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Grilled jalapeño poppers. They’re spicy,
they’re melty, they’re delicious, they’re wrapped in bacon. How could you possibly
go wrong? Whether you’re tailgating before the big
game or you’re heading out to the campsite for the weekend, jalapeno
poppers are a fantastic way to be able to take a dish with you on the go, to be
able to delight your friends and loved ones that you’re with. So what we’re
gonna do today is we’re gonna make some jalapeno poppers as well as some pepper
poppers. These are just some sweet peppers that we picked up at the grocery
store. For those who aren’t that big on jalapeno or don’t want the heat, these
peppers are gonna be fantastic. So the recipe is pretty simple.
We’re going to take our pepper, we’re gonna cut it in half lengthwise, and
then we’re going to take our filling and add into the middle. Our filling is gonna
be simply a half a brick of cream cheese, some mozzarella cheese, some green onions,
and some garlic and onion powder. And we’re gonna take that filling,
incorporate it all together and then we’re just going to take it and put it
in the zip top bag so we can pipe it in to these peppers. Because there’s
something easy about just using it like a piping bag that you would like for
cake icing and putting it right into the middle of the pepper. And all we’re gonna
do at the end is we’re gonna wrap it in some delicious bacon and then we’re
gonna sprinkle it with our barbecue rub to give it that barbecue flavor on the
outside. It’s gonna be good. We’re gonna start by putting our filling together. To
this half of a brick of cream cheese we’re gonna go ahead and add our
mozzarella cheese and I’m gonna go ahead and put our spices in as well. This is
our garlic powder and our onion powder and then I just want to kind of mush
this together a little bit to get it started. Now we did pre soften the cream cheese
just a smidge before we put it in here. Because if you’re ever trying to
incorporate cream cheese with something else and you haven’t softened it first, it’s
quite difficult. Now I’m just going to take our green onions and put them in
here as well. And now we have this filling that’s starting to be pulled
together. Now all I would recommend is that you want to get this really
thoroughly mixed and nice and soft so you can pipe it out of this zip top bag
that we have here. Alright now that we have our filling
mixture together all we need to do is start prepping our jalapenos. So I’m
gonna go ahead and cut off the end of a jalapeno and then all I do is I cut it
straight down the middle. And when I cut it straight down the middle I want it to
be able to lie open. Now as you look on the other side here you’ll see that we
have a lot of seeds on the inside. Now it’s up to you whether you want to leave
those seeds in or not, but I want to take those out. That’ll be way too hot for me.
You can still leave a few in but really this is where the filling goes, so we
want to take the seeds and the ribs out so we can actually get that filling
inside. I find the best way to do that is just to take a regular old kitchen
spoon, start at the top of the jalapeno and then just pull my way through just
like that and your jalapeno ends up pretty clean. Now the same method works
for a pepper if you’re going to do a sweet pepper. Just take the top off we’re
gonna go ahead and cut it down the seam. There’s not nearly as many seeds in
these all we have to do, still take the spoon just pull backwards scrape a
little bit. We have a nice clean pepper ready to fill. We have our filling
mixture in our piping bag and we’re gonna go ahead and put it in our peppers
right now. And all I do is start and squeeze, and that’s it. Lovely little
filling inside the jalapeno popper, and we just have to take that and rinse and
repeat. T he next to last step we need to wrap
these in bacon and then we’re gonna take a little bit of barbecue rub and put it
on the outside. But wrapping it in bacon not too complex I like to start on the
bottom and make sure that I have the seam on the bottom if at all possible.
That way when I set it on the grill the seam is going to be held. It’s gonna hold the bottom of the bacon together that way it stays together
without having to use a toothpick. Because you can use a toothpick
certainly to secure this but you definitely don’t have to. The final step for us here at The
Barbecue Lab is we like to use some of our Sweet and Spicy Rub to put on the
outside of the bacon as it crisps up. It’s gonna give a little dose of sugar, a
little dose of spice. So we’re gonna take our rub and we’re gonna sprinkle it on
the outside. Just a nice even coat. It doesn’t have to be too thick or too thin.
I think you’re gonna find that this adds a next-level to these grilled jalapeno
poppers. In the spirit of tailgating and camping today we’re gonna cook this
recipe on the Country Smokers Traveler series. It’s a pellet grill that’s made
to be mobile. It’s portable. And so all we’re gonna do is fire this up to 400
degrees and we’re gonna get these jalapeno poppers on the grill. Alright
the grill’s up to 400 degrees. It didn’t take very long, only about 7 to 10
minutes. And all we need to do, get these latches undone and then we’ll have you
come in here and take a look. Come on up. We’re just gonna take our jalapeno poppers, put
it right on the grate. Space them out a little bit. Let the heat
get around them. But that’s it. This bacon is gonna crisp up
really really nice at this heat. That’s why we have it up to 400 degrees cause
we’re letting the bacon really get crisp. Alright and we’ll check back in here
in about 20 minutes. The jalapeno poppers have been on the smoker on the grill here for about 25 minutes. And why do I say smoker or grill? Well because this is
both a grill and a smoker. You can grill on this direct and you can smoke on this
indirect. Now we set this up for indirect cooking today so it’s kind of like a
smoker. But whatever method you use, make sure you cook these indirect as opposed
to direct. And so you use a two zone fire if you’re in a charcoal or gas grill. But
today we’ve got on this pellet grill. Let me show you what they look like after 25
minutes. That’s what I’m looking for. Look at that bubbling up there with that
crispy bacon on the outside. That is a grilled jalapeno popper if you ask me. So all we need to do now is go ahead and
make it so we can get these out on the cutting board, off the grill. It’ll be
ready to eat here pretty soon. So we’ve let these cool a few minutes. Because if you
don’t, I’m just gonna tell you they’re gonna be so hot they’ll burn your mouth.
But I think it’s time to give these jalapeno poppers a try. hmm
That’s got some kick to it! That has got some heat to it, but I got
to tell you the bacon is crispy and it is really delicious. This is one I
recommend you trying. You can win your next tailgate, win your next campout, and
you can do it on a little portable grill just like this. Love having the option of
having a pellet grill that we can take with us. So for the jalapeno popper
recipe, I hope you give it a try and I hope you like what you saw here at The
Barbecue Lab. If you found this video helpful feel free to subscribe to the
channel. We’d love to have you come back and join us because we created this
channel for you. Our whole goal is to make you better at outdoor cooking. So
you can win your weekend by amazing your friends and loved ones. I’m David from
The Barbecue Lab and I look forward to seeing you here next time. whoo yeah I should have eaten a pepper popper. you

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Duane Henicke · October 8, 2019 at 1:53 am

Good job. But is their a need to latch the lid while cooking? Also, is the auger, igniter, and board 12 volt, with a inverter built into the cord? Or straight 120?

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