Gear Check – What Am I Taking on a Week Long Overland Trip?

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I'm leaving in about 15 hours to go on a week-long overland camping trip and I've got all the gear laid out that I'm taking with me that I'm going to show you in this video just hope I'm not forgetting anything welcome to trail recon I'm Brad and wow there is a lot going on but today I've been spending the last couple hours going through all the gear that I'm going to be taking with me on this week-long trip that we're gonna be doing across the desert and all the way up to Flagstaff Arizona to end up at Overland Expo West this is gonna be a great trip we're going with some great people it's gonna be a lot of fun but my gear camping gear and recovery gear and tools and everything has actually changed quite a bit over the last year and a half because about a year and a half ago I did a similar video like this and this morning I was watching it over coffee and I'm like wow there's a lot of stuff that I don't even take with me anymore and I have changed out a few things why not this morning while I'm going through my gear share with you what I'm taking with me now and specially now that I have this new rear storage system I've kind of had to figure out how to kind of repack my Jeep again so what I'm gonna do in this video guys is I'm gonna show you all the gear I'm taking with me now we're going to talk about food we're gonna talk about a whole bunch of stuff and then I'll show you what I'm packing in that rear storage system now I am a little short on time so this is gonna be kind of a cut and dry video we're not gonna do a whole lot of b-roll and edits here we're just gonna do it kind of raw I'm gonna put the camera on a gimbal and we're gonna walk around and I'll show you what I got let's do this alright we'll talk about everything that's in the rear storage system and my frigerator here last but first let's just go ahead and go through everything that is on the table now some of this stuff you'd be like yeah I carry it but some people may find some of this interesting maybe you don't carry some of this stuff with you so we'll just start from the right here and work our way back so I've got paper towels toilet paper got an axe this is just a little axe for cutting wood and at the bottom of this and I can't do it one-handed there's actually a knife that's inside there so it's a nice little nice little tool I think this is a gerber axe I got a shovel because sometimes you got to dig holes for when you need to have paper I've got some ziplock bags and I do not have enough Ziploc bags I need to get some more of those I've got some hand warmers and I'll be meeting these in Flagstaff because the Lowe's in Flagstaff are supposed to be about 34 degrees at night so I will probably be using these in Flagstaff but when we go through the deserts tomorrow the high is supposed to be 97 which means it's gonna be pretty warm in the rooftop tent so I'll be using this USB fan and I've been using this for a while I love this little battery-powered fan it works great it lasts for several hours but you can make it last even longer if you hook it up to this little this is a lantern that Casey makes they gave this to me full disclosure there but I love this little thing because it has a little USB output and so there's a big old battery in here so you can run this fan off this battery all night long and the battery in this thing just for the light lasts forever I mean these this light I think I've used it like multiple nights let it run just all night long and I've never killed the battery on one of these things on a trip so I haven't a couple days I actually have about three of these these are really great okay back over here so I've got some microfiber towels and these are just for drying dishes cleaning up stuff some wet ones and then some disinfectant wipes and I keep the disinfectant wipes so I can clean the table I've got a poncho we don't expect any rain this trip but it's always good to have one of those I do bring a rain jacket as well I've got some black gloves here and then in the back obviously you guys know I am a coffee holic and the folks over at black rifle coffee company know that I love coffee and so they sent me some of their organic coffee and this trip I'm not going to be percolating coffee I'm actually going to be those are full beans and there they sent me a little grinder and put the coffee here in the top and it comes out the bottom of this little handle you just turn it not this thing it's got a lot of weight so it's very heavy but I like how compact it is so you kind of just manually grind to the coffee and then here is a coffee cup but it's a coffee press so you put those coffee grounds inside put your hot water in there press it down and then you can drink out of it I'm really excited to test this out I think it's going to be such better tasting coffee than I had in the this little guy here is a little tokes and dropping the lid it's a tokes titanium cup and I've had this you know for my hiking days it's super light it doesn't weigh anything it's got a long handle on there you can you know just cooking like like noodles or if you want to just boil water it's a great little thing to do if you don't want to use the big pots and pans and so I always carry that with me alright what else we got down here I've got this little I don't know quantum light it was something cheap that Marco I picked up for us it's a nice little light because it makes it so you can hold it with a hand in your hand like that if you're like looking for something in a shelf or whatever in a drawer makes it easy to find what you're looking for very bright probably not showing up the camera this little guy right here is a little fire stoker and I can't open this up but this this thing expands all the way up it's like a big long super straw so if you're trying to light a fire you just blow in it and it allows you to pinpoint air into the fire to get it going it works great it's an awesome little tool in the back here I've got a couple of head lamps head lamps you can never have enough I have two if my sons come on we usually bring a couple more always using the head lamps we've got some propane I've got two full propane I think that's more than enough that I'll need for this week-long trip for my Coleman stove and again I am Coleman stove guy I like my Coleman stove I know folks like Marco and everybody else loves this Caudill and I think the scott'll is a great tool I'm just I don't know it's just old habit I guess I like using the Coleman stove we'll talk about pots and pans here in a second I have a bag here and this is separate from my toiletry bag I just keep sunblock bug spray and motrin because of those things you seem to be grabbing all the time I've got a little thing a dish soap here I just filled a small bottle with this soap and get some hand sanitizer I've got some double-a and triple-a batteries because you can never have enough batteries out on the trail here where that bird is just singing away any here I've got two lighters one lighter is not enough because you literally end up losing one or you can't find it so I have two lighters and then this is a bug net and I've only ever needed this once but I was so thankful I had this this basically is just like we're in a hat but it's a big bug net shield it's really great again we're not doing any b-roll guys I would love to show you that but it's a great little little thing to have its head net is who makes this no no affiliation but it's a cool little thing I have a can opener and the interesting thing is most cans nowadays just have those pop open you know tops on them but I still feel the need to carry this I probably don't need this I don't even know if I've ever used this hmm yeah I'm still taking it with me okay down here I have some collapsible bowls and I love these little bowls they're perfect these are like a silicone bowl and the great thing is they're easy to clean and they just collapse and then they store away super easy so I have two of those bowls and then this here is a big bucket so for washing dishes and this does the same thing it folds all the way out these things are super cheap no big deal well I take that back the buckets cheap these are from sea2summit and they have a premium on them but you can find these for relatively inexpensive ok next over here is my little this is a GSI outdoor utensil kit and so in here I've got forks and spoons I've got some tongs which come in handy there's a little cutting board back there keep my sponges in there and then in here is a spatula a spoon and the handles on those fold out so they're just nice and compact there's a cheese grater I've never used the cheese grater but there is a cheese grater in there if you want to use that and then there's a knife here in the back which is good for cutting like tomatoes and that kind of stuff okay all right man the gibble is getting a little heavy okay this is my GSI pot set and the lid to this is actually a frying pan and then there are two pots in here that both have lids in them so there's a small pot in a large pot in here and the lids have a strainer on them so if you're gonna make noodles or something like that which I'll be doing on this trip I'm gonna do a little pasta straining that out you just put lit on there tilt it over and you can drain all the water which is pretty solid inside it used to have four little triangular cups that I would drink coffee out of but I'm gonna these fit in here pretty nice there little coffee cups inside the one is the handle for the pots this this expands all the way and again I'm one doing this one-handed here guys but this expands doubles that size and then it attaches right here to the frying pan it also attaches to each one of the pots so this is a great little universal system I like it I use it a lot pretty solid okay what's next alright so here I've got these are two little Blue Ridge Overland bags and you'll see I have a lot of their bags really like their bags they did send these to me for free so again full disclosure I'm not trying to hide anything here guys but in this bag I've got spices garlic salt salt and pepper there's some olive oil that kind of stuff just to kind of keep all that organized for when I'm cooking I'm not cooking like Marco but I'm gonna be cooking I'm gonna probably put some of the smaller stuff over there in this other bag and then I've got we'll jump over here to a little bit of camera gear this isn't applied to everybody most people don't take a bunch of camera gear like this but we'll just talk through it because some people are interested in it now in here is my lavalier mic which I'm actually using right now so it's not in there but I always bring spare batteries here I take the laptop I have a hard drive a bunch of charging cables you know cuz when you're out camping that's exactly what you want to have is your laptop with you know the truth is guys when I'm out filming I gotta back up my stuff because if I don't back it up by the time I get home after a week-long trip we'll end up losing media or whatever so I always bring my computer with me and backup everything on a hard drive this is my camera bag I've had this camera bag for a long time and in here I've got a lot of stuff that I don't normally use but I just bring it with me out of habit just in case I ever do need it I mean just the camera here so I do have to go pros in here this one is the one that's usually mounted inside the vehicle and I've upgraded to the GoPro Hero 7 and then what I like about the 7s is they finally improve the audio the the 5 and the 6 have terrible audio and I could never get the audio to work with those plus these have image stabilization which is nice so I have that one there I have this one here which is kind of a vlogging style camera or whatever it's got a little tripod on the bottom a little boom microphone it's nice I don't use that often I usually use what I'm holding right now I have a couple extra boom microphones if I'm doing something where I'm gonna be standing far away from the camera this is nice to have and I do have an extra camera because I have been out filming before and the camera died on me and so having an extra camera is nice I have extra batteries and then there's a couple random lenses in here and blah blah blah for the guys that don't care about filming I don't want to bore you with that there's a tripod there as well okay this is a week's worth of just the camera I told you we're doing one take guys I would edited that out this is a full week's worth of clothes toiletries everything I need all in one duffle bag I do pack I mean I got clothes for every day I'm changing underwear every day but I do pack pretty light what I like about this duffle bag though is really nice is this side pocket opens up and it's it's own enclosed compartment so when I get dirty clothes I just take them and stuff them in here and so by the end of the week this will be half filled compartment with dirty clothes that way you know using trash bags or whatever it works out really well for me pretty happy with that okay that's it for what's on the table let's talk about what's on the floor okay here we've got mykelti chair we come on closer Kelty chair and Kelty table and i've been using these for a long time and you've probably seen them in many videos still using them and still love them they're compact super compact super light I mean if you're a hiker you could use one of these they're really nice very happy with those this is see I didn't open this let me open this real quickly guys it's kind of like doing a live video but not I mean that's kind of how I'm feeling right now you're stared at the floor like what is this guy doing what a knucklehead okay and down here is the micro start battery jump starter and so I've used this thing I didn't get it open all the way I've used this thing for about a year and a half and it's worked well however there has been two times that we've tried to jumpstart the XJ and the XJ battery was completely dead and it didn't work so if you still have a little bit of charge on your battery this works well but my experience is completely dead it didn't work and I was a little disappointed about that but it is great because does have some USB stuff on there and you can charge phones and batteries all that kind of stuff okay that was a wave too much information about that I've got a Blue Ridge Overland trash bag that's gonna hang on the back of the Jeep and just a key thing to talk about guys is if you're running one of these bags put a trash bag inside it because that way you don't get that thing all nasty okay next we've got the gold zero Yeti 400 and this is a the gold zeros power pack that I've been using for a while this thing is a lifesaver as far as being able to charge my camera's charged my phone and to run on my refrigerator when I am staying somewhere for a long time so when I ammo it Overland Expo West and I'm you know at the booth for three days my fridge will be running off of this and hopefully there'll be enough Sun there that I can still get some trickle charge in there but I have used the heck out of this thing this 50 watt solar panel Yeti 400 it's a great combination no affiliation with these guys but it does work great I do have crazy beaver shovel and that will get mounted on the side of the Jeep and that's just you know if we get stuck out in the desert or whatever we can use that I've had this thing for ever and you can see that my Jeep doesn't get stuck very often because I haven't used it much but I do bring it with me from time to time here is just a case for the gimbal which is in my hand right now as we speak and then here is my drone which I might get a chance to this week this is the GoPro karma drone which they don't sell anymore and for very good reason because the DJI drone the pneumatic probe – much much better drone I would love to upgrade but right now I just can't afford it the investment was made into this one so that's what I got okay oh this is good let's talk about water for a second because I don't know if I've talked much about this on camera before so this is the water port and you can buy this on Amazon or at Costco and I got this one at Costco and oh by the way guys most of the stuff that we talked about today is on my Amazon shop which I will leave a link for down below but this is a water port it holds 3.8 gallons of water and it's got a little pump here and you can pressurize this thing so you pressurize this and then you've got a little spray nozzle to wash your hands wash your dishes take a shower if you want to it's got a pretty long hose on it and it works wonderfully now I did break the handle but that was that was hunting me I don't want to talk about how I'd wrote it it was pretty stupid I slammed the door on it but anyway it's pretty solid it's a great little piece of gear it's got some mounting stuff on the back if you wanted to mount it on a trailer hitch or whatever I usually throw this behind the drivers seat on the floor it's perfect it keeps that weight low 3.8 gallons of water is not enough for a week-long trip so I am bringing a rota packs and when we have places where we can stop and replenish water along the way so that's gonna be enough about 6 gallons of water it's gonna be perfect for the first few days of the trip ok that's it for all the gear here let's hop in the back of the Jeep ok so this is my 4 drawer storage system that many of you have been following the channel know we worked hard on my goal when building this and when we talked about the design of it was the bottom drawer here I wanted to put my tools recovery gear air system stuff because I wanted it to be lower I didn't want all that heavy stuff on top but most importantly when you open the tailgate table this isn't stuff that going to be needing to pull in and out while I'm cooking food or preparing food or that kind of stuff and so the idea here was tools and recovery gear camping gear in this drawer dry store foods in this drawer and then the refrigerator and I think this is gonna be working out pretty well I've already started packing this I kind of took stuff in taking it out it's been kind of fun I like packing it's been I don't know I don't know do I like packing I don't know if I like packing but it's been fun trying to figure out where I'm gonna put everything so let's just talk through this here for a minute so this is my Blue Ridge overland tool bag and I did do a full review of this but just in case you missed that video I will leave a link down below but man I've got a lot of stuff in here I got all my Tecton tools lots of parts recovery gear hammers there's plenty of lubricants in here it's a great bag and I love that they're see-through so you got a pretty good idea of what's underneath there but go check out the video if you want to see all that stuff that's in there and this thing is heavy I'm gonna tell you right now super heavy guys there we go that's a better shot of the bag there's like six compartments on there go check out that video I'll show you everything that's in there and then I've got a Tecton this is a 3/8 inch socket set and then down here I've got some extra brake lines because I just for whatever reason I've always been paranoid about brake lines going bad and then here I've got my air hose power tank air gauge everything I need to air up and that goes right up here to my parrot tank of exposures not there okay everything goes connects right there so that's easy access I actually don't even have to remove that because it reaches all the way around but I've got the the hose in here and then there's on the side here is my little tire deflator these are a little coyote to tire to flare span I've had these for a long long time and they work great perfectly okay doing that on the floor and then you can see down here we've got a tow strap I've got some soft shackles big fan soft shackles and then here we go and here I've got just this is just like a plastic ammo can and then I've got some gloves and then down below at the base here and I gonna pull everything out is a bottle Jack I've got a tire repair kit and I've got a ratcheting strap because a ratcheting strap is just one of those things that you may find that you will wish you had when the circumstance arises I always recommend carrying at least one there's a couple bungee cords and stuff in there as well so that's it okay this drawer I did finally do the carpet on the base of the drawer but I haven't put anything in there so hopefully all the camping gear the stove all that stuff should fit pretty nicely in there there may be a few things that are gonna fit but this drawer I mean I don't know if it shows up on camera it's pretty big there's a lot of space in there and then here goes dry foods so this is a week worth of dry foods and it is not even full I've got a ton of space in here I just started throw stuff in here I'm like well maybe I'll just bring this because I got the room so in the back I've got a bunch of soups Chili's I've got some salsa pickles pepperoni do you really want to know all the food but let's do it marinara sauce I've got some bread I'm gonna do a lot of paninis and sandwiches on the trail I've got some tortilla skits for Tia's are great for wraps I've got some garlic paste and some oregano I'm gonna do a little pasta while I'm out there chips crackers a couple snacks and anybody that's been out camping with me knows the bread has always got a bag of chocolate I don't know if I've ever talked about this on camera but usually I'm passing out chocolate when there's a campfire at night I got to have my chocolate I don't know it's just a thing okay and close that all right what do you think about the bamboo face on we did on the fridge man it turned out so so nice okay now a lot of you have asked is that fridge gonna be big enough Brad well this is a week's worth of food wow the exposure is awful I'm so sorry guys but we're gonna have to do this on on one take okay so back down here there we go back down here I've got some stir-fry we've got some little meat that we're gonna use with some teriyaki sauce there's some hamburger patties back there I've got a ton of cheese meats some eggs back there only half a dozen eggs back there mozzarella fresh mozzarella for some of the sandwiches and possible gonna make I've got these raviolis there's some artichoke raviolis and some sausage ravioli some potato sauce potato sauce potato salad got some fruits and vegetables in here some dip and some apples and that kind of stuff perfect and that fridge is already running so that's it I think I'm really happy with this I'm gonna get that other drawer packed and we'll see how it goes and then the other important thing that we're taking with us is the new hard shell rooftop tent so I'll be sleeping that for the first time tomorrow night I'm really excited I got everything I had it open yesterday made sure all my sleeping bag and pillows and stuff everything that I need is stays in there full-time because it's got plenty of space in there so that's it guys I don't know what I'm missing am I missing anything I really hope I'm not forgetting anything but let me know guys this was a little different style video just kind of running through this really quick is this something you want me to do more of because I'm happy to do that when I'm out on the trail here over the next week we're definitely going to be doing a couple camp walk arounds which I'm really excited about and then a ton of filming when we're over that Expo West really excited for this I hope you guys are having a great weekend happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there if you're visiting Trail recon for the first time hit that subscribe button I'd love to have you as a member the trail recon team thanks for watching


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