Galen Leather Traveler's notebooks, a nice alternative to Midori

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hi guys so in this video I'm going to review a kind of travels notebook which is made by Gannon nether got another and from the beginning tell you what I think about this well I liked it for two reasons first reason is I liked the overall presentation presentation the concept that comes with it I found it really nice and the second one is the quality of a lever that you get it's a nice one and finally I'm going to compare it where the regular Midori travelers notebook so let's start with the packaging because it's a nice one it's not a kind of a kind of pocket oh you'll throw away after receiving it it's a heart combo box and it says handmade gallon leather burnished edges hand stitched well-aged and that's nice that's very simple I like the simplicity of that big stamp and that's kind of nice so inside I tried to repackage it the way I received it but I do not do in boxing videos so sorry about this so inside you get a well it's keep the evil eye for later you get a card which talks about the which says things about the lever we know that it's a vegetable Oaktown cow lever okay so that's nice a nice thing to know and then it's local which i think is important to me as well it it was made by zenith i have no idea how to pronounce this i hope it's done well and so Ganon ever is made up of two persons at zenith and a brother and so you know who's mate who's made this so you can actually see thanks in it for doing this one I really enjoy it and so the color is purple and it was made on August 15th 2016 right so you've got a few explanations as how to care and clean take care and clean your leather goods and just to mention this is something about day the oil that you've got between your nose and nostril and that kind of oil can be used on your notebook which is something I had read before as well okay let's pull that apart you also have something called all story and that's kind of nice because you've got a few mistakes grammar mistakes and so stuff and your seats been made by them there so it's NEP and yousuf so Yusef must be the brother then and this started in 2012 so it's a fairly new company right and so you receive something quite original with it which is called the evil eye you receive this little thing which is attached to this and I suppose it's meant to bring you luck I protect you from the evil eye and that's kind of nice and apparently all their notebooks come with it because I have another one just behind and it came with another a one with a different color so it's a nice attention I think alright so as you receive your notebook it comes inside this little cardboard thing that's this gal endeavour and here you've got your notebook so this one and for each notebook you can choose the color you've got plenty of colors to choose on my camera this color comes a bit clearer than what it normally is it looks like fuchsia here that's more of a purple color in my hands actually buts that's because of a light that's coming from the left you can choose your brass element and you can choose to have or not to have the hand stitching on the sides okay and so I chose to put the evil eye so that's wow that should be standing it at the top that's where I put it and the lever is nice it smells nice smells like leather that's just been dyed and that's kind of nice so let's have a look inside so when it arrives you only have the color you do not get the notebooks inside so I put two regular notebooks that would go inside my and travelers notebook my Midori than one that was handmade so as you can see here you've got three notebooks and one is handmade so it's not really via regular size he can actually put a lot more notebooks in this as you can see you've got about almost I would say eight millimeters overhang there would be about it so meaning that you can put a lot more inside these notebooks which is good which is what I expect from my notebooks sometimes I use just one notebook inside or one insert sometimes I just like to have plenty of inserts depending on the use I have so inside let me just take this away so I can show you because it's been well designed the way you put they put them elastic bands okay so let's have a look at the lover first so that's a bit stiff and they tell you it's going to be a bit stiff at the beginning but you can actually feel that it's going to become more supple and soft with time you can already feel it as you move it around you can see that so you've got nice blue pink shades in this and you've got texture as well and you've got scars and that's something I like and why do I like to get scars on my lover first because it makes it unique and second because it says it's probably a knurled cow and it's not being raised up to a dollar since the teenage years just to be killed and that's kind of nice to know alright look at this so you've got texture you've got variation that's what you expect love it to be like right let's talk about the elastic bands then you've got four bands and the way they did this you can put three separate notebooks and never ever have the knot inside of these three notebooks and that's something I really like and that's something I should think about when I do my notebooks I will actually when I do my own leather notebooks a copy of their system is quite nice the other one is a regular one like this easy to change which I probably will for a bright green one also the brass thing might be nice for many people that I think is going to scratch the leather with time and it tends to go to the back so I'm not sure I'm going to keep it but I would definitely okay so here's my cat pixie right and I will keep the evil eye just because I okay that should be yeah that's a nice reminder of the gesture of and Senate so I'm gonna keep this one in it but as you can see the de color is really nice really nice got shades of pink and blue inside that purple that's which is perfect which is what you should expect from this you can see that's a supple leather so it's a bit stiff but it's going to get better and better with time now in terms of size let's compare this to the new Dori so here we've got the Midori on the right so as you can see the battery flops this one tax so it's much stiffer than your Midori also it's not the kind of lever that will take marks as easily as this one but it's the kind of lever that will take a few marks like this so that's the other side of this car and that you will not get on the mood orissa I like marks I must admit so in terms of size we've got the same wood wedge and we've got a slightly different in height yeah you've got weight to three millimeters but it's almost the same size so if the question is can I take my Midori traveller travelers notebook and put them in this cover of the essays yes and I did so nicely there and they're hanging system is much nicer than the one that you get in the middle so oh no I'm very very impressed by this Oh so it's a lot less expensive than euro Midori oh so you can have it without this to chew the stance teaching is in addition and it's all handmade which is nice and it's made locally and here we've got oh we've got my cat this is quite rare she doesn't enjoy company that much so but very nice I was very impressed and this one is really lovely a lovely color so it's nice so this is again by gallon lever and you can order on that website and you know what comes from you know who's made it it's either zineb or a brother Yousef and that's kind of nice because it's just a small company and they are doing really nice quality products in that's very nice so I hope they are they fare very well and this really is beautiful maybe I can try to change the orientation so you can get the actual color it's a lot more powerful than this but here you go that's nice right I hope you enjoyed this video coming next is another video of a cat and Evan book but it seemed its motifs can cover because I use a lot of mother skins and this one as a mother/son cover it's just waiting right behind so I hope you enjoyed this video and get ready for the next one


Dammika Jayasekera · July 23, 2019 at 1:27 pm

If you could have only one travelers notebook which would it be, out of all you’ve seen and had…

Gilly's Art, Etc. · July 23, 2019 at 1:27 pm

Stunning, thank you for sharing! I will be placing an order!

willowingchintz · July 23, 2019 at 1:27 pm

I just read their story on their site. It is a sister and a brother. She has been through a lot and I hope I can purchase from them in the future, thanks for the video.

Randa Kay · July 23, 2019 at 1:27 pm

Merci pour la revue ! Le journal a l'air vraiment bien conçu 🙂

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