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I'm telling you now it is time I predict but dosti moisty mire possibly greasy growth or our marquee acres definitely not oily well don't think we're actually instead I think but all the old locations are going to be mixer the new ones Doctor Who mixed him in this game who like dr. who like Doctor Who invest in this game it's perfect or just absolutely perfect right now see are we to do this Arctic Island what where why muscles Peevy brigade oh god I've done this before I shouldn't tell if you can't tell you a bit more proof he's coming back am I see look at this my scene Dusty's coming back and in there and in the files it says return this needy poor let's go right okay get let me off track here so now all we devices player spawn both it's perfect it better it should put me on the other side good where my phone to rob me form let us go why I still got infinite math so I can feel the dusty boy that dusty River is right there I can't destroy anything in this Ergon after improvised by improvising I literally mean by gonna we're gonna have to bit through the old I've gotta mothers right guys I like I posted a video before the exact same streams are coming off the ovens in that teaser hyperbole sadly is rock solid away bears on by Texas insider pretty weird oh my gosh you all the law what's gonna happen next this llamas gonna fly into the or but it's gonna cost I traveled long nor where they've actually done that they've actually made it circular if I shall we bet the wings down would you believe epic game but you believe epic games will do that okay so now since you can't destroy anything oh god I forgot Oh underneath right whatever okay here we go watch this watch how easy is he's gonna be great stop stop it face yeah that's that's what that's what III said to him the other yelling ye Bob easy okay four hours Debbie all the time challenges come up well do these step it up with a little bit up at the base the bar Oh God my mother Windex feeling dusty like actually it's not easy maybe it's not by how much I saw my face hurts I just called the strays alright guys I don't know what to do should we go try try try try try try try to see can you see it can you see where I see the creative I love although it's in the walls and the monster would have killed it right the monster came up from learn more damage you don't at all hit making me flied out kidding me good news I forget never any barrier oh look he's here I see it I see the baby but if she goes far if you go really far you'll actually be able to get to other people's create violence which is it really hurts the deep ball look at it the way that's heartbreaking rather than the future become a prison Pleasant Park in the future is gonna become a prison now I may have died of glitch Nick yeah maybe I haven't right let's go then what no no yeah fly high into the sky ready fit they can't stop me yes it's automatically spoiler thank you so that's the cause as we can get to dusty I literally see it with all its glory and you know it looks fabulous I'm telling you no absolutely fabulous look up wasn't in the future why are the white box oh but the white dots were the chest location oh they are as well they really think Oh people to see that you are oh my god it's America you still here damn it Barry okay that should be problem you just don't adjust the spot there actually we just borrow them leftover trees therefore what how could you look like you got really much wear the boots it's all about destroyed locations one two that's four or five prison I've had to pass a location put into the game thank you be pointed what season [Applause] it's amazing sliding paper lining paper get it off my bed

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