Fall Picnic Plan with Me in my 2019-2020 Erin Condren Planner

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hey everybody its Robin well I'm here to do a play with me in my Erin Condren this is the 2019 2020 Erin Condren that started in July and we are going to be doing the week of July the 22nd through the 28th and I'm gonna be using one of my kids because I just love it I think it's so cute I can't wait till fall to use it so I'm gonna use it now this is a fall kit called fall picnic that is in my shop right now so that's what it looks like if you haven't seen it yet and I pulled out some of these washi tapes from simply gilded I kind of like this one is kind of a it's a little bit of a plaid print to it and then so I don't know which ones are if all I'll use but that's what I pulled out so I'm going to go ahead and do the bottom washi and I like doing mine all the way across I just do so because of this you get this way and my original thought Jesus done here was to I do our meals and the lower half and I do want to do that I just I want to make little headers and you know it says meals know that not just I don't find the time to do the things I want for my sandwich so eventually right because I'm gonna have to do it so I don't match the kids in my own design and kid I just don't think about trying to sit done ready to plan so but I think that it looks cute all right I'm also gonna use this top washing this top washing I'm gonna use this washy strip along the top here and since I'm not sure it's gonna cover up that July all the way there we go where's from naio seat I wanna just let me just got lady these down I got my steak hitters on so how is everyone's summer going I don't even feel like it's summer yet I mean it's just okay it's so much going on and so so busy and Ronnie is so busy and it's like we never get a moment just to breathe it feels like I mean we're always doing something we're talking about trying to plan our vacation maybe for the fall but we talked about a little bit and then get sidetracked on other things I have to be done so maybe someday okay yeah I'm gonna do some full boxes and I want to make sure this is covered up someone to do this first and I think I'm gonna do it with this one yeah I don't work I'm gonna line it up on the second line there there we go my stickers are pretty thick I use premium matte paper so unless it's a very very light print which I still haven't had that problem for it to show through okay so up here I want to pet let me try this one and that's gonna like that may bring you down just a hair I could bring you down to four-piston I get out of frame then I get involved in doing this and I forget you are watching all right so I'm Monday and use the camera and then Tuesday let's do the end I don't have any rhyme or reason just what I feel like needs to come down I'm gonna get the washer over here so this past weekend we we meaning me and my brother and sister and our spouses surprise my mom with a little trip for her birthday for the weekend and to the casino she'd never been and my brother just thought she'd love it shockingly she did my sister and I were like what but she says she had a really good time um she enjoyed it we each gave her money to you know just share with my dad she shared a little bit with him um heard them to gamble on and she went back with money in her pocket which was good actually yeah I'm just gonna leave it there then I'm gonna take this one all right okay I'm gonna take this one I do that that I can't put the big box I didn't think this out as usual there was really no plane when I do it I just yeah that's gonna overlap it won't work yeah they still go up here it's what we'll do okay that's not good a half and I guess on the sheet 2 oh we're cut the middle I hope my other one said that so now I'll have it been like that won't be so sad if it is every day don't let me know if you purchased one of these kids I'll have to send a message to y'all have it so too many rotten yeah that would be awful alright so this one I'm gonna grate about right here also let's go back check that I hate it I check these stickers over and over and sometimes things happen alright nothing is perfect in the planar world when you learn that you won't stress so much about your planner as long as you like it and you enjoy it that's all it matters okay yeah they're my boxes all right still grocery list will be over here and I'm gonna use this box right here I'm gonna pick I think to do yeah that's anything I need from the store they're so nice you know I got so that one's gone so hobbies 200 some use my weekend sticker right here jump it up here we put it up here there we go alright get my nails my nails done I think I need to make this a little smaller trying to figure out what stars to make your your um now that did that – oh man I've got to go back fix some of this trying to figure out my sauce to make your icons oh my goodness lovely maybe this this is a kid that I was gonna I have boobs kits that are used sometimes tell me that maybe that's what this was I hope anal man all right so we have a picnic basket think about right here two blankets yeah I'll put it right here and a couple flowers and I know that I've been again it came in pieces oh that makes me so angry okay I'm on petty here I'm gonna go back as soon as I get this done go back and check that stuff I hope this was just an idea and sometimes it's just turning off the color or the cut lines and I may have forgot that in this I'm very possibly alright so that was fun I'd like just to quarter boxes and the meals in the notes and I won't be using this so all right I think that turned out really cute let me get some new dates that the 22nd 20 it's not much perfect the colors these this was a I used actually last week I'm the least alluring play on see but this colors match this kid and I can continue numbers can you believe July's I was gone there we go yep I mean that's all for spy nine because it turns off the next three days of July run into August crazy crazy alright so there you go I hope you enjoyed that and I'm scared now but I do think now that I'm thinking about I think that wasn't you skip and I just forgot to turn off those cut lines um so anyway I hope y'all enjoyed that and I will see you soon bye


Planasyouwish · July 23, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Cute spread

CRAFTieJjNEWton · July 23, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Love your layout TFS

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