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what is up guys I am back from vacation I had a great time I will go into all of that for you guys and weigh in shortly so you can see what my post vacation weight in weigh-in is and like how I ate and all of that all be discussing all of that I'm back from vacation but I'm not officially like back to work yet I'm still off of social media for the most part I gave myself one much-needed day to re-acclimate to my life unpack cleaned out my fridge but I will show you guys even though I'm not back on Instagram yet I'm gonna show you guys what I'm going to do to get back I am putting myself on a plan I've been talking about that so I'm gonna be tracking my macros again definitely going to be tracking my macros and more structured fitness plan so definitely more details on that so if you are not subscribed to my channel make sure you subscribe gonna document everything I am going to document how I did on vacation in terms of weight gain and how long it takes me to get back but yeah so I'm gonna take you along with me today I'm gonna do some shopping cleaning on my fridge all that fun stuff so let's get this going get this week started look at how sad my fridge looks guys I mean this is like depressing but not for long because I am off to all my stores get my stuff cuz you know you got to be prepared for a successful week that's the way to stay successful so we'll see we'll see what happens with my fridge today I didn't even have an espresso at home that's how out of everything I am so I am on a venti americano black yeah cuz I'm gonna fast for a really long time today I don't even know how long I'm in a fast but I'm not even hungry I'm so stuffed from everything I ate yesterday let's just say I went out with a bang on this vacation mentality but I'm right back to it today so you me and my coffee are ready to get going well guys we're a home sweet home but this is like a tradition for us on the last day a vacation after we get home we get our favorite strawberry Bowl II probably has one thousand million carbs in it but that's the way we roll post vacation so good by the way look at this close-up lock the protein lots of good at whole healthy foods gotta go to target though because I have to have my down into good yogurt and of course they don't have that I trader does so now I am off to alright guys I am back from I want to Trader Joe's I went to Target so let's take a look at my fridge it looks much better now than it did just a little bit ago so let's see what's inside looks so much better right a couple of things I got these jicama sticks at Trader Joe's and these are really good with the chili lime seasoning from Trader Joe's with some lemon it's a bit snack I also got some pickles I love to have like low calorie crunchy snacks when I am hungry but I don't want to eat to eat a lot of calories lots of protein so we've got some fillet some ground beef salmon at which we will have tonight I went to Target to load up on my Gannon two good yogurts I have lots of them cuz I eat one of these everyday I like this also as a low calorie snack usually I'll put like a dairy-free whipped cream which I picked one of those up let's see what else portobello mushrooms for burgers so we'll use that as a but instead of fun my husband likes cheese for his eggs in the morning these I didn't get now they're from Costco actually as you can see it's looking much better up in here so it's time to be successful guys so here I am I am holding so much water today yesterday we finished off with the Stromboli which always just makes me so swollen and until abs are non-existent I'm gonna weigh in right here so one 27.2 let me make a prediction right now I predict I'm going to step on the scale after the trip and I will document everything for you I will predict that I will gain about five pounds of water and probably about two pounds of actual pounds just from me margaritas and chips and guac my favorite thing so I'll probably about 127 pounds that's my prediction and 127 point to not panicking in any way shape or form that is water weight for the most part I'll weigh and again tomorrow morning which would be Tuesday morning and we'll see how much little water I lose by then okay try away what is up guys so it's now Tuesday as you can see I did lose a little bit more water today and I expect that to be steadily declining all week long I think that after about five days is when I will figure out the actual amount of weight that I gained but I think that my original prediction was pretty on point if you remember what that was and I probably have about maybe two or three pounds to lose so I have put myself back on one of my custom keto plans I'm tracking macros again so I've got that here and the high protein I'm really going I'm still a still sticking with pretty high protein like 60% I'm on day 2 and I tested my ketones for the first time today after vacation and I have a gki of 4.1 and my ketones are 1.0 blood sugar 74 yeah I'm starting to feel good men are just coming back definitely feel like I'm in ketosis so I feel good I'm on vacation I wanted to touch it a little bit on that how I eat in vacation I just kind of made it intuitively I stayed very active I either worked out and walked on the beach we did a lot of walking I didn't go crazy on the vacation I kind of kept it on my my volume under control but I had chips and guac normally I had tortillas I had plenty of alcohol until the last day when I flew home on Sunday that whole entire day I kind of literally went off the chains and just ate whatever I wanted and just you know had fun I finished off the day with my favorite meal of Stromboli and I I had a candy bar I had chips I had everything under the Sun and a lot of it in one day so if there was any time that I went out of control it was definitely the last day but I had no problem returning back to my good old fashioned keto eating on Monday so that's a good thing I didn't have any issues didn't have any residual cravings or even excess hunger I actually wasn't even really very hungry yesterday because I had so much so many calories in me I was able to fast 20 hours without an issue and then just kind of ate on plans so um yeah so it wasn't it was very enjoyable I would definitely do that again I have zero regrets a little bit of weight to lose but that's okay I'm back on plan and I know within a couple of weeks I'll be right back to where I was I'm already feeling much better less swollen so I'm still in the process of kind of losing that water weight I can still feel it um but yeah so you know that's the way it goes vacation is only once in a while and I don't always want to feel like I have to follow something all the time that's my regular you know day-to-day life and so now I'm back on track I'm backtracking I'm bout back with some structure and I will be back to my premium way in no time and then I'm gonna reevaluate things and put myself on a new plan that has some some new specific goals in mind but for now it's operation get back to pre vacay and so let's see how long that takes me I will definitely keep you guys in the loop with future videos so if you are not subscribed to my channel make sure you subscribe just hit that subscribe button comment below if there's any questions you have for me happy to answer any of those but again thanks so much for watching my channel and

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Ilaria Carcascio · July 31, 2019 at 8:30 am

Jeanine, you really keep me very motivated. Watching your videos makes me feel like I’m doing right and I can’t wait to watch your updates! Thank you!

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