Flying to IRAQ! (Kurdistan)

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we are starting today's video by saying something that I never thought we would say today we are traveling to Iraq the only things we ever heard about the Middle East for things like war violence corruption but the more that we've traveled this part of the world the more we realize that the people in the Middle East are the kindest and most hospitable people in the world even though we have a completely different view of the Middle East than before we started travelling Iraq is still a place that I never thought we would visit just listen to what the US government says about traveling to Iraq it is listed as a level 4 do not travel zone and if you decide to go to Iraq the government suggests drafting a will and designating an appropriate insurance beneficiary and then discussing a plan with your loved ones regarding care and custody of children's pets property belonging liquid assets and funerals so the US government website makes it sound like you should plan on dying if you go to Iraq which is why we've never had it on our bucket list until a couple weeks ago we were traveling around Jordan with our friend nano and she suggested that we travel to northern Iraq which really piqued her interest we can't leave without one last kunafa like jumping in the taxi to the airport and I was like one more this is the bakery that was closed the first time we came here they is so happy we're getting to experience I think it's gonna be the best kenapa yet it's just swimming in syrup Wow any like a force I can twirl it's user it was a up until this point I had wrongly categorized the entire country of Iraq as the dangerous war zone but it turns out there is a region in the north known as Kurdistan it's an autonomous region that's governed by the Curtis so they're doing a ton of research on the region and from everything I've read I've learned that it's a relatively safe region to travel to they even had their own visa policy so if we wanted to travel to Iraq as Americans we'd have to go through this long drawn-out process of organizing an visa ahead of time however because it's governed by the Kurds we're gonna show up at the airport and they're going to give us a stamp that's going to allow us to travel around the country for the next thirty days so it's relatively safe it's a free visa it's Iraq so we figured why not but first we're going to the lounge it feels like the entire airport if this lounge wasn't baking beautiful enough ancient historic artifacts like this century mosaic believe it or not this is a birdie present you know you have to have status to get in first things first Coffee is good and strong it's special massage is perfect so we just had to pass this second security check and as the guy handed her passport back he said good luck which is just kind of a weird thing to say but good luck is just a weird thing to say when somebody is getting on the plane I'm so excited on my where we go ladies and gentlemen welcome to IBM the local time is quarter to 5:00 p.m. the outside temperature is 60 degrees Celsius okay we've officially touched down in our 89th country of Iraq hopefully when I read online about the 30-day free beast who is right oh god I can't believe we're here just like seeing the Iraqi Airways planes outside as we were coming in just felt crazy we made it through immigration no problem and now we just had to figure out how to get to our hotel and get some money okay we made it to immigration no problem we got some money now we have to figure out how to get to our hotel think we jump on this so they don't like taxis off the street just drive up to the airport I assume for safety reasons so you jump on this free shuttle bus come outside the airport property and then you can catch a taxi on the day hello master day no okay good yes okay no problem okay can't wait to see more of airfield seems like the official airport taxi is the only option because nobody else is allowed to like come in to the airport and normally a walk outside of an airport and try to figure something out but pretty I just pay for this time but I will say everyone was very nice and they even gave me a little bit of discount because I stood there long basically we told them that we weren't here for business and we weren't gonna be able to just give a receipt for reimbursed oh yes I will give you a receipt we'll give you a receipt I made there used to just like tourists traveling it's three best selfie lighting all right we're visually out and about in Erbil at first things first go and find some dip our hotel is really nice and it's always $60 a night and it includes breakfast honestly this whole city is much nicer than I thought it was gonna be yeah if I didn't know where we were I'd just feel like we were in any other big nice city anywhere else yes we guide our hotel where we should eat tonight and he suggested this restaurant it was right around the corner many Latino lemmings I ordered a chicken shawarma plate that seems like a fence I just got a plate with this massive loaf of bread with this other basket be flattering and an entire plate of meat and Frenchmen this is just for me Nate has a whole mountain of rice chicken I think of it 11 here well terrible it looks like I barely made a dent I think we big-time ordered like Americans I think we probably should have ordered like one main dish to split and then like a few small Messi's to go along with it but instead we cut two massive mills we didn't know and okay this huge thing girl next to us got this drink and it looked really fun and so I told our waiter that we wanted one about to put bang surely you can drink it it's just chilly they don't just serve you a drink to my dad can I drink yes no no James really he said no and then he brought another one this is a cripple so should we do oh gee he's not sturdy and okay there's a chance that that's the equivalent what a funny night before we move any further into this Iraq series and in this video we just wanted to clarify one thing and that's that we didn't come here like seeking to push what's safe with travel if anything this should be a testimony to how much we've learned about the world over the past three years and how much travel has opened our minds because tonight we're in a place that we never thought we'd be there are so many places that I either didn't want to go to or I was too scared to go to that we've ended up traveling to these last three years and every single time as soon as we get there my eyes are just open to this whole new world and my perspective has totally changed and it's such a great feeling so that's really what we're here hoping to do we're hoping to expand our view of the world and learn something about a country and a culture that we really didn't know anything about them till like we the very slow going to the louse for the mealtime so just think a serious thank you don't put that in the video don't put that in the video don't come come come oh yeah and if we're being honest we see this as a little bit of a test we still don't know exactly what we're gonna do at the end of the year when we hit under countries but one of the things that we've probably been throwing around the most is not making promises just like gotta keep me


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Just saying calling Kurdistan Iraq is an offense because it is totally different than Iraq pls next time you talk about Kurds call it kurdistan and not Iraq also cus we don’t like to be classified as Iraq

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Iraq 🇮🇶
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