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you look at the day's headlines staying home for the summer president moon jaein scraps his usual week-long vacation to focus on resolving betrayed tensions with Japan and bringing North Korea back to the table for talks after its recent missile launch South Korea is rising golf's superstar go Jinyoung wins the LPGA Evian championship in France it's her second major title this season who puts her back in the number one spot in the Women's World Golf Rankings plus violence between police and protesters intensifies in Hong Kong during the 8th straight week of protests the spy tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters try and shield themselves with umbrellas our top story this morning president moon jaein will skip his annual week-long summer vacation this year for the first time since he took office in 2017 he staying in the top office to deal with japan's export curbs and North Korea's recent missile firings Shin Semin starts us off no summer vacation for the South Korean president the top office said Sunday that president moon jaein will not be taking his pre-scheduled summer break this year originally set for the last week of July instead the president will be at the blue house working as usual he did however reportedly order other top office employees to continue their vacation plans are scheduled he is skipping this year's summer vacation to focus on the key challenges facing South Korea Japan is reportedly preparing to expand its restrictions to other sectors by taking South Korea off a white list of trusted importers a move that could seriously disturb the supply chains of more than 1,000 items in Japan's cabinet is likely to decide on Friday August 2nd whether to endorsed a removal of solely from Tokyo's whitelist and president booths cancellation of a summer break may be to show his will to hardens house fallback plan and send a message to Japan over how serious he is taking the issue as well as that North Korea's latest solemn warning over South Korea's joint military drills with the u.s. which Pyongyang showed by firing two of its new tactical guided weapons over the East Sea on July 25th also putting off a summer break korea's national security adviser tongu jung who reportedly cancelled this leave last week the president's cancelling of a summer vacation this July shows the seriousness of the issues that the country is faced with and the presidential office has yet to confirm when the president will be taking his leave or if he'll take any leaf at all Shin Semin Arirang news now the trade spur between South Korea and Japan over Tokyo's export curbs on Seoul has really whipped up a storm of consumer hostility against Japanese goods in South Korea it's severely denting sales of Japanese products in this country including luxury vehicles and alcohol Kim Hasan has more on the boycott campaign amid escalating trade tensions between Seoul and Tokyo South Korean consumers are boycotting a whole spectrum of Japanese products everything from beer to cars according to industry sources sales of Japanese beer as South Korean convenience store chain Cu plunged 40 percent in July the market share of Japan's Asahi beer dropped nearly three percent losing its title of the best selling imported beer in the country the boycott against Japanese beer first began among smaller businesses with mid-sized convenience stores in Seoul displaying stickers that said they do not stock Japanese alcohol over 23,000 retail outlets were participating in the campaign as of mid-july backed by the scorching heat and the boycott campaign picking up steam sales of South Korean beer are rapidly increasing South Korean beer sales have jumped as consumers are reluctant to buy Japanese beer eventually it even dragged down the market share of Japanese beer and major retail stores Japanese cars are also taking a hit in the first half of this year over six million US dollars worth of Japanese vehicles were imported to South Korea a whopping 25 percent increase from the same period last year however the figure decreased significantly this month following Tokyo's trade restrictions on Seoul Japanese automobiles were popular among South Koreans but the situation will be very different in the later half of this year due to the increasing anti Japan's the sentiment across the country while Tokyo is scheduled to decide on August 2nd whether to remove soul from its white list of countries that enjoy preferential treatment in trade is there to be seen whether the boycott will eventually lose team or intensified two levels as yet unseen Kim erson Arirang news now despite the boycott here in South Korea it appears almost certain Japan will widen its sex war curbs on South Korea by striking the country of its white list of favored trading partners once that occurs experts believe it will seriously negatively impact a whole range of industries here everything from cars electronics to high-tech goods yoon jung min reports it is highly likely that japan will exclude south korea from its so-called white list of 27 countries that receive preferential treatment on trade once removed Japanese exporters won't be able to ship goods to South Korea unless they are approved on a case-by-case basis along with the required documentation the process will take about three months causing inevitable delays in shipping and the production of goods experts say industries that are heavily dependent on intermediary goods from Japan will be affected nearly 1,100 items will fall under new restrictions including those related to auto Mobile's electronics and machinery among them are silicon wafers used in semiconductors which are almost monopolized by Japanese firms carbon fibers used in aircraft and automobiles machine tools and goods related to fine chemicals could also be affected Japan is more likely to target South Korea's high-tech industries instead of the conventional one for example cars using internal combustion engine wouldn't cause so much of a problem what hydrogen cars may bump into trouble if a key material is missing also Japan may target non memory semiconductors rather than DRAM some experts pointed out the South Korean companies should look for alternative suppliers in other countries to cushion themselves against the imminent blow companies may consider taking over high-tech firms to reminisce to shorten the time aside from Japan hydrogen flouride used in semiconductors in this place also come from China and Taiwan so turning the attention to companies in those countries can be one of the possible measures but experts also point out that for some materials there are no viable alternatives to Japanese suppliers in the long term they say Seoul and Tokyo must sit down for talks to solve the issue diplomatically and dial down the conflict in Joe mean Arirang news a South Korean parliamentary delegation that traveled to Washington to hold talks on Japan's export restrictions last week they have returned to Seoul they did so on Sunday arriving at Incheon International Airport the ruling Democratic Party's issuu hawk said US lawmakers understand their role is crucial in helping resolve the trade conflict but they wanted to avoid giving the impression they were taking sides between Seoul and Tokyo the main opposition Liberty Korea party's kim soohyun said they differed that they confirmed that there were many US lawmakers though that do have different opinions from those shared by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a South Korea's National Assembly kicks off a new parliamentary session in the coming hours he comes after the main opposition Liberty Korea party and the minor ban on midday parties submitted a request last week to address growing security concerns following North Korea's recent missile launches and the airspace violations by China and Russia however it isn't expected to get off to a smooth start as the parties have yet to agree on the agenda the ruling Democratic Party says it will only cooperate if the opposition parties vow to approve the extra budget bill that's been sitting in limbo for more than three months now the new session comes ten days after the June session came to a close a session which bore no fruit due to partisan wrangling two South Koreans and 15 Russians detained by North Korea were released to South Korea on Sunday afternoon they had been held after their fishing boat broke down and drifted into North Korean waters early this month now despite continued requests to repatriate the South Koreans Seoul says it was not informed by the north about their return Oh jung-hee with the details after 11 days of detention in North Korea to South Koreans and 15 Russians safely returned to South Korea's eastern port city of soup tool on Sunday afternoon they were caught by the north in mid-july as their fishing ships sank Island broke down and accidentally drifted into North Korean waters without giving prior notification to the regime 15 Russian crew members and two South Korean fishing supervisors world worth a ship the ship left from North Korea's eastern port city of ones out on Saturday evening following its release the Seoul government learned of the fact later that night South Korea's Unification Ministry says there was no notification from the north or official report on the state media about the crew's return this means even those who have been requesting through the joint liaison office that Pyongyang repatriate the South Koreans there was no reply through the contact office until the moment they returned according to solar the crew when their ships return comes after the North completed its own investigation on the ship but there's still more to be analyzed from here on like how they came to be detained how the release came about and how their ship was fixed solar says from a humanitarian point of view it's positive that the North returned the ship and crew member safely it added the incident won't impact inter-korean relations as it's a humanitarian issue resolved in accordance with international law two South Korean men won and his 50s and one and a 60s are both in good health now that they've come back they'll go through medical check-ups in a joint and tells us probe by government agencies Oh jung-hee Arirang news now let's turn to news of a fantastic victory in golf South Korean golfer go Jin Yong continued her sensational season on Sunday by winning her second major of the year by a two-stroke margin at the 2019 LPGA Evian championship in France go is leading the LPGA Tour this year she's won one other title and posted seven top-ten finishes Eason J reports South Korea's coaching young it didn't let a little rain put a damper on her quest for a second major victory of the season on Sunday she fired a 4-under 67 to win the 2019 LPGA AVN championship at avian Lebon by two strokes with a 15 under par overall despite the start of the fourth and final day of the competition being delayed by two hours due to the wet conditions the 24 year old kept her composure and took advantage of her plane partner and close friend Kim hill Jews collapse to cruise to victory her first LPGA title of the season came at the 2019 a na inspiration in April for the 2018 LPGA rookie of the year the victory means she moves back to number one in the world rankings leapfrog in Park Seung Hyun who finished the tournament tied for 6th the winners check of $615,000 also catapults her to the top of the LPGA money list with nearly two million dollars KO's victory also ends a streak of 10 different players winning the previous 10 majors and another major it kicks off on Thursday and it's a big one the Women's British Open it's the first time since 1960 that to women's majors have been played in back-to-back weeks even J Arirang news congratulations to her now we are going to stay with sports the curtain came down on the 18th FINA World Swimming Championships in Korea's southwestern city of gwangju on Sunday night after more than two weeks of intense competition our kang hyeongu has a wrap-up of all the action with the record-setting participation of 7,500 athletes from 194 countries the 18th FINA World Swimming Championships came to an end in gwangju on sunday night under the slogan dive into peace the 17 day global aquatics competition saw ten World Records smashed beginning with Britain's Adam PT's fifty six point eight eight seconds in the men's 100-meter breaststroke and ending with Team USA's three minutes fifty point four o seconds in the women's 4 by 100 meter medley relay the championships is widely recognized as one of the world's top five mega sporting events along with the summer and winter olympics the FIFA World Cup and the International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships by hosting the swimming championships South Korea becomes just the fourth country in the world to have hosted all five major sporting competitions after Germany Italy and Japan in the closing press conference on Sunday the head of the organizing committee young Saab who doubles as conscious mayor thanked FINA officials the athletes media personnel and the fans for making the event such a success speaking on behalf of the world swimming governing body FINA president Julio Melendez said the competition venues and facilities were excellent the athletes and media villas first class and the overall management of the competition meant the athletes go home with memories that will live with them forever luckily only added the FINA family appreciated the superb hospital of the Korean people and the kindness of kwanzas residents the next World Aquatics Championships will take place in Japan's Fukuoka in 2021 conn-young Arirang news now to another chaotic weekend in Hong Kong as protests against a controversial extradition bill continued for the eighth consecutive weekend in a row for more on this and other news from around the world let's turn to our Hong you so yesterday's protest was it as violent as ones we've seen before yes smart the riot police used tear gas rubber bullets to disperse thousands of protesters as they tried to break down barricades protesters wearing helmets masks and black shirt threw eggs at police as they tried to advance towards Central Hong Kong the demonstrations took place in two areas located at opposite ends of Central Hong Kong for two nights in a row starting from Saturday hundreds of mostly young protesters were seen trying to break into Chinese government's liaison office like the previous protests when they vandalized the building the demonstrations started to demand the scrapping of a controversial extradition bill that Hong Kong is feared with threatened Hong Kong's autonomy but even after the chief executive Carrie Lam had announced extradition bill is dead protests continued as they expanded into calls for a greater democracy the resignation of its leader and an investigation into excessive use of police force on protesters a large bomb Mangan attack hit Kabul on Sunday as the first day of Afghanistan's presidential campaign began the attacks were aimed at the office of the vice presidential candidate and former intelligence chief a mullah Saleh officials said at least two people were killed and at least 25 more were injured shortly after the blast gunmen exchanged fire with security forces in a building belonging to salads Afghan green trend party Sela was wounded but safely evacuated from the office the attacks are presumed to have been conducted by either Taliban insurgents or the Islamic state group that opposed the election as the Britain's new prime minister Boris Johnson gets used to his new surroundings in number 10 Downing Street Hill not only have to impress his cabinet but also a white brown tabby cat that's been around since 2011 Larry the cat is the 12th chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office it's an official job that's been around for centuries to get rid of mice and insects at the residence but Larry is known to be disinterested in the job Johnson is reportedly looking to get a dog too but he'll have to find one that can get along with Larry time now for our life and info segment where we focus on information useful for your everyday life as usual the busiest summer holiday period in South Korea is expected to fall between late July and early August and most vacationers are expected to head to the beaches along South Korea's eastern coast and they'll be going there by their own cars our park se-young with more this year summer vacation season will peak between July 27th and August 9th with about half of all Korean holiday makers planning to travel during those two weeks according to a survey of 7,000 households nationwide by the Korea Transport Institute an average of four point nine million vacationers a day will hit the rows between July 25th and August 11th making a total of over 88 million journeys that's up 1.7 percent from the previous year's daily average with over 84 percent of travelers saying they will drive the Transport Ministry has declared the 18 day period the summer's peak season for highway traffic expressways leading out of the Capital Area are predicted to be the busiest on July 31st and August first and there will be the most clock with homeward bound travellers from August third to fourth as for getaway destinations the most popular choice was the east coast of Korea followed by the south coast and Jeju Island this means the young doe expressway is likely to be the most crowded followed by the Khumbu expressway and Scion expressway to ease highway traffic during the peak season drivers will be informed of alternative routes and the hard shoulder will be used as an extra Lane drones will be deployed to look for traffic violations and accidents the transfer ministry has also announced special measures including increasing the operations of public transportation to help reduce traffic congestion Axio arirang news now credit cards that are lost or illegally copied while on vacation should be reported to the local police and frozen immediately the Financial Supervisory Service has reminded people to take such precautions as cases of illegal credit-card usage tend to surge in the third quarter of the year the agency suggests vacationers reduce their credit card limits avoid ATMs especially in secluded areas and keep receipts of every transaction they should also block dynamic currency conversion which makes travelers pay in worn while abroad and charges extra transaction fees if your cards have bring fraud it fraudulently used you should receive a police report from the local police and submit it to your card company now one of the most exciting summer festivals in South Korea is back the annual paper boat rowing race will take place between August 2nd and the 4th this weekend a jamshil Han River Park in Seoul during the race participants build their own boats out of cardboard boxes and attempt to row 50 meters to a boy and back awards will be given to teams with the fastest times best designs and first-rate teamwork up to 540 teams of up to 4 members each can join the event those interested can sign up on that website their gmarket good morning this year's monsoon season has come to an end that means the summer vacation season is here so we will be dealing with sweltering temperatures for a couple of weeks in fact many southern parts of the country are under a heat wave advisory and here in the capital we will get up to 30 degrees Celsius this afternoon okay boo encounter will be blistering hot at 34 degrees this afternoon but you know the heat has not been too bad this summer but many people are moaning about the high humidity which will make feel very uncomfortable this afternoon as well so maintaining indoor humidity at between 50 to 60 percent will help you to feel a bit more comfortable and health experts are also saying the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures should be no more than seven degrees Celsius so please be aware of these tips to have a much more comfortable summer this week temperatures in Seoul will be in the low 30s under a fair amount of sunshine but do expect a sporadic showers at times that's Korea for you and here's the International weather for viewers around the world well us all the news and weather we have for now on this Monday morning here in Seoul stay tuned to a d-down TV plenty more coming up including our next newscast at noon Korea time last around 90 minutes from now so until then goodbye


RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman · July 30, 2019 at 9:22 pm

TYPO corrected: I URGE and VERY respectfully request Arirang New Editor or owner(s) forward below comments to South Korean President, South Korean Defense Minister and SK shipbuilders and SK Naval Headquarter indeed, simply because it is truly compelling suggestion as to why South Korea definitely follow or emulate the same size of aircraft carrier as UK, as SK is in the middle of 3-potentially deadly adversaries and the US might there for when she, SK, needs sooner or later! California, USA.

RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman · July 30, 2019 at 9:22 pm

I URGE and VERY respectfully request Arirang New Editor or owner(s) forward below comments to South Korean President, South Korean Defense Minister and SK shipbuilders and SK Naval Hequarter indeed, simply because it is truly compelling suggestion as to why South Korea definitely follow or emulate the same size of aircraft carrier as UK, as SK is in the middle of 3-potentially deadly adversaries and the US might there for when she, SK, needs sooner or later! California, USA.

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Abe- technology not lever,call only aggression on the part of the world, you and so went on concessions, I think you can agree

Julien Kim · July 30, 2019 at 9:22 pm

This man is my favorite Arirang anchor – He has a good voice and also an excellent command of the English language, spoken at the perfect speed. And I can actually enjoy looking at his face while listening to the news because his face is natural looking, not severely plastic like the faces of so many South Koreans.

Fareast Oracle · July 30, 2019 at 9:22 pm

Another mistake by Moon.
If he really wants to help the ROK he needs to go on a permanent vacation. Preferably in the same building where the predecessors are vacationing.

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