EYE SPLAPS!?- Rayman legends Gameplay+All Teensie locations+Funny Moments

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whats up everybody my name is Wizzywade today we’re
going to be playing another level last time i took an L cause I didn’t get
all the lums though i were supposed to i was suppose to to get 300 then i got 267 totally
embarrassing I thought I was awesome at this game so I’m gonna prove it right now
that I’m awesome oh he’s back it’s the helper dudes ahh im just gonna call him Helper DUDE LETS JUST HIT that guys eye [beatdrop]” EYE SLAP UMMGH I JUST heard help me just gonna time it AND Jab then pressin that button I slap I slap ok , that guys bad at hiding Did he think i was not gonna see him?[DISAPPOINTED] those guys are BUNDGEE JUMPING, this won’t
stop me let’s go hit that zombie because he’s
BEING A SHIT HE was rubbing that lum under his armpit
okay there’s ooooh it’s just going to the hey whoa whoa I’m
gonna turn into the Beast oh yeah got that hype yeh got that hype man I
can see that there s a hiding spot over there super easy to find they so there so
embarrassingly bad at these bad these I have to jump over there then
I have to jump and then turn the wheel so that late teens can come to me and
break like that I’m a genius yeah I’m a genius hey let’s just keep on
going okay this page one and a touch come on man you can do better than this
you have to make it harder for me to make it find challenging because this
ain’t happy baby is standard for attend level 3 or level 4 or what I think step
4 I don’t care whoa
something that almost got me there okay ticklish easy to find plenty show you too risky
there aren’t any stars Oh cut them all awesome that’s amazing
thinking is watching what putt-putt that ok guys thanks for watching like subscribe and
I’m out here okay here peace

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