GREECE TRAVEL VLOG! What I ate, wore, and did in Mykonos!

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hello everyone welcome to the Greece vlog I don't even know what to say if I'm Donna where am i dynamos he just well we didn't just get to our hotel actually we had to kill like three hours we were just like lounging around like the beach that's here and we got lunch but we're gonna go actually like for real with bathing suits cuz we didn't have for like and just before head down to the beach enjoy the water take some photos and just like relax for today today's just our relaxing day we're in Athens right now but tomorrow we're leaving for Mykonos so we only have like one day in Athens and we just decided like we're so tired just to like chill at the beach here which is right down there so we're gonna go down there in a split second I just wanted to like film an intro to this vlog oh my he goes alright so we just got into the town we've literally just got here so we're gonna like walk around and see everything like I definitely have to get all these little alleyways are so adorable everything is so pretty here everything is so adorable I don't really know what we're doing we don't really have a mission yet we're just gonna kind of walk or yeah we're disagreeing just kinda like walking around there's a God hi guys oh I am out I'm on a cliff I couldn't die basically we're having an impromptu photo shoot I'm feeling this in my phone because my blog cameras all the way inside so we ended up coming back here we took the map I took a little map so we're gonna go to dinner there's like a restaurant on the beach that they told us about it is over there somewhere I'm one of those buildings I can't even see the Sun is so bright so let me tell you this little story time it's gonna be the most boring story time but the hotel we're on is on a mountain gosh we're in Greece I don't know what I expected but it's it's on a mountain and you have to literally climb down the mountain and there aren't any handrails or anything in the wise health sandals that I have on first of all problems are extremely like smooth and slippery on the bottom so I have to climb down the mountain barefoot so yeah we oh my gosh the wind is so bad I just realized you probably can't hear me this might need subtitles but yeah look at this beautiful view while we're walking to dinner it's right down there okay here's my dinner it's really loud but of course I got they'll only think I'm the menu with truffle like the second something has truffle I have to get it and it looks so good okay I just got back from dinner I actually came back quickly by myself my parents are still there cuz I had to use the bathroom and I'm scared of public restrooms we are just gonna go to bed it's pretty late it's actually not that late at all we're just really tired kids are still kind of like jet-lagged even though I took a nap like an hour ago but that's not see I'm gonna go to bed I'll see you guys in the morning good morning right now we are in Nommos village I already see a bunch of stores I'm really excited about especially that one he's my little OCD look how cute this little thing is better that's the bathroom like this is the cutest bathroom I've ever seen in my entire life but this is the little mall there's a little Louie Vuitton right there or a berry right there there's an errand there's a Dior somewhere which is what I am here for okay so now we're back at the hotel I've changed a little bit we're gonna go down to the beach we shopped it in almost village as you saw and then we ate and then now we're back and we're just gonna like chill out at the beach because we haven't even been in the water yet so we're gonna go do that okay we're down at the beach now I ordered an iced coffee look at the cat oh my gosh what okay so I'm sitting on this little rock hi guys but storytime youtuber in me I get note that I may die and I vlog it ma so this might be my last vlog make sure to subscribe I don't know more contents coming soon but just in case so basically ice at that last shot that you saw where I was sitting on that rock I sat on a sea urchin that are poisonous and which could possibly cause death the one that I sat on looks dead so we're not sure if like you can still get sick from sitting on a dead woman like I have no idea my parents don't even care they're talking about our boat trip tomorrow I was like sitting on the rock and I got scared cuz I heard like a bird noise and I just want to make sure I wasn't sitting on anything because I saw there were like spiders and crabs on the rock and I'm not really scared of like bugs or animals or anything so it's like oh let me just make sure I'm not sitting on anything so they looked out and there's a whole freaking sea urchin but it was like dead you know like it was kind of like dry and like some of the clothes had come out so I was like I don't I haven't really met pain tolerance so I normally don't feel stuff so I was like I don't know if I sat on it or not so I scoot over and then I continued to take Instagram pictures and then I came back and oh my going big guy found on the sea urchin so see what happens I guess that makes this vlog just more exciting you know good morning everyone day number what they day number I thought was day number four yeah who knows today we our plans have been like changing like crazy so basically today what we're doing is we are going back to Mykonos town we're gonna like hang out there there's a lot that we didn't see yet like we walked around like some main streets but they were trying to stuff we didn't see so we're gonna walk around there we're gonna get lunch we did already breakfast we're just gonna like enjoy the town wear suit we didn't see go to more shops and then five we have a boat Delos which I'm really excited about because that's like one of the main things I've been waiting to see we originally booked a boat tour to go there today but they ended up canceling I have no idea why so we're just taking like the main ferry to go to Delos and yes that's what we're gonna do today my dad there's my OOTD the maid just watched me film [Applause] hi guys so right now we just finished eating we're waiting for our boat to demos there's a lot of pigeons here and I was performing some classic spongebob tunes for them and I got really embarrassed it's like a whole people are fine really laughing at me also lots of snacks I also found let me show you this so when I was in Fiji shout-out to my friend Haley she's Turkish she's foreign but she had this amazing tanning oil that they don't sell in the US and I found it here I can't like read anything on the bottle because I'm not even sure what language this is I'm pretty sure it's a Greek or Turkish maybe I don't know but yeah this is the same thing she had so I like freaked out and I bought it because I was so nice and I wanted it so bad and they don't sell in America so I got it here so if you live in Europe or just wherever they sell is really highly recommend getting it and also thank you to Haley you're just kind of walking around he's like cool pads not really sure where we're going but there are some like arrows I guess we're following those ones going towards the theater but there's these like really cool marble pillars I'm like oh my gosh these would be so cool for our house we're going up to my buddy oh okay I think we're going in here wait it's roped off oh no okay no we're going up here to these pillars you'll get in there we don't want to get in there my gosh I'm totally taking a picture in here what cool this is oh my gosh so we just found this really cool Museum hi good morning I'm out tanning show you my nice little view hey I actually kind of tan in this shot look at that – I've got my um my hey l-'ihsani we're gonna try this sandwich okay so we are back in Mykonos town and we're in a little different area than where we were before well actually not really we just took a different Road okay right now we are at pasta fresco which is a very popular place really highly requested for us to go here it's Italian food just picks up the whole menu yeah I'm really craving like fish because I normally see food when I'm on like a hot summer evasion you know obsession when you're by the water and I haven't had any this is like kind of craving fish then you just turn it in oh wait this is so much food hi like editing photos we ordered room service we didn't even like go out to eat anywhere we've just been like really relaxing and like enjoying not doing anything which is great for me but sadly not interesting for you guys I wish I had more content for today but I actually did nothing like today it was like our main beach day where we just like laid out and like ain't on the beach and we were out the beach for like multiple hours and then I got so crowded and there like so many like you know screaming yelling annoying little kids sweet ones go to the pool so it was more private we went to the pool for another few amount of hours I took a nap and then we came up here and we literally just been chilling in the room since then and I've been doin anything else but yeah anyways that's it that's all the news for today until I have for you guys I'm gonna go to bed good morning everyone today is sadly our last day mikonos we're just kind of ordering coffees right now and we're gonna go and get some food at a different place later I forgot to film it and I already basically I'm drinking it my parents hi this is our little view so I just bought some beauty products because I forgot to bring a face mask with me and I really needed one sorry about the wind I also bought there was like a store from a Greek like a local Greek designer they'd really post up so I got something but of course me being the short petite little me that I am it was too big but thankfully they tailor at the stores we have to go back in an hour I know so because they're tailoring it for me so it's really cute I'll show you guys that later but we're right here by the water this is the new port we're at the old port which is over there before and now we're all the way over here change of scenery back at the hotel I'm eating like this little chocolate thingy that I actually bought yesterday this is our room by the way I just got an in-room massage which was so nice I saw they were doing it at the beach and then apparently the guy told us that we can get them in our room so I just got one obviously in film it yeah just to let you know that's what went down right now I just already said I'm eating this chocolate thingy I did do a little bit of shopping basically I needed to get more skincare I ended up getting this face cleanser and then I also got a face mask because I wanted to get like another nice hydrating face mask because my skin is so dry when I travel and then I end up going to this store which is a like a local Greek designer and they had the cutest stuff I'll show you guys eventually I don't want to show it now because I want to wear it to like a special event or like maybe even Fashion Week so I don't want to like spoil the look but I basically got a pair of pants and a matching top it's not like a matching set but they do go together but yes so now I'm just kind of like my face is red from the little what's it called the thing you lay down on when they massage you yeah good morning everyone we actually this looks kind of normal but we're in a totally different place now we're actually and back in Athens we have to sell out tomorrow morning so we're actually staying at the same hotel I was in like the first day I don't know if you guys remember this view I took photos or I hate the hair we just ate breakfast and it's so pretty early we have a room yeah we're just gonna like hang out for a while Amanda's going and they have like an indoor spot like saunas and stuff if there's a baby crab or is that a big spider I can't tell okay but I'm updated on life basically get that nice background so yeah we decided we're just gonna stay here there's a nice spot here I just want to go out and see town but it's like already kind of late and we would have had to like get a car to go there and now we're all wet from the oceans for like we would have had to get ready and go there and then blah blah blah it would have just like been too much so we're just gonna stay here because it's already almost like four o'clock but yeah then we're gonna go to our room I'm gonna fly out tomorrow we're just gonna I guess enjoy the Sun I'm still extremely pale I know the settings on my camera may not be able to tell but it's really pale my gel nails are growing out I'm having New York City withdrawals very sad but yeah so yeah I'm just gonna vlog the rest of the day that looks good I'm trying to think my brains not working I think I'm gonna end my vlog here because the rest of the day I'm gonna be doing like the same thing I get uncomfortable and people catch me vlogging but um yeah so I think I'm just gonna do my outro here because I don't want to bore you guys so yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this grease blog as much as you probably did not enjoy it has a bunch of crimes aren't being here but grace is very fun make sure to subscribe to my channel I post what do I post this is normally two videos a week right now I'm posting one video a week make sure to subscribe to the channel also make sure to follow me on Instagram and social media all of the amazing pictures I've been taking in Greece are probably already up or are still going up and yeah that's it I again I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I love you so so much and I will see you in my next video


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