[FR]-[UK]-[SP] Our People make the difference: David, Driver, Transport – France

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My name is David Alonso.
I am 41 years old. I have been working at XPO
in regional delivery for ten years. I have been a driver trainer
for over two years. When I am not working
as a trainer, I am a driver. This helps me to understand challenges. I need to set an example and spread the message about
safety each day in an educational way. As a trainer, my role is
key in the recruitment process. I help onboard
new employees. I teach them about our company
and our safety protocols. We mainly focus on
safety with clients, in terms of the vehicle and driving. A driver is an ambassador for their company. They must listen to the client and find fast and effective solutions. We need to be
as efficient as possible. For me, XPO is about a job well done
whilst showing respect for all employees. Teamwork and enthusiasm
are part of our culture. We all work together.
There is a good dynamic and everyone has their say. XPO supports the career
development of its employees. For me, XPO
is about the opportunity for personal fulfillment.

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