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hey guys Tony here and this is tech max this week's problem book and flights online sucks it just always has now when I was traveling a lot about five to ten years ago I had resigned myself to using Expedia some friends at the time they liked kayak they said it was cheaper but for me for where I was going Expedia was always cheaper and it had the benefit of it sucked less in Orbitz well this is 2015 you think that there'd be some brand new startup or new travel booking site that doesn't suck turns out the one came out three and a half years ago I just completely forgot about it the solution Google flights now there are some interesting startups doing cool things like vamos what they do is multi City trip planning there's also audio SOCOM they're trying to integrate natural language into travel search then there's also Hipmunk I was never too impressed by them I think that they get undue hype and attention but having booked a few trips recently my money is easily on Google flights as the best travel sign out there it's one of my favorites and I'm gonna be using it exclusively for my trips in the near future let's take a look and I'll show you why all right so we go ahead and open up a new browser tab and just type in flights duck google.com they'll take us straight to the Google flights interface and immediately notice that it's fast and also it's very visual I think one of my favorite features is really this map down here and I'll show you why so a couple weeks ago when I friends told me you know what I want to go somewhere the week of March 13th let's go somewhere cheap I said all it takes to find out where to go it's quick cheap is putting the dates see that if you want to stay in the continental US it'll automatically update all the pricing for the time period you put in pretty like I don't really want to spend that much so four round-trip flights I want to get there for under 200 bucks there you go so that quickly you can see for 200 bucks working going the US so yeah sure Denver sounds good maybe Memphis not too crazy about any other choices and then if you're pretty particular you just want to only deal with non stops boom option right there and if you're very much into rewards you can choose the different airline specifications if you need to leave or come back before a certain time you can manage that in the times drop-down and there's also duration but this map view I love it when I just know weekend that's I want to go somewhere let's say let's just do something else sorry I want to go somewhere for a long weekend in May I'll get rid of the price filter only non-stop there we go I got everything and I can zoom out so in May I want to actually go to Europe somewhere sure more so it looks like good deal I'm gonna go there fast and easy no help I can go to Abu Dhabi for under 900 bucks to me that's a deal but it's fast it's very easy to work with I really like this map view going back to the general layout a general interface something else that I used when I booked a recent trip to Europe was similarly and saying okay I want to go to Copenhagen so I'll put that in here I know the exact dates I want to go because I requested that time off from work whatever it may be there's gonna be an end of April so let's say I'm gonna go the 19th through the 27th now I already saw my favorite part this calendar layout is super helpful I haven't seen anything like this maybe it exists and other products that I just haven't really found them but I mean that quickly there's no loading times there's no gimmicks there's no upsells you can see right here how the prices are going to change when you make the trip a day longer a day shorter or leave a different day all right let's try one last thing let's try one feature that I haven't used so far let's go to brand new tab and up and we see how long it takes me to put together the best trip ever so let's do a multi-city go from Chicago any best trip has to start in Dublin and let's do it's not gonna take off in June then from Dublin I want to see those dumbass pandas let's go I imagine they had them in Beijing yeah we can each place sounds good then I want to see some don't not Dublin I'm gonna see some sand in Dubai that I want to see The Hobbit crap so go to New Zealand and grand finale let's go to Wichita there we go what was it under a minute 9,000 then I'll Drive home or whatever so Google flights is fast visual and flexible it's not wasting your time or trying to upsell you or hiding things from you and if you're open to traveling to a general region and don't have a specific city in mind it can't be beat that's why Google flights is one of my favorites if you enjoy this let me know by subscribing or commenting if you have any questions about Google flights other travel tools I've used or have any ideas about what I should check out next let me know in the comments until next time thanks


Find Cheap Flights · June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

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thatcoolkidjoey · June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

really after seeing the whole world you would go to Wichita to haha

Di Ch · June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

Very interesting

Tom Mulders · June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

Cool video on Google Flight Search!

Shahaf Abileah · June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

Something else I like about google flights is that they automatically suggest ways to save money if you're flexible about your dates.

For example, I was planning a trip for my parents to visit Palm Springs.  Their dates were flexible.  I did an initial search with some starting-point depart/return dates.  Google shows the best flights but also says "you can save $XX by instead returning on date Y" and gives you a link to see it.  You can keep clicking on these links to quickly hone in on the best possible dates.

Then, the clincher, you can head over to Expedia.  Expedia gives reasonable deals for flights + hotels.  They don't do a good job helping you discover the best possible dates, but google already solves that for you.  So, once you know the dates you can simply punch them into Expedia to see what kind of deal you can get for flights + hotels.  I think the deal I got was around $700 total for two people to fly from Portland OR to Palm Springs and spend 5 nights in a 4 star hotel.

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