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I'm going to show you excellent tawa tandoori chicken I soaked the chicken war night without any colour we are making this with this we're going to enjoy awesome egg cool Chuck is cooked well on all sides pull the meat off and this is perfectly good Namaste Salaam walekum Saskia Cal welcome back to another session with your washer fat whatever command today I'm going to show you excellent halwa thundery chicken so cooking on a tawa is very easy lot of people they may not have the oven but here you have to make sure that the chicken is not more than 1 kg 1.2 kg that is the right size for you know tandoori chicken or even the lava tundra chicken when I did the oven thing put the gashes here but for the tawa Thunder a chicken to make sure it is good good you have to cut the chicken into small pieces so first we're going to separate cut these back and then legs are ok they can get cooked easily in the center run the knife and cut it into two pieces so these ones look at this stick onto the tawa but how about the chicken breast so the chicken breast cut this into four pieces so first run the knife from the center into the breast we can just remove the neck out so look at this so now breast piece cut into two pieces this piece is very tough to cook so what you do put a gash till the bone with the other side also and this one just make sure you run little extra so that the bone is exposed so what you're trying to do is even on a tawa this gets cooked perfectly this piece is easy put two gases only in the center like this not too long otherwise they will tell the chicken leg so even here look at this run it on to the bone and this one and here just make sure the thicker side just give it a nice cut and you should be able to see the bone turn it to the other side and do the same thing here one more cut this part is all done so all the breast the chicken legs everything is cut so we got pieces and all of them have gashes and we need to marinate it well if you take hunger it will be too thick and the masala will all be burnt so take normal yogurt in this ginger-garlic paste also add little less little bit of turmeric some coriander powder and look at this all of the quantity I am adding little bit of Kasuri methi product not too much all of this very little and squeeze in some lemon juice add some chilli powder salt so this mixture should not be too much of masalas I'm going to tell you why the salt everything is perfect we going to marinate the chicken so the chicken pieces you know when you cook it on tawa it will be direct heat on the tawa so the chicken will get blackened so the masalas whatever I've added here I've added less and just make sure marinate the chicken well and let this chicken sit in the marination for at least 2-3 hours so that the juices will go in and the chicken will be nice and soft other technique what I always do is you know I always put the chicken whole chicken in brine water I take some salt water I soak the chicken overnight then the chicken will be tasty till inside the same thing I'm going to do with all the pieces put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours I have put the chicken in the refrigerator but what about this extra masala so I'm going to make another mixture the chilli powder this time I am going to add some chat masala also again some cumin seed powder some coriander powder and a little bit of garam masala powder also in this add kasoori methi little more of salt in this if required in this squeeze in some lemon juice add some oil this we're going to use once the chicken is half cooked on the tawa and we're going to mix this with little of that yogurt that will be left over from the chicken so after a couple of hours they're going to do this recipe after marinating the chicken well this is all done the reason why I did not add the whole masalas is the chicken will get slightly black color so here use a tava like this something if you have the oil in the center and we're going to take the chicken pieces and we go in to do the tower frying what are the biggest piece the chicken leg piece so take them put in oil like this leave the chicken pieces now another chicken leg piece like this so now the oil will get start getting a little bit colder each piece has to like this let this chicken cook well on both sides after which we're going to use a brush to marinate this and give a nice red color you know whatever the little bit of marinade that is left here just the yogurt one mix it in this and then you know we're going to use this for basting the chicken every two minutes change the directions of the chicken like this with the medium heat with a spoon take the oil put it on the outsides the oil is poured on the outside he'll get cook relevant and another thing you can do is you can also cover it with a big lid if you have too much of moisture is also not good if you put the cover with the lid all the water will form and all the juices will also come off so first cook this on a medium flame for around ten minutes like this on both sides the whole idea of less marination is because your chicken you don't want it to get stuck at the bottom piece by piece we're going to turn them on the other side very carefully but look at them they are still that coating is in the oil is perfectly done all of them beautiful on this side because they are nicely cooked we're going to take this oil and the masala and them up like this masala will stick with the chicken when this is fully done chicken is nicely cooked this time do not put it on the oil you know away from the oil otherwise this marination whatever we put will slide-offs why I take little effort and sure the recipes little more time is I don't want you to miss out on this simple thing see look at this now the chicken pieces are going away from the oil with that marinade the same thing I'm going to do again with this marinade apply well onto the chicken so the chicken will be very tasty when you take a bite of this chicken it will come out super tasty so spread this well onto the chicken pieces we have marinated the chicken on the other side also on the lower flame we're going to cook it well on both sides and do not put the oil on top now just away from the oil if you want to put the oil just put it on the outside with this we're going to enjoy awesome egg culture for this egg burrata you know just take the egg slicer and then slice the eggs and then we're going to use this for making our paratha for making this you can take any bread dough Easter dough or even the cool shadow whatever you want even any of the paratha those you can do but I made the dough very very soft so I have to add extra all-purpose flour and then I'm going to roll it into a thin sheet because we're going to make two sheets and we're going to stuff the eggs inside and then we're going to cut them because this is all purpose flour maida I'm just going to make this thin like this and just let it rest for you know one minute and then I'm going to roll it into a nice thin rectangular sheet and then I'm going to show you how to make this perfect egg culture for making these Paradas so I'm just going to use a cutter what I have I'll just mark them one two and three now I'm going to take the egg slices arrange them mark this portion also do not exceed more than this so all the Piratas will be perfectly squares make sure that the eggs sit in this squares with the egg pepper is really good do not add too much still very little pepper powder some jeera powder and also you know chat masala or salt very little since we are going to seal them on the edges apply little bit of water this will seal the edges and your egg will remain intact inside done others sheet on top of them seal the edges like this anyway you have the cutter here which is already marked well here I've got the center I've got these egg cultures ready we're going to fry them on the same table where we are doing our table Thundra chicken we're going to fry the egg Piratas so just I moved away the chicken separately so the tawa is very very hot move the Parador let it fry good again one more piece here you know we're going to let the parathas cook in this oil cook them till they have nice color once you fry it on the other side turn it to the other side also and cook till they are nice and well frightened then you have this sizzling ah Wow the chicken the shine with this melting butter here beautiful tandoori chicken is ready each chicken piece is perfectly cooked and you don't have to have the fear but look at the shine the chicken everything pull the meat off and this is perfectly good mmm the meat from the chicken leg easily coming off and perfect and juicy and this egg paratha is also perfectly cooked and inside is nice egg look at them and the outside is nicely cooked the eggs falling out of here and nice and the egg culture just amazing tava thundery chicken so dear friends when it comes to tandoori chicken or whether is from the tumbler or from the oven I am telling you you got to have a good company and this is my best egg culture and inside nice aroma make it keep cooking and keep saying whatever because every bite is heavenly and when it is done it's time for boom ba-ba-boom ba-ba first awesome boomba amazing boomba water Boombah Boombah disease


Jay Mandal · July 30, 2019 at 3:41 pm

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I am south indian. But I love this type of food. Mmmm mouth watering. Thank you so much for super dish.

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Beautiful tandoori chicken.

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Looks amazing yummy 🤪🤪😋😋🍻👍👍

Entertainment Hub · July 30, 2019 at 3:41 pm

the small details are really helpful… i tried tandoori free times but failed exactly due to these details. However, I feel that today's dish that you made is not so tasty, the magic was missing and you might have felt the same too..

Human Being · July 30, 2019 at 3:41 pm

This is something awesome 👍👍

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Keep this video away from Animal lovers…. perfectly disected… always very interesting video getting all details ..right from chicken postmartem….

Dr. Avra Bhattacharya · July 30, 2019 at 3:41 pm

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Well explained, motivating .God bless you

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