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welcome back to forts the horizon floor guys fortune Island is officially here and features ten different treasure chests to go and find which you'll find 10 million credits in and three very cool cars the Lamborghini Aventador J the salinas 5s raptor as well as the Koenigsegg CCX if you've been wondering how to get any of those cars this video is going to show you how to do it as well as get ten million credits which is just awesome huge thank you guys had to Jack for filming this from the air 12 crew his link will be down below if you want to give them a follow that would be awesome so let's jump into this this is how you get all the chests from number one to number ten so they all start up exactly like this you'll be given a riddle which requires you to do between two to three things one of those things you need to get in a certain car so for this first one you need this Dodge Ram CRX then you need to head over to the festival apex speed zone and set a score that's all you need to do for this first particular one you don't have to achieve a certain star or anything like that but let me get to some future ones you will need to do that then once you've done your task it'll show a picture of the of where the chest is and give you a little circle I've decided to go in here with the help of Jack again to go and show you exactly where it is on the map so you don't need to waste your time looking at that little red circle and trying to figure out where it is it's actually on the docks right over here in this doorway there you go you've won a million credits already that's chest number one already completed missus chest number two you need to go up to the needle climb and go in an Italian four five eight which is obviously the Ferrari four five eight the needle climb is actually the very very cool drift road which I'm sure you guys have seen already so go drift your way up in the Ferrari four five eight you should be warned it's kind of hard to drift because it is a rear-wheel drive mid-engine car so you might have some trouble with it but you don't need to set any particular score for this one either once you get to the top you solve the riddle and you will be shown a picture of where this zone is this one is actually right on the side of the cliff if you use fast travel to the side of the mountain you might have seen this in my let's play yesterday I just accident fast traveled here it's right on the side of a massive cliff and if you take that one out you win a million credits and the Lamborghini yours from 2019 let's move on to chess number three this one can be confusing a lot of people because you need to take a 65 wild horse to the Vikings Bay Trail Blazers own that 65 wild horse is this thing the 1965 Ford Mustang now for this particular zone you don't need to achieve any sort of stars again you just in order need to do it you can go and download a tool like Jack did here which you can do but I did it a completely bone-stock Ford Mustang is long and that works just fine anyways once you get through in your Ford Mustang you will have solve the riddle and you'll be given this location which again actually gave me a lot a lot of trouble because it's all the way on the side of this huge huge mountain which you can in fact go and climb it's actually all the way on the top on this snowy patch so you probably want to take something with all-wheel drive maybe something lifted up an SUV or a truck or something and if you take that one out you get a million credits this fourth one actually confused me quite a bit again because it says these buildings stood tall and you need to jump over them this is the danger sign that you need to go and hit is called felons ruin or something along those lines and you need to take a three-wheeled Morgan I find the riddle didn't actually give you any hints as to what you needed to do so just know you have to go over this zone in the three-wheeled Morgan and just just make sure you don't do a front-flip when you're doing it when you land it correctly you will have solved the zone and you can go and find your treasure chest which is actually over in the swamps down next to like me falling over Church type of thing it's actually right next to the two major intersections it's right next to the two big ones so if you come next to those just knock down the wall and you'll see it just sitting there in the middle of nowhere just to just in the just in the swamp which is pretty cool take that down you win a million credits now we're gonna start unlocking a lot of these cars this one's actually very cool you have to go do the Lady of the lake speed trap so this is just a speed speed trap one but for this one you actually need to achieve three stars in an Audi r8 you can choose either of the Audi r8 I believe don't quote me on that we just went for the faster one and it worked just fine this is the brand new Audi r8 feel free to download a tune because you do need to achieve three stars some go through as quickly as possible you solve the riddle and then you can go and find this very very cool chest this one's actually in a very weird location because it's all the way at the very very north of the map you'll find this right over the thing that says skilled our head I believe that's how you pronounce it it's actually a huge open area which makes it pretty tough to go and look around but it's all the way next to these rocks you'll just find it sitting there all by itself when you go past like beep what are you call them like the rock stacks they're right there you win a million credits and will and you also get excuse me the Koenigsegg CCS I know there's been a lot of questions about how you unlock these cool cars well you have to go and find the chests this next one chest number six is actually really cool and it's actually probably my favorite riddle because well it right you need to take a Willys Jeep to the willow something speed zone go through and set the fastest speed possible again you don't need to set any sort of speed zone requirement just go through as quickly as possible and you'll get this riddled salt it's actually really cool I like this look make sure you're in a Willys Jeep and been just like that you're done you solved the riddle and we'll go and find this one this one's actually an interesting one as well because this one's all the way again to the side of the map all the way as far east as you can go so just follow the coastline all the way down and at the very tippy tip top of the side of the map you will find your chest hiding there with a million credits inside of it it's actually pretty cool let's move on to number seven this 80's Lambo is built for dirt blazed through the forest without getting hurt I like this one as well is actually pretty cool for this one you need to take the Lamborghini slam tank which is also known as the Lamborghini LM double-o to through the trailblazer speed our Trailblazer PR stunt there's I'm still getting used to them just rip it through the forest as quickly as possible again you don't need to achieve any certain speed here just go through you can knock the trees and do whatever once you get there you have done this riddle and solved it and you can go swim in the ocean – fun fact when you're driving around fortune Island you can actually drive through a lot of the water which is pretty cool I found that out yesterday anyways this one is actually right behind you can see the old old thingy forest right behind that hairpin in there it's actually right there so if you go through the forest you look around in there it's probably one of the hardest chests to go and find so there you go that's where you can find that one this one is you need to take a Swedish night through the lakeside speed zone the Swedish night we're talking about is the Volvo iron lane again no real requirement just go through this one you actually have to go off-road a lot so you probably won't set a very good speed in a what is essentially a semi-truck on steroids you go through the speed zone and you found number eight this one is also very very difficult to find this this chest although it looks like it's just sitting there it's actually inside this cave so you head inside this cave go to the north hand side of the cave wall and then you'll see like these wrecked ships if you go behind those wrecked ships you will see that the chest is actually underneath part of one of the broken ships knock into that one you get a million credits and I believe you also get there it is my favorite car in the entire expansion the Saleen s5s raptor that thing is super cool and i highly suggest you get that one we've only got queue left korea surprises with a performance car that performance car is the kia stinger go through this speed trap at the very top of the map it's just a speed trap you need to actually go through this one pretty quickly as well again I believe you need to get three stars so you probably want to get yourself a tune for this Kia stinger this chest all the way down to the southernmost point of the map fun fact you can drive on to these little islands it's on the biggest island all the way down in the middle of the map and then you will find your chest found right in the middle of that very big island and now let's move it on to the final and chest number 10 the horse shines like a star jump through it in the classic muscle car so you can take any classic muscle car you like we've already been using this Ford Mustang so why don't we get our money's worth and use it again we've already got a tune for it we might as well know this zone is actually a little bit difficult to go and do you might find yourself running through and doing exactly what Jack did here he went through with so much speed he actually flew off the island that he jumped onto so just know when you're going up and trying to do this danger sign hook a hard left and you don't actually need to go through it that much speed you'll land you will solve the riddle and then you will get the location for your last and final chest which is all the way at the southern part of the castle down at the bottom of the map you will notice that it's actually in the lake however it's not actually in the lake it's on a little island that Island you can't actually drive up on – you need to take a jump so take something fast take this jump on the side of the map jump on to that island and you will find the chests hidden upon this island it's very very cool and then once you knock into this chest you'll get a million credits and the Lamborghini Aventador J and that's it just like that you have discovered all ten chests in Fortune Island you've got yourself ten million credits as well as four very cool carnival three really cool cars and a Lamborghini years it's still pretty cool I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to subscribe huge thank you again to Jack for recording this entire video his link will be down below thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one I'll see you guys then bye [Applause] [Applause]


AR12Gaming · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

I've seen a lot of people having trouble with the Chests and Riddles in Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island so Jack helped put together this guide for you guys! Hope you enjoy and it helps you out on those tough ones! Enjoy!

AJ Gregg · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

Can’t do second riddle

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Did you just say for tune

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my kia stinger
has the k-pop group bts on it
cause i like bts
and its korean

Christopher Flood · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

For #2 I’ll be drifting down the mountain( not great at drifting) and it will say failed and I have to restart

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I can't find the Jeep Willys help pls

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Yo can anybody help me I can’t get the fifth chest

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Thanks saved me so much time.

Theo Priest · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

thank you sooooooooo much it helped me alot

Tom Farr · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

Personally think it's a little silly to have specific cars for the riddles; i've had to purchase most of them from the autoshow which chips away at that 1 million CR. Great expansion though. 🙂

GamingAtIts Finest · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

number 2 is bullshit

Bob Blob · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

You are lying on treasure 2 you have to be over a certain skill

Monkeys_TTV Gerald · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

You didn't help at all

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Well I'm never going to complete these. I can't drift to save my life so I won't get past the second one.

Patrik Hallsten · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

it dosen't work for me on either i have all 10

Lewis Bihh · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

It’s so fuking dumb that I have to spend 800k on that shitty semi like if that’s the case then the damn thing should of been free.

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Rear wheel drive is meant for drifting 💀

lilsavages04 boii · July 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

It doesn't let mr solve the riddle for number 2 I am in a 458 Italia and it doesn't work what should I do

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My 2 is not working im using the Ferrari 458 italia