Great Barrier Reef | Scuba Dive | Helicopter Ride | Snorkel | Cruise | Cairns, Australia 2019

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Welcome back to another video of mine guys!!!
I’m really really excited today as I’m finally going to the Great Barrier Reef!!
I’ve been looking forward to today for years and years!!! The cruise company that will take me to the
reefs today is called Downunder cruise and dive, as they have a state of the art vessel
and offers a full day experience at 2 outer reef locations with the option of doing snorkelling,
scuba diving, helicopter riding and many more! The cruise left Cairns at 8:15, the trip to
our first exclusive outer Great Barrier Reef mooring location takes 2 hours. This vessel is the most stylish and luxurious
reef vessel available in Cairns. You can choose from an abundance of seating inside air-conditioned,
modern lounges or outside on full-length sundecks for sunbathing. So it’s time to sit back,
relax and enjoy the sunshine. So we now have arrived at our first reef location.
I believe it’s called Norman Reef. Located on the outer edge of the reef, about 60km
north east of Cairns, Norman Reef is blessed with clear water and a wonderful range of
marine life. I decided to do some snorkelling first. I
apologise in advance tho, it’s my first time filming underwater and I’m not a good
swimmer so some footage may look quite unstable. Anyways As snorkelling is included for everyone
onboard, it is the cheapest way to spot diverse marine wildlife below, coral gardens and much
more. This is the state-of-the-art vessel that I’m
on. What a beauty! The feeling of swimming along with the fish
omg, it’s incredible!! I’ll definitely do more snorkelling in the future!! These scuba divers are just below me, they’re
like mermaids and mermen!! I’ll do some scuba diving later too!! Hahah my voice was funny aye!! After the delicious seafood lunch and a 25-minute
cruise, we arrived at our 2nd reef location, it’s called Arlington Reef. Arlington Reef is one of the largest and healthiest
reef systems in the Great Barrier Reef having been untouched for 20 years. Arlington Reef is a very shallow reef that
remains submerged even at low tide, which aids strong coral growth and also means that
the reef is bathed in light at both high and low tide. It’s a perfect location for a
helicopter ride. It’s finally time for the scenic heli ride,
it’s my first time being on a heli, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a
long time!! Finally a dream come true. Btw, here’s a brief intro of what the Great
Barrier Reef is. The Great Barrier Reef consists of 900 tiny islands off the coast of Queensland
in northeast Australia and measures 2,300 kilometres long. It’s one of the most visited
destinations in the country and worth every minute. The reef is filled with over a million
different types of coral, thousands of fish species, as well as being the home to many
turtles, dolphins and sharks. It’s even seen from space! With thousands visiting each
year, The Great Barrier Reef is full of tours ready to take you out on the water to experience
one of the greatest places on earth. The 10-minute helicopter ride above the water
was breathtaking. Now let’s get under the water, and hopefully I’ll get another breathtaking
view from the bottom of the ocean So that’s pretty much it about today, the
scuba diving lasts about 20 minutes under the water, I gained more confidence and will
do it again in the future when I have chance. A complimentary tea, coffee, fruit and cheese
platter were served on the return journey back to Cairns. It was truly an amazing day,
I’m sure it’ll be in my memory for a long time. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the video too.
Tomorrow I’ll be going to Daintree, the oldest rainforest on the planet!! So please
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Peace out!

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