was spot number 2 and now let's get into spot number 3 and now at spot number 3 I'm going to be showing he once again another hidden cave and I want to say thank you so much to you guys for commenting this in the comment section below it seemed to be like a hot topic that a lot of people want to go and find someone did actually comment there was a cave around this area and post the picture to me on Twitter in which a lot of people responded to that they couldn't find it they couldn't see it and they really wanted to go and check it out so this is the cave although it's not amazingly big it's still a little bigger than the one I featured earlier and it's still very hidden away say for example if you got the police on you we just want to get a good escape you can use this cave and if you are taking a few pictures you can get some good sunlight glimpses and the water in here is absolutely amazing you can just walk around water and you can just have some fun inside this cave maybe hide from your friends and yeah just have some fun so I'll absolutely love these caves like these because like I said caves in the game are just so secretive and they hide so many things I believe this cave may be significant in offline because other caves were like he said in the previous video now if I'm not too sure about that now coming in for the next but of course a lot of you guys may already know this spot ready because yes if you didn't know already it's where Trevor had his company's big ass company where they would go and get meth or some sort of substance in which they would go and grow or make over here so as you can see I only know what to do is park up your vehicle next to this building which you can access offline just normally and then simply smash the window and climb into it it's a very easy and simple way to do this and this is the only way and if you are trying to do it online of course you may be able to use a few glitches but come on guys who wants glitch is where you can do it legit so here is a legit way of getting inside this building it's a very old location however I know a few people do not know this location already and this location is badass so if you don't know already and I hope this location did help you out because yeah it's badass and there's so much doing here it's so grotty as well and it's filled with so many amazing features and things in the game and if you are like me and just feeling a little bit cheeky you can go and burn the whole place down which is something bad because I did end up killing myself at the end of this but nevertheless it's a very good location I'm sorry if you guys already know about this location because I'm sure one or two of you may know about it because it is a fairly old location but I still amaze will add it in anyway because it's still a very nice location and I know if you guys may not know about this already because they weren't into GTA 5 at start something but if you were into GTA 5 you probably do know about this location because it was very popular at least start and it was one of the first hidden locations to be revealed which went viral a few days later but nevertheless I absolutely loved this location you can do so much near you can use this gang hideout which going chill in here there's so much room so spacious and it just looks like the perfect thing for you guys to go and just chillin if you are needing a gang hideout or if you got a wanted level because as you can see here I do have two stars unfortunately I thought it was a good idea to shoot out that window have the only window with smashes is the one you came through so do not make that mistake and yeah it's just a very good location or round and I absolutely loved it but I'm sorry if I did repeat this location because I know it did go viral just after it came out but now let's get to the next location and this is actually a location in the city and it's very very very hidden away actually I was just flying over the city and I was like oh this looks quite cool and then I realized that it's got a doorway into where with four doorways but these four doors are very hidden away now if you guessed already it is another city swimming pool and I absolutely love these cities for impulse because they're actually gigantic and very hidden away this one is more upper-class however because it's got bathing it's got more expensive umbrellas and it's even got a balcony so you can go up onto now this pool itself is very big as well like I said guys I'm gonna have to repeat this again you can swim around the circle's and I absolutely love this when you get to mount circles because there's so much space in the pool and what's better than having a pool in which you can have so much space in to do whatever you want so maybe you can get your friends in there have a beach party maybe throw a few balls around I don't know whatever you guys do in GTA 5 somehow but nevertheless I hope so you love this location because you can do so much here it's just very hidden away as well if you are flying over this like I said it's very easy to spot as that's how I found it and I was like this is a pretty cool location and I believe there are three to four air entrances yeah there's three entrances inside this and this wall coming over the roof also if you do go into the balconies you do see an amazing view in which you will see later on in this clip but nevertheless I actually dug this location I'm not too sure if I prefer it to the other swimming pool in the city however I believe there are going to be other coordinated things off in the city as well which we yet to be discovered and I've also got a few awesome things in the city as well which you guys may love I'm sorry yes guys that was my phone I just picked up from there just so we went here again basically yeah there is a beautiful view so guys that was the location to soar in the video I bet even got about half a dozen locations there and they were all pretty secretive and hidden awful things you guys may not have known about now there is only reason why I'm doing this is because we did get quite a good response from the last video and you guys loved it so I decided to go around justify some awesome locations but I believe that GTA has been out for years there's gonna be the odd location every now and then so if you would like me to show you some hidden spots in the game which I believe no one really knows about which you can probably take your friend from surprise if you are sleeping them out I'll be happy to record a few of them so if you did get far in this video and you are hearing me right now then place are free to comment if you do want me to do hidden spots because then I could take into consideration because I want to see where you guys respond to this and how you respond to it so I absolutely love this series and I actually love these amazing hidden spots I've been finding more spots in this game ever thought I could find which was absolutely crazy and amazing Thanks and down to you guys I also want to tell you guys right now I do have twitter my twitter is at no point for if you wanna check it out the link is in description below we're on fourteen point six thousand followers it will be amazing if we got 15,000 followers now don't be alarmed if you are my Twitter and you see loads of tweaks like gone or go on England or something because there I am from England and I am watching the World Cup however don't worry guys you probably won't see these tweets men any longer because the England's poor performance is not going well so um yet don't worry about the tweets because they shouldn't be going on too long however I will be tweeting out at the occasion of World Cup tweet every now and then when the games are on but guys if you are following the World Cup let me know what team you would like to win in the comments section below of course in go if your nationality or you can just go for the team you enjoy most but nevertheless I absolutely love these videos guys if you want to see more in tricks let me know in the comment section below also don't forget to leave a like on the video if you want anywhere so I can see your support on this and if you guys want to see more of these videos as well but guys don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more GTA 5 content definitely go and check out our Twitter like I said in the description below and yeah I hope you did enjoy the video guys so I'll see you all next time you


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