Fortnite 2nd birthday all 10 cake locations

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fatal okay well probably don't die soon where is it I know fatal blow wish hurt they don't right there in the middle not the middle for you to everyone's there every wish it's all the cakes dude oh my gun also we can party a system you're not gonna go I'm gonna give bucks you can pick me up alright i all i have this is the new sniper dude though uh the boxes are back the presents Oh finish a bro I'll show the dancer tone bar they do dude welcome to the stream okay the first cake location it's a fatal it's already have a second yeah there's one on the roof my guys gives these comments so nutrition yeah there's all no one's dancing with me alright guys I'm looking at the comments right now what's up what's up Kathy first location what was fatal fields yeah where the cakes first one is fatal fields where are you me yeah what's your screen name you show on Twitch I need to do what's your name x-ray – x-ray what – okay so um I don't spell lavish only spill x-ray FN yeah x-ray – okay first cake to all the new years it's fatal fields come back so sex right – yeah x-ray – I am or fnaf in my youtube who knows well do you know where the cakes uh-oh there's one impaired one in fatal fields I don't know where all of them are but we're gonna find them out really che me Lily I've already pinned aleut Lee no mater like Soho shoot what is you yeah oh there's my fifth time beam industry me yeah I love it I was useless it's all new virus I'm not gonna ask her like a sub-grantee thing but it would mean a lot to me what ya don't really know what dusty did I'm so dumb someone said loot leaked but I don't think there is a kick everything if there is so one of the abusive they once in 1v1 yeah welcome to this room expert you me Oh thick okay uh next cake is you know I feel bad for trying to kill this guy I'm not gonna kill him I'm not gonna kill I'm not like that okay next cake is lutely so next how much people are they looking you right now how much subscribers you have 300 we 214 how much beer sure yeah Oh 58 well they knob my subscribers their new cuz everyone's looking for the birthday cakes and I thought it'd be something good oh my god can you say all the cake locations you're okay one is fatal he'll suck I'm gonna put it in the description after this match now all of them but only the one size down okay I'm fighting right now no oh no oops run emo I'm sorry I gotta reload Jill OH thank you I just saw means a lot I'm trying to get my fort like my YouTube like back up because I deleted all my videos and everything I read with Clark hey just wait wait so you get a challenge if you eat one of those cakes it's an fatal Saltine paradise I'll look at a salty neck so long well yeah dinner will say one insulting anyway I'm sorry no in the middle sati I saw okay there's it ambassador oh you guys are cunts you I'm sorry I'm sorry look at you pick Exum I thought you'd better you missed we're in paradise I'm gonna die yo chill out why yo it's a no on PC dude my whole game just froze and said that was on PC that's so bad okay I just saw thank you it's in fatal assault you are you and no I'm in a Easter ruse thanks for the shadow with you my PSN is lavash extra and then my ethic is x-ray fm one of here does not let me finish the description oh my friend join us [Applause] they'll bow also unsaid I love you oh I love you too x4 you what are the locations there's one in fatal I'm gonna put them all in the description no you know something they will this get the skin if you have it or go to the Adam show go to the bouncer and it's either than to the bouncer dance and with this game with the llama looks so weird I can't change the description or cuz I wanna get on PC because only on my phone right now okay I'm gonna put it in the chat I think I can pin it can I just add me no don't do it imagine um what can people donate you on the like three million dollars no I don't have those it's only a PC and sauce I'm putting in the comments can you like me yeah I can let me join the you leave my food scripture can i play what's up okay that's a little ball of sugar daddy what the heck see if I'm right somebody I just I don't want to talk how much weight is your friend no I'm gonna shrimp okay when I get birthday Beach I'm gonna blast that and my lobby I can't how do what's your username PSA right here no look in the description my shows my PSN and then pretty much my twitter is my thing I like a 5 I have Pleasant fado salty Pleasant feel so to you wait I was the last one shifty it's all I didn't get to do all mother car yes undulate very all at all if I want my purse enough to do this there's a the one that I find that I found easy buddy daddy thank you for all of those subscribers all the newbies well as your daddy hold on wait plugs forever did you add me because I'm not having people here you know I'll add back but mathlete how do you where are they it's almost right yo you like it yes your name everyone saying access to the World Cup fish stick today no that was yesterday it was people can buy it now like just today cuz we're gonna blog posts I subscribe Thank You Kai who smokers white okay so there's one with sauce you can't deny she's good music yeah that is a GU sick but when you say did you do to make your shirt brother rapping though I just put it daddy you have it up look at lavish sex rate um me too he's dreaming oh yeah yeah yeah let's go race truck I guess because anyone anyone can dance there on you don't see me yo something you got some tech excellent yeah run away no sweets me ed gun I got no money hey that was your brother I just killed your brother Jerry Jerry man why all these brothers could kind of killer Thurston's Bobby Thomas or something I don't know same Pleasant should be alright Oh somebody owes rushing it's probably just going okay can you tell me where it's where it is feels lucky if I get a grip Dre our first just no in the middle yeah Adam fellows the stream is lagging is it there's a delay on the street I'm just dreaming for my PlayStation 4 that's funny if it's lagging really bad I'm sorry they shouldn't be help the stream is a join add me hey Owen the enemy tricked is in actually not wanna John Wick's house or no well my friend kids invite any dog holy stop bugging me it's not like there's a cake right here in a racetrack Hey Ya balik Anderson there's me nice over here there's so many so here absolutely very much yeah isn't it in front of John wick sauce by the sonnet solar all right let's go to the what are the locations hold on I'm trying to type them in my notes I can copy and paste them into the chat everybody imagine um follows your daddy gets right no pressure huh beep suffice all of em oh yeah there is a kickin from the jungle don't know what else all these people these are people it's not oh my gosh [Applause] let me put my friend close he's inviting me I'm nocturnal my ears are hurting because next thing pudding-like what race track would you call the one in paradise like by poses is sweep for a pee die who is that some registers there one a John wick yes the one at John wick is right here it's the solar panels oh I guess you could just kill yourself and then just restricting much look for Lord that's up to you guys sound think we can really make it so she's in there knock rent where are they hey bro can you name all the locations you know okay one lutely to a fatal three inferno John Wick's how solar panels and then the racetrack that's right here here we couldn't use his drift did you see Smith should I use it oh he's not I think we're just gonna restart I think that's why he did the hood naturally buzzer no November's he needs probably yeah just I suddenly like the stream thinking Anthony means a lot there are also yeah there's also I've been there can you invite after yes where's the kick in loot lake okay look on my screen right now the key can loot Lake it's right here this little one right here yeah to soda this to campfires and Louie so I wouldn't say by the campfire what's up Frankie my youthful our subscribers a now bro okay really I haven't looked if so that is amazing and that's gonna be freaky day okay five shit okay fatal John wait you start about that's alright hey guys I'm Nick this one is shifty this will ensure these oh god Joseph or not roll cuffs in 20 so yeah yeah I mean the World Cup is in 23 hours I mean fax is the age of a little appreciate doing the stream that's why I will never be anything once you're just a man I am seven I I'm putting in my notes where they are right now it's like an obvious thing yeah you're a lot of the cost rumors a little bit lagging is pretty far not gonna learn which one which one the big cake the best if it's lagging it might be yours Anthony jamming said if you're looking for more tips I am I am just to do our challenges and then we're gonna copy and paste them straight into those okay Viking yeah we're gonna go there this helps you and this helps me at the same time because if you guys know where they are I can give them and then I can share it with the GC said I won't be at the World Cup they said they're gonna be at the World Cup add me back okay one moment where are they at first I thought it was every location that hasn't been touched for a while you know I thought you might say the same locations as last year fatal x-ray yeah how do you put your screen like that like all this deep sleep okay good like everybody right uh yeah I bet there's one sunny steps sirloin oh yeah I'll uh I'll invite you after they're real what's up that is it so much knobby shoulders or no boss Nagi I got no clue I know there's one fatal fields John wicks house bootleg shifty Pleasant all right I can't make it I should have put on party to this dude I'm telling you hey x-ray how do you put like your skin like that now you know the number of screens that they put like in for a night but you put it like another one no I'm not the Finn and I know you're good at that I like it when you put your gun sir you guys look like they're a little bit blacken oh I have a colored line setting Monica do you nobody put that can I put it well what you say are good idea so shoot him I don't know I'll go check real quick where is the cake and make a batch inside I bet I bet since our offensive soccer we haven't got one when I make them all heavily I think so if there is it's probably in the middle of the mall because I check outside of mega mall I was not know or not snobby oh yes mr. chair my bad guys shift gears I think there would be one here no well I think the worst thing just happened to me I actually want to come back off spawns also to everyone that please for tonight I want everyone to comment their favourite shotgun cuz I want to see you late that was nice yeah – accountant you're good I like the poem but it's just I don't know man that in the combat the new shotgun already go it sucks now night yeah I don't think go tag the neuticals kind of wack not gonna lay the pull-out time I can't I can't okay hold on I'm gonna put in the comments right now where all the cakes well where most of the cakes are I wish I could pin there but I think to do sound muddy gotten crushed man replaces the birthday cake that's what I think might happen mega moss everyone look in the comments right now you're looking for the there's no I wrongly watch is there I could I don't know I put in the comments where most of them are by now you would think tutorial channel says publish cakes are there how much case her thee certain I have seven other turn so far I just got shot at what slows I'm gonna show I'm Scott I'm a shot Backstrom trust never let me to do as their one a soccer and all I got one over present wash game no is there a cake at soccer no there's not I haven't checked behind me no one frost you all come from behind them subscribers thank you I think these guys run a llama I'll shut him this is her solo score like kefir or not this to him it's a little long video better through this what we need to do laser went out of this guy's oh my name is Dewey territory no she make though your show there oh no I got a drink this one in the tree how do you know turn grenades you got them all yeah we got them let's go through them Wow I don't have a gun well I do who put that oh that was me my action you play on PC right what's the mouse keyboard the controller all right moving off oh man that side right there kudos I need happy votes yes sir because the bullet Shere Khan thank you I'm trash – hey imagine if you went to issue go to all the new subscribers thank you it's the road – I feel like I killed a whitey kid we didn't mother screaming out huh there's Whitey's I'm not really trying at this point I'm just trying to find all the cakes just out less people though so I guess forgetting yeah and we're doing our cake challenges now no matter where the challenges were get a victory watch oh the one that Lulay can I doesn't want to deliver this all the only watch and didn't she want we've leaned on mileage I'll go check I mean time circle when we should be out of circle I'm grabbing our Bali I don't know if I press the problem but it's not all of them there's two locations I'm gonna put them all in the comments all night when I make sure I know where they all are so I don't really guys there might be women Sean yeah I'm okay I already did the one in a tree shot gathers one at race track I forgot to put that one in the box dude I'm dead but I didn't know what the list is someone lets cakes here I'll get it yeah well you're actually dead oh my god it was actually pretty bad used an RPG to kill me nothing I'm fighting right now what do you want yeah we might need an okay right now uh while you're there oh my one shit the one that make them all alright I'll try yeah just kill someone else during my ball waste I can't really go down first with somebody fighting you when you're in the storm do you know someone fought and if someone fought me like on the edges own daddy way so – oh I just called her daddy I retarted Vala why do why are you so toxic please think so like you suck – yeah he just said well yeah my daddy's got some bagels okay anything either no stranger things promotion I mean ice cream well there's two but the one on like its own little island i sings anyone here if we don't mind going in storm i want you want you go make me one I got that big X nice is there one in retail make a mug no I don't think so my guys finished we should go to shitty chefs well would you call that a bat racetrack where is the kick and guys didn't order take it loop jump Jason is one jump junction there's one junk there's one junk can I join oh hold on hold on hold on I'm supposed to invite who I just thought this during my dad usually stand late so on you know whoever was I was supposed to invite get back on because I know you're all mobile a good patients all these for insurance so they know it does really okay when you say your ace track you gotta be specific because then I need I need a junk Junction will we watch lavish yeah yeah yeah there's one a junk Junction only launch there's not a mega paradise I really want that music oh there we go hold on please young playstation have to hold on guys yeah one good junk okay we're gonna go junker wrong way Oh should go let's see where the bus Joe yeah everybody Buster's post ready okay okay yeah we know all the locations know hey I think I got most of them all written down yeah this should be you should have ten run down attention I'm first on the list okay that's the invite hold on guys yeah I don't know are you a mogul oh yeah well that's weird it just can't see your arms it's good watching on the Wii right now oh we're in Lou I don't know how to put it it's it's the one it's a campfire that's in the water not in the water put trees around it it's and I like really like vending machine spawns there's that little hill the one in lutely it's the campfire that's on its own little island in the water though you Adam like epic add me yeah you're so no post ready up we're gonna shoot this engine we rushing the bus let me join hold on we're gonna do a match with Adam did I actually came to subscribe history yo that's insane we're so close to 300 you should make his own words crazy I mean after I get my challenges done do the laundry I know 298 so more guys to turn it down there you go alone lodge okay you know you know the expiration posters Nero Lodge okay everyone so people that are looking for the one in lovely it's right here player on that strudel well gosh uh no see the one on long win right here do you guys want me don't you guys wanna know with you I'll shut our mouths okay come on over there well not everything come on I'm not everything I'm I'm going okay people are gonna do a public imagine I marked it as you right there where's the key can shift D we haven't been to that one have we isn't it like the middle of shifty Thank You Arne play more all right now wants to consume these cakes then you can Oh Sal I don't need that challenge personal now that was pretty easy this show the birthday cake down yeah I already did I already finish it if it's in circle there's a juice over here which is over here what's it going it's just these people typing F why I don't know where's the kick another where's the cake here the cake oh the cake is up there there's people Gus grenade which goal audio forgot I thought girl justice upon here wait on here hey babies come mmm x-ray just take this airplane eat to build for you uh you might wanna yes right here Junction salty where I got the woman salty I got to launch beds no way we hit 300 yeah you didn't almost son of you know I thought you said I was too away from 300 yeah – and you got – three of them who wants to wants to bother to go to junk Junction I have a non-party it's just so anyone can do it for me add my update its x-ray anonymous Adam go to junction oh and x-ray take this own hoverboard freakin go what are you from England yeah yeah okay me and all Adam are gonna go to the junction oh hey you guys did a jump party okay one is John wicks house by the solar panels people landing on them what if it'll fields by the house we're gonna do is onwards after we get all over challenges done those who are fighting right now no but honestly I'm trying friends sorry but right behind us oh that's scary sorry good okay so try to get the junk Junction and there's gonna be a bus they can't come clean site you can dance on that yeah yeah I know that dancing thing I'm just telling you it's junk Junction plain sight okay yep but you'll definitely see it alright I'm accepting for any clustering no oh oh no recon no oh you say sweaty guys no these guys are so sweaty oh I'm not trying for sure these guys are you know I'm gonna take the smaller disruption my lobby thank you for everyone it's here in town Junction here you go stream it's in junk Junction right here pretty pretty obvious I would say right yeah it's right in the middle okay do you want to play this like actual zero to try or um I just need a shotgun you see the reputation I need a combat fast there's a birthday slice in the truck some choices for you and a deagle where do you say a tiki beetles were walking through the game means I don't add people but I will um I will add you back to me is the most annoying yeah no sounds like juice world not gonna lie it's nothing it sounds like a song juicer look probably right there's one in lovely lodge the one that lovely largest right here because my internet went out it's again again Thank You Kate and gaming oh there's the one to make them out there isn't one and may go long where John snipers have one 450 fish anyone has tell them that's X it's the future all right you guys want dudes on oars yeah you too um and confuse the people here are waiting for Zuma's or they're just waiting for you guys are gonna set your shafts kick you go iconic yeah yo guys I saw your chat bro it's pretty lit man congratulations almost 300 subs bro yeah bro this is my first time playing with a YouTube so the guy who's almost hey iconic please don't strike at me okay I'm just a little deep oh yeah well you see what garlic next two struts what is all skin it's fucking just run out of a door do I was talking like fucking Donald Duck king of Starsky hey man it was hard but I still am sure everyone's of Donald Duck and dumpster bitch completely geek – wait oh right did anyone ad me off my epic I'm able to do this would you put in the code it lacks yes one put in a second okay thank God okay Sarnoff's just join guys Oh son of xt 69 island we're all gonna get swamped you guys are cool in this subscribe for saying this but subscribe to excel are you supportive and I might you will another stream write their favorite dance you guys gonna enter into an iconic we give away the new galaxy accenting which I am you know usually yeah yeah I just saw the random tree man yeah yeah I just went on the run I'm gonna be deep and I think repeatedly yeah don't stir bitch oh my shit dude it's almost for try-hards but you don't like being a try or do you like couple seconds later you're gonna be dead gonzo easy like that bro click because the for Nate loves you why not is some professional what the hell my things like at 60 oh my god wow dude my ping has never went to 20 what the fuck just playing on PlayStation I am so lucky oh my god oh my god is really low but he has never went there rowing I'm still like help all I'm trying to do 90s right now I know yeah like save as well it's like really weird you don't you're the only one not like in just on my plate you look like a rhythm subscribe well you guys oh sure that's like the lowest for me is a sports to the game then comes in to coach me and then right here behind you Oh watch your port yeah actually fucking border this is mom go dude oh fucking cool yeah doing my fucking 90 yeah that's pretty gay [Applause] fucking astronaut going against each other youtuber versus versus and you guys liked this video in the next 10 seconds you won't have bad luck for a whole year and promise you you'll find $100 on the floor okay carry on put the video we don't like this video in the next 10 seconds you'll have bad luck for the rest of the day if you don't like the video next one second all right I can't just way too many people talking and it's too laggy I can't do that John wick is in paradise bones yes can you name the locations of the cakes yes I wish I can pin it soo everyone could hear it but or see it I won't if you play on East I will play random duo's or whatever you guys want to do so long as it's not creative or playground cuz I can't it likes way too much I don't understand life what so that once we pop top suits top yeah hope you love fuck okay make it look do you make sure yo some cherries please I got a really kind of expert you're that creative was a way to hug my peen was lost a zero Oh okay yeah oh this is tough most people don't like that's other kid one to play oh yeah yeah hey make it president this guy want the player except bullet dude there's nothing nexor can I join only if you play on East while we're going till Tim I guess I do a story on like you asked you fuck cause it's going on it sorry now I'm good people by me you let's sell her to me to play with so many people watching keep on us so give me two except for in your clothes Galen yeah someone's that they sent you a friend of us know what you think accepted I'll see you nee from your quest PS account I got bandages more minis and you everyone not talking with me the bullies our ears you little fuck these people they're a lot if you look at my screen this is one person called one you boys Edward for tonight's the folks are getting the special creative on now well Chuck splashes I'm so confused so long we freely forgive them is yourselves oh and minis all right and I was saying someone got a friend request with Gabriel 99 no speed I got no clue what this person's going on about you alright I'm so confused person right there fighting I'm actually freaking out all right well I'm gonna get off this dream thank you to everyone that subscribed and like [Applause]


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