Fallout 76: Cool and Unique C.A.M.P. Locations! Part 20

Published by Darron Toy on


Ultramarine Ice Queen · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

My stay in the cranberry bog last two whole days! Stupid Scorchbeasts! Nothing like returning to just a concrete slab, lol!

Erwin Siuta · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

Hi there mate! I'm looking for place to build small a junk yard i want to stack as many as possible appliances on top of each other to make them look like junk buy/sell place and put there somewhere player vending machines but i need a place with a mesh/wire fence and little structure somewhere around savage divide maybe?

Max James · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

And thanks for doing all the videos

Max James · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

I really like the more and cranberry one thanks for doing it

parasitic child · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

Please don't stop this series, they're very interesting

Ryan forsythe · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

I have my camp south of alpha, on the eastern waterfall and the wood bridge. It's a cool camp because i get random spawns from mothman and the mythical flatwoods monster.

thelegendarygamer 375 · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

Wow decoy you are just pumping these cool and unique camp locations out

Fallout Plays · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

My man decoy!!! This is amazing! I am LOVING These camp videos! Keep it up!

Patrick Munksbøg · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

I like the mire one 🙂 they really should add more structures or at least make some visual options for the current ones .. awesome video as always!!

Justin Bell Pa · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

Mannequin is a smooth criminal and well call the one spot the glory hole since random junk is hanging out lol

Alexis 8889 · May 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

In that trailer mole miners always spawn,i've been there too but didn't counted on that trailer as a camp,interesting,the mire location is a very convenient spot to stay,the structure has only 1 entrance,the guard tower and it's close to the burros and relatively close to the cranberry bog,as for the cranberry bog that one looks like a place to hide from a scorched beast and fast travel back to a safer place.
Sure good video and looking forward for more curious/cool/interesting camp locations 😀

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