Green Technology is the Future of Transport

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in the busy 21st century getting from A to B in the safest and most efficient way is becoming increasingly important however with ever depleting non-renewable sources such as oil a number of companies are looking into more sustainable methods of transportation one such example is hydrogen-powered fuel cells hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table but it's certainly the catalyst for powerful change in the tech industry as an alternative to battery powered vehicles the electricity is generated by combining hydrogen with the outside air which then creates a chemical reaction producing electricity and two giants of the motor industry have already adopted the technology the revolutionary Toyota Mirai is the world's first mass-produced fuel cell saloon vehicle powered by the Toyota fuel cell system Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota tested its hydrogen powered Mirai in the United Arab Emirates the region's hot and arid landscape allowed the company to measure the effectiveness of the hydrogen fuel cell technology however it's not a solo venture the company will be partnering with UAE based green energy companies as well as utility providers to get a realistic grasp of the logistics of implementation and they're not the only company worried about reducing their carbon footprint Highlander is committed to improving the environmental impact of our vehicles the car from hi and I was the world's first production model hydrogen fuel cell vehicle the company boasts world-leading zero emissions technology and they believe the innovation takes a giant but viable step towards an alternative to the internal combustion engine and I and I have even promised the smoothest ride ever I certify field so gives you no compromising performance so comparable with conventional diesel or petrol technology so far in advance a current in Vitek and the 100 kilowatt fuel cell stack and 24 kilowatt battery can also reach a top speed of a hundred miles an hour however it isn't just on the roads where the future of green travel has been implemented there have also been some significant developments in aviation last year the Solar Impulse completed an impressive round-the-world trip using solar energy the plane traveled over 40,000 kilometers visiting the UAE China India Japan USA Spain and Egypt all without using a single drop of fossil fuel in March 2017 the European Union announced it will partner with the team that made the first solar-powered flight and the collaboration hopes to come up with a thousand energy-efficient solutions by the end of 2018 however surprisingly is not just claims that are flying with roads around the world getting busier by the day some companies are working on innovative solutions to help people beat the traffic recently it was announced that Dubai had carried out test runs of a one-person electric flying car named the e hang 184 the machine was successfully flown across the city the company claims passengers don't even need a pilot's license as the automated vehicle is operated by the press of a button the vehicle takes off vertically gliding through the air as it transports passengers from point A to B they're not the only company pioneering this new technology at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show Airbus unveiled their pop-up flying car concepts and the modular air and ground passenger vehicle consists of three main components a carbon fiber passenger capsule battery-powered ground module and an air module electrically propelled by eight counter-rotating rotors general manager at Airbus urban mobility mateus Thompson is excited about what it means for the future of travel I think will be incredible you're in your capsule you don't have to go in and out it's integrated it's being lit it'll be the most plentiful way of getting around town getting to the airport I think there will be you rotisserie nice passengers will be able to plan their journey and book a flight using a simple app the system then suggests the best mode of transport according to trip specifics and passenger preferences and again no pilot's license is required it's operated by a platform we're thinking request why your app or other devices we have wearable technology which identifies you when you get in you have a quick display that tells you what's going on you can access your your own content you can enjoy your space and take back time while you babble when the ride is over the air and ground modules and capsule autonomously return to dedicated recharge stations to wait for new customers while it's likely to be many years before most of these modes of transport are commonplace it's certainly exciting to think about how we'll be getting around the planet in the future


Umberto Fournier · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am


luxaeternae · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am

incorrect. full electric car is the greenest car. fuelcell we go the way of the gasoline car. history.

Hidden Emperor · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am

It's retarded tech. Having batteries from solar on batteries are much greener.

Divergent Evolution · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am

Humanity has no future as long as capitalism controls society. "Green" options are only available now because there is money in i,t, not because any of these parasites known as companies give a shit about you or the environment.

Capitalists will soon be known as collaborators and dealt with accordingly.

Social Monkey · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am

Why don't we talk about all the inventors murdered in order to monopolize on this technology? I love how the flying car "recognizes" you when you upon sitting in it. Orwellian wet dream. Take your flying cars and your Communist politics and shove it up your ass. This technology has been around for decades but the Communists need an excuse to harness power, and fabricate an environmental crisis and the rest of it. Get stuffed.

Arthie · July 31, 2019 at 9:57 am

Hydrogen is not a green energy source!
Just don't forget to create hydrogen u need hydrocarbons (natural gas) which do emit a lot of nasty stuff like diesel and petrol. U can also use electricity + water (electrolysis) to create hydrogen and have no emissions if it comes from green energy but this is very inefficient compared to storing energy in batteries.

edit: hydrogen itself has no emmission but to create hydrogen u will have lots of emissions. oh and hydrogen is still better then petrol / diesel but its not a green energy source if it was not produced with green energy. Just like electricity from a coalplant is not green but when it comes from solar wind it is green.

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