Fallout 4 Secret Locations – Top 5 Secret Locations & Hidden Areas (Fallout 4 Secrets)

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so how's it going guys welcome back to another video and today I'm gonna be taking a look at five awesome secret locations and areas within that fallout 4 now there won't be a few more than five they're going to be honorable mentions that you will see throughout the video as well but before I go ahead and just compile a bunch of these into one a video and as always if you do enjoy these compilations of the videos be sure to leave a like Leo of course is always greatly appreciated on the channel anyway with all that being said let's get straight into the first one so the first one is a secondary location and what I mean by a secondary location is that there isn't a marker on the map that will technically show you where this is but if you go ahead and come over to this location on the map you'll find like a building over a cliff and inside of that building there's going to be this weird or launcher type of thing and if you go ahead and shoot the tip of the canisters you will see that they go flying off into the distance and eventually explode in any random location kind of like your own little fireworks display type thing I guess you could say so this is just one of those call it or a guest type of minigame secret locations that were left in the game just have a little bit of fun with once you've shot off at these three canisters on at the actual launcher itself you can actually pick them up off the shelves there I put them or place them over there I guess you could say again but unfortunately as you can see for me they all just exploded on me so I didn't get a chance to show you guys that but that is also something you can do at this location now for the second location this one is very very interesting it's actually an abandoned house out in the going see right here on the map as you guys can see and when taking a first look at this you'll think it's just a normal you know just house that you can enter but it's actually a lot more than that hidden inside of here through the trap door is an installation base now to get inside of here you are gonna have to go ahead and loot the dead body inside of here and he will have at the key on him and then when you go ahead and go down into this installation base just in general this is one of those weird type of locations you'll find a few sins down here I just roaming around which is quite weird in it Souths and you find a bunch of supplies and stuff and one of the best things about this installation base is that when you eventually make your way down to the bomb and believe me this is quite a big base to actually explore and loot but when you make your way down to the bomb there'll be a – of excellent power armor just waiting there for you so if you haven't actually got the excellent power armor yet this is also another location of exactly where you can obtain this for the next secret location this one is kind of confusing to me because it's kind of like a glitched or location you're gonna be doing a lot of jumping from building to building to actually get here but there's quite a bit of things that you can loot in this place and it's actually a secret location that is located on top of Diamond City so how you actually get here if you want to go to the front entrance of Diamond City exactly where I am right now and once you're here you're gonna be following my lead all the way around to the right side of the ramp and then into the building and basically at the mid level of this building just one flow down from the top it's you're gonna know is that half the building has pretty much gone you know you can actually jump out the building from this area so once again follow my lead here you're gonna be jumping from this building all the way into the other building the one with those vertical windows in exactly where you see me going now now just as a quick tip before you do this I do suggest that you click Save just in case you do mess this part up and end up you know falling to your death or something but once you've made it to this building you're dangling making it to the very top portion other their specific building itself so to do that what you want to do is a come to the very edge of the building then start jumping up the edge as you see I'm doing here and when you're here you're going to be doing one more big jump so what's it going to suggest that you click Save here as well and you're going to be doing one big jump all the way over to the next building and when over at the next building what you want to do is you want to come over to the right side of the building itself and kind of push against the wall and you'll notice that you're kind of glitching through the wall and this will essentially allow you to jump and I jump again to get to the higher portion of this building exactly where this glass window is and from here you are pretty much done you've got to do one more final big jump as you can see I'm doing right now on it to the top of Diamond City and if you go ahead and take a right and jump into this room here this is where the secret location is and the reason that confuses me is because you can actually loot things up here as you can see I found a mini-nuke you'll find them kind of medical suppliers and just general supplies right here as well and just outside of here on the roof if you go outside of the building and take a left instead you'll find like a skeleton with beer bottles around him and stuff and the reason weight confuses me is because you're evidently not supposed to go up here like it's one of those occasions that are really feel itchy and you sort of have the glitter appear in general to actually get here so I'm going to do sure what's going on with this location I have a thing that they probably planned for this to be in the game and I've planned for this to be an area that you can go to and maybe describe to at the last minute and left it in here but either way this is how you get to the location on top of Diamond City and while you're in the location of diamond say why not check out the Hawthorne residence which is a house that is literally full of cats as weird as that sounds it is literally full of cats and cat pitches and stuff now this is one of the honorable mentions of the video but starting off from Diamond City if you go ahead and take a right go all the way up the stairs so you do have to pick a lock the door here as you can see to the Hawthorne residence but when entering this building as you can see there's just cats everywhere there's cat pictures on the wall and whoever lives here is evidently a cat lover I just think it's one of those little cool things that you can check out and definitely surprise in like when enter buildings in Fallout you don't really expect a bunch of cats just to be lying about everywhere so pray for you want there and I don't know what it is about cats in Fallout but if you come to this location out in the ocean in literally in the middle of the ocean right here on the map and you take a bit of a dive into the ocean itself and keep going all the way down until it kind of becomes clear you'll notice that a boat is kind of turned upside down well if you go inside of that boat and then look at the wood you'll notice that there's a bunch of cat pictures in there as well with the words meow scratched into it and this is just one of those weird locations I actually showed this one in my be my Easter eggs and secrets video which if you do want to check that out by the way that will be linked down in the description down below but it just kind of weird how there's a lot of cat references in fallout unders weird kind of cat things that you can check out with in the world of fallout and for the final location today this one is basically a almost what I would say hidden plumbing location it's actually a secondary location once again so this won't actually be a place that you'll see on the map but if you go ahead and comment to this specific location on the map itself and then go up to the door you'll notice that it will take you to a place known as a plumber's secret now inside of here it would just seem like a normal place that you can lose your fun a few radroaches in here and that you will need to just kill and just generally looking around here you're just saying there's nothing really off it you don't think it's one more place that there really isn't anything too special in here but if you actually caught the stairs you'll notice a huge line of plungers that are stuck to the ceiling and basically in the middle of those plungers you'll notice that there's a piece of wood that's also attached to the ceiling from these plungers as well now if you actually shoot that piece of wood it will basically drop down and it would drop down with it a cap stash that you can pick up as well as a free syringe economy it's definitely worth going here in general just to check out and if you don't have a syringe gun yet you can go ahead and pick one off you can't find it at several different locations but this is just one of the non locations for it and for those of you who don't know the syringe line is pretty much what is used with that crafted syringe ammo which can have different effects depending on which kind of ammo that you have crafted from being able to poison people being able to stun people and stuff like that all round is just an awesome location to check out if you haven't already within at fallout 4 and that pretty much wraps it up for this compilation today once again I just thought I'd throw in a couple of secret locations that you can go to I'll probably have another top 5 coming to you guys so just another 5 or secret locations in general sometime over next weekend probably as well as at the series that I love you guys enjoy it on this channel which is either going to be the five round unique weapons guide or another ten rare and unique weapons kind of did both for them on the channels already both with different weapons each time so if you want to check those out we leave that linked down in the description down below but I can hopefully get either a 500 weapons guide or a top 10 row weapons guide out to you guys tomorrow so do stick around for that subscribe if you guys are new around leave a like if you did enjoy this video and I catch you guys next time with a brand new video peace out


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