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what's up y'all so today I'm doing a get ready with me and I will be doing my hair and makeup for the with me a day we went on a date we're going downtown to Millennium Park it's like a picnic thing that we're taking my dog as well I'm gonna have his stroller yes we have a dog stroller because if we could crowded downtown so let's just get into the video the freakin phones so right here I'm just flat ironing my hair so let's continue with the video [Applause] I learned how to do makeup as I go as I do it so I'm getting better from like the last time I wasn't like you couldn't see all the contouring but so I'm about I'm better hit oh I got my purse I have everything is that my purse that I got from Sheen I need to spray some Victoria's Secret I'm ready I'm right – awesome alright y'all so we're on our way to the Train we just got to go on the train and we have a little fluey with us we leave in a little later because we had to wait but his husky but his cousin Chuck a bear but anyway we got our picnic mat so we ready so luckily that's a little Chipotle in how many minutes we go you gotta fix this wheel it's not turning as opposed to we have it we have a trouble with them come on fix this fix the wheel but we thought we were wrong and the navigation thing was made for now but it was right in that base we count bulky PES took hopefully well we here now service it's like we just running around looking for restaurant we haven't even sat down yet and already sit down all right I can take the whole time this activity discipuli no tomatoes what tomatoes press I'm al LeBlanc media jeez let's that's it gonna be so we finally here you got chick-fil-a and I got to pull it employee welcome boy just try to email Oh so don't annoy hehe uh Nokia am i old all her nice play dutifully we couldn't get the little beans we're having like a show but they have in the show and you can just sit down when the grass we're gonna mat or something like we did and well I'm gonna show if you take their music they were taking a first fully but never strollers I don't get there but you know go over there well something but we're still enjoying ourselves so that's how that matters oh boy Oh Oh okay yeah so we might be want to maybe we have a stroller throw the thing I'm not sore and I don't have any money right now by the way totally from downtown that was from the life here back home we both enjoyed ourselves – you enjoyed yourself it didn't get so cold across the video Thomas thank you like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel I vote a season ID on jasp all right

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TheRealAamir · July 26, 2019 at 12:00 pm

I really enjoyed this video 😻

Shae Love · July 26, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Okayyyy you looked cute. 😍❤️

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