Fortnite BIRTHDAY CAKE LOCATIONS/BIRTHDAY CHALLENGES: Dance in Front of Different Birthday Cakes

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the birthday challenges are out and I have got all of the locations of the birthday cakes for you as well as a guide for the other challenges as well and the rewards that you can earn during this event all right guys welcome back to another fortnight video and in this one it is time to go over the birthday cake locations and the birthday challenges in full so you guys know how to get them done in the fastest way possible how to get the rewards and of course we're gonna be starting with those birthday cakes oh and then finally we're gonna talk about all of the changes during this event so it's gonna be a very fun video hit that like button down below if you find this helpful as well as leave a comment of what skin you are using right now for me it is the black night but on top of that if you also appreciate this guide use code the llama sir in the item shop because it helps me out a ton now without further ado let's get on into it with the first challenge I want to cover and that is the dance in front of different birthday cakes challenge which is probably the toughest challenge oh yeah we got 10 locations here so getting into it with the first one alright guys so yeah here we are in game I wanted to go into replay to show you these because it is easier to show you these in replay and then you guys can just head into like solo or something like that I do recommend solo and we'll talk about that later but either way getting into it with the first location let's go through these and like a big circle around the map but yeah the first one that I found is over here near lonely lodge or actually right in lonely Lodge as you can see it is right here on top of this part of lonely Lodge the one sort of next to the cabin you go over here there's like this bit of a rocky spot with a cave you go on top of here and as you can see there's a birthday cake right there for you to dance at so that's a good location to start right on the edge of the map sort of after that then this next one is a little bit far away they are fairly spread out around the map so you know it's gonna probably take multiple games to get to but as we move on here as you can see this next one is that loot lake right near the middle of loot Lake but actually more towards the north side of it but yeah this one is on top of this little rocky piece with like the campfire and stuff like that and again right out in the open so yeah should be fairly easy to find there is where the second one is but moving on here to the third one this one is at Pleasant Park there was one at pleasant Park for like the first birthday challenges so this location has been here a super long time but yeah where's the one over here I gotta remember yeah it's right here on the other side of this gazebo so if you just go right here to the gazebo you can find it on the west side right over here right out in the open all of these are pretty much out in the open so yeah there is the one at pleasant park as you can see now that moving on you just need to keep going around in the circle now most of these are at named locations but for some reason this next one is not at a named location or actually no that's the next one I almost forgot the one there is one over here at junk Junction so gliding on over there as we can see heading into junk Junction just head towards the main building and as you can tell there is one right near this truck right here and also keep a lookout for the balloons if you want to look for those as well because every single one of these birthday cakes has a bunch of balloons around it and that's an easy way to you know locate these oh yeah there is the one at junk Junction right in front of the building so then after that this is the one where you know it's not at a name location again most of these are I think this is the only one that is not at a named location and it is not as snobby Shores but it is close to it at the Viking village on top of this hill right here so if we go up into the Viking village as you can see go to this bigger building up here and there is a birthday cake right out in front of it for you to dance in front of very easy to get and very easy to find so that is a great location to maybe land at first because it is higher up and then move on to some of the other ones but yeah that's a good one right there now then moving on to the next one there isn't actually like any I'm pretty sure in the snow biome and actually before we get into the next one guys if you haven't yet be sure to hit that subscribe button down below especially with season 10 just around the corner I'm gonna be helping you guys out with a bunch of the challenges so be sure to do that if you haven't yet but getting into the next one right here so moving over here as you can see this is another one that's fairly easy to find but again there's like none in the iceburg biome I'm pretty sure so don't even head over there head right to this location it's fairly far from the Viking village but if you head in a straight line you should be able to get here fairly easily and then you can dance in front of this one right there now then after that again they're fairly far from each other because this next one is all the way over at fatal fields if we keep on going over there you know you've got the crops out front and then the big barn and then the main building right here the main house but in between those is another birthday cake that you can find and dance in front of to get more of this challenge done again these locations are fairly far away from each other and I think there might only be 10 if it's similar to last year there were only 10 but I'm not 100% sure if there are only 10 this time either way though it doesn't really matter because I'm showing you 10 of the locations the next one is near Paradise Palms it is not inside of Paradise Palms you actually want to go to the east of it sort of towards John wicks house over here and then you will find a birthday cake up near these solar panels and as you can tell it is right there that's a good one to find it's right out in the open and yeah it's right there next to these solar panels again but keeping it going here moving around this next one is actually pretty close to that last one but it is at the racetrack and I guess this is another unnamed location that has a birthday cake at it but the racetrack has one right on top of this hill so yeah land at the racetrack go to this one on top of the hill and that's another one done no after that then I think we have one more to go over and this one is in the center of the map so we just did a big circle around and then for the final one going into the center of the map are sort of close to it it is at salty springs so heading into salty springs as we can see it in the distance right there there it is right out in the open again very easy to find and very easy to grab so there you guys have it that is the final location for the birthday cakes and that will unlock you I think the music pack that you can unlock for this event and then after that guys let's start to get into it with the other challenges and you know what let's just go through them in order because they are fairly straightforward this first one is play matches then next we have outlast opponents and also how to gain health or shield from birthday cake I'll show you how to do that but first of all play matches this one unlocks you the frosted wrap I think it's called might be called something else but I'm pretty sure it's that either way though it's a cool wrap so might as well go after it but yeah play matches is super simple so we're pretty much going to skip this one the only tip that there is is to not worry about it until you very end because basically if you're going for the other challenges you're bound to get close to ten matches anyways so it's not even worth worrying about you're gonna probably get it done without even thinking about it now with that one out of the way let's talk about the next one which is to outlast opponents this one is a little bit tougher but it's fairly similar to the play matches one and for this one you get a specific spray I'm not exactly sure what it's called actually it is the this many that is the name of the spray and as you can see it is a little cake with a two on top for the second birthday a fortnight pretty cool right there but yeah as it says outlast opponents obviously the best way to go about doing this one is to not be in something like team Rumble because team rumble only counts I'm pretty sure 20 people max because I think that's around where the max limit for the enemy team is so it's gonna take a lot of team rumble games to get this challenge done so I would instead recommend solo which means that you may want to do your other challenges like visiting the birthday cakes in solo instead of team rumble just so you can work towards this one a little bit faster so again something to keep in mind but team rumble makes it like really hard to get this challenge done because of that cap on how many enemies there are but yeah again it's pretty similar to the play matches one because if you are doing those other challenges in solo you're probably going to outlast opponents anyways without even trying to so it saves you even more time and stuff like that but let's get into it with the final challenge for these birthday challenges and they'll also talk about that like cake item but basically this one is to gain health or shield from birthday cake now I'm pretty sure that this one is fairly straightforward as well however you might want to do it as you're going for the dance in front of different birthday cakes because I'm pretty sure that their little cake things that you need to pick up show up around those so correct me if I'm wrong if that changes it all I will leave an update down below in the pinned comment as I always do if for whatever reason Epic Games changes something with the challenge but yeah I'm pretty sure you just go up to those and use those so again you can save time by going for this challenge when you're also going for the dance in front of different birthday cakes challenge and that will unlock the little emoticon which is the birthday cupcake which is obviously a cupcake with the two on top of it little emoticon nothing crazy but you know it's something to unlock and then that altogether with all the other challenges unlocks you the super cool birthday slice pickaxe which I like quite a bit it's definitely a cool one and a fun reward for you know this second birthday of fortnight but then after that guys keeping it going here with another thing I want to go over there is this birthday cake backlink I'm not exactly sure what the name of it is but I'm pretty sure you get it by gifting it to a friend or being gifted by a friend so something to keep in mind right there but as you can see it's like a different colored version of the original one from the first birthday as you can see right here here it is on screen I happen to get it last season I remember that challenge was a lot of fun as well it was mainly the dance in front of birthday cakes again but I helped you guys with that one out as well and it's already been a year of helping you guys out with challenge it is crazy how it's been like a year I'm getting off-track though I'm getting a little sentimental but yeah it's basically you know an updated version for the second birthday differ colors but it's basically the same thing as I can tell now again I'm pretty sure you get it by gifting it to a friend it should be in the item shop from what I've heard I think that's what they said in like the Update news page for this but again if anything with that changes simply check the pins comment down below for updates but then moving on here guys to a little bit of extra update news and stuff like that this doesn't have to do with like all of the crazy events I'm sure you guys have seen my videos on stuff like that and don't worry got more stuff coming up I mean the season is almost coming to an end for sure we're gonna talk a bit more about season 10 but I wanted to talk about all of these special changes for this event and also like how long it's going to last how long you have to do these challenges and things like that because we did get a specific date that as of right now is accurate as you guys know they sometimes change the dates but is it right now it should be accurate so yeah let's get into these changes and stuff like that basically though the first of which is obviously you know well the more obvious change that is that the battle bus has changed and that has been changed for a while so you know the battle bus is I'm pretty sure the same battle bus maybe it's slightly updated from last birthday events for fortnight but it's got these special balloons and banners and stuff definitely pretty interesting right there and also the best music the best bus music for sure in my opinion the birthday fortnight remix which is always just perfect I love that one so much on top of that they said that the supply drops are also getting changed up I believe they're pretty similar to what the battle bus looks like but in the form of you know a Supply Drop so that's pretty cool to see also it's actually probably pretty similar to the holiday ones that we had before I haven't quite seen one in game yet so that's why I'm just assuming then on top of that you also have the presents the birthday presents which as you guys know or may have seen they are these things right here so pretty nice probably pretty similar to those holiday presents that we had during the holiday event I had like loot in them again I haven't quite been able to pick these up yet in-game but that's what I'm assuming they're like if they're slightly different I'm sorry about that but those are in the game as well so I'm pretty sure those are all of these special changes for this birthday event and then speaking of the how long this event is going to last they said in an article about this event they said time flies when you're having fun two years in fact the fortnight birthday celebration kicks off this week starting Thursday July 25th which obviously is today and runs until Wednesday July 31st so there you guys go July 31st we're not sure about the exact time so something to keep in mind maybe get your challenges done a little bit before the 31st just to be on the safe side but that's also leading right up to the end of season 9 I almost forgot what season we were on for a sec but yeah end of season 9 leading into season 10 that's probably more so proof that the season 9 will end at the end of the 31st you know late on the 31st and then we'll see season 10 on Thursday most of likely you know Thursday the 1st of August so that's more than likely what we can expect for that so yeah guys but anyways that is going to be it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did be sure to hit that subscribe button down below if you are new to the channel for more videos like this challenge guides fun videos coming out especially in season 10 and you can check out some of my previous videos here such as on the left going over how risky reals is likely to return and then on the right another fun video but other than that guys I hope you enjoyed today's video and I will see you in the next one

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