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oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm sucking down there oh my god we're going behind behind behind scenes brno feet of black rhino name all right you guys I'm Blake welcome back to Blake exotic anywhere today we're at Zoo Miami and I'm going to slide down the otter enclosure yeah awesome we actually have these here in the state of Florida swimming around and all the rivers lakes and ponds pretty cool what's up Lois bring exotics of the world is here with us as well all right guys we're inside Oh crocodile enclosure but there's no crocodiles in here today they're on the bank it's too cold here still South Florida so they're up above we will look at its second go see you all right guys we're in the Florida area tied together seen at Zoo Miami right here there's actually a gopher tortoise a very endangered species here in South Florida or in Florida and this is like a green box getting all the natural Sun as well it's like the little natural burrows that they made to mimic them being out in the Florida they live in the pine forests and things of that sort you find them you bring them to a Wildlife Center because sometimes they get lost but those are pretty cool tortoises they're awesome only Florida species of tortoise here also burrowing I was in here as well another endangered species we have here in Florida see we see any hope another tip I will looks just like this the burrowing owl and they live in the burrows with the gopher tortoises as well they cohab with each other in the same exact world to make pretty cool that see the fish Betty's oh my god oh my god oh oh we got a jackpot house with all it worth right there look at this you guys this is freaking fish frenzy baby look at I'm sucking down there oh my god tornado now that's a koi pond but if you want to have this many koi you're gonna have a billion gallons of water okay don't have that that much gallons but that's pretty cool so these beds right here blackhead its Swampy's they are awesome definitely would love to have some leaves in the ranch and look at the five Gosling's of they're in the back probably the father watching over the mothers right here look at those little Gosling it's pretty there and cute we've been protecting them this one here watching have like three goals already that's awesome one of my favorite geese that they're swans the hook out cute that is you guys the baby is literally floating on the back of the black-headed Swan that's very funny that's so cool are you guys we're about to go feed an Indian Rhino and then when we do that as soon as that we're going behind behind behind scenes ever no feed of black rhino named chunky awesome rhino let's go through this Indian runner real quick a good sense of smell and good hearing and this isn't Shu singer this is a black man yes black rhinos have a prehensile lip which to grab that mouth they have no teeth in the front so there can't bite your fingers off but if your hands go so far back don't crush your head but you will still have your fingers which is that's good would you rather a crushed hand or new fingers gosh man yes I say that just because all right in the back I see the reaction of people now what I like to show people the strength of their yeah jaws because for you to try to fight through this would be tough now if you just listen that knee that's pretty impressive in anything I think that's awesome buddy basically Toshi is an overgrown puppy dog forty-two and his main die here is pretty much hanging a profit like a pebble tell that he died – yeah he gets spelled 25 pounds of grain a lack of color green my daddy well this what we're doing now this celery and carrots yeah or a tree you don't get that every day yeah yeah yeah we medicate them we'll give him and they hate with bananas because lots of times she's getting 35 pills yeah pills or something like that and the black horns the black rhinos horns get real big like the white get real long in the wild I've seen pictures and movies up a foot long in captivity because the chain-link the coral rock cement yeah there are other times they rub more and it's really the same thing as your now for diagnose some people go oh is that I every day are nocturnal I spend pretty much all day in Africa but they would every coach and they are pretty community Oh get out there we go oh boy that's for ganja full-grown beautiful do the math on this thing I got nothing for you they'll come touch like a elephant or now yeah one of the things you're not going to hear with no noise but every time that's other school than the top along with those get other as long as they are now that's it [Applause] and the baby that's his first owner our daughter his first son yes that'd be cool babies that there are you guys gonna end up giving the baby another zoo it looks like and he said he's a male and how would you know close to six news now Kelsey over there no flag with all the buildings probably now she was out earlier we have is a pretty territorial but I don't think they get that reputation because people typically don't come across a pig yeah where they live that it's very hard to get there you even have a vet here who's a pygmy hippo like expert she study pygmies it may be pickles in the wild and she's spent a month there she only found like 30 Wow so they're very hard to find one of the really neat things about the Bell is the living was really dense forests and they sort of eat all the grass navigating people they get super scared they run away and they go right through these pretty cool they know all their little cuddles everywhere you say they're nocturnal because that night doesn't there's no Sun right like that yes and that's my move that what do you think about that is dance you've spent more time out of the water they got a game oh honey wake up what does a middling I thought where she is you know get that face come on you Mike Lewis look at his face yeah that thing is adorable they just walk right you have it again the boy okay are you guys we just got done with the black rhino and the mini hippos as you guys saw that was insane for today's post notifications shoutout goes to Ellen sill she said you are amazing I love your channel and the animals please continue doing what you're doing I'm gonna keep on doing what they're doing every single day you guys I love what I do and we're we're new right now we're gonna go feed those giraffes make sure you guys put another post notification down in the comments to be able to get shout it out and every single one of my videos we're gonna feed some reticulated giraffes right now let's get it going yummy-yum Ortiz there you go that's more like it come on now yeah there you go and I thank you for your reticulated giraffe I think I might have to do it boy Dylan's gonna do it too you get closer it's alright just big kisses awesome there you go Instagram video here we come y'all better follow me on instagram likes exotic animal ranch because there's always different kinds of things ever put on Instagram thank you got it in a ring right there so I'm gonna go inside the Amazon area where there's a giant tank you know this is literally my dream tank you're gonna see the thing it is insane also right here you guys look the nice beautiful stinger here probably a 18 inch thing right just like a predatory fins we got Beauty outdoors here in software that's pretty awesome let's go inside and look at this monster thing literally this is top of the notch biggest monster tank probably ever seen it's insane look at it oh my god brother those are full-size pretz-elle catfish that there that's probably four and a half five foot that Haku is over eighty nine pounds and then the great boxers have them all hair pine nuts in the back just hanging out we have an anger captain troops all catfish right there this is Tiger trouble nose this is literally the dream Amazon tank right here we're gonna put this inside the new barn something like this look at these glass the size of his father but like–imagine guess if you think we could power healthy impossible we need go inside to feed these monsters that be a dream come true if the I think come here says I'm a little kid sitting right where Luis is that sitting right there and just sitting there with my mom I'm like wow but look at those haircuts for River Monsters right there beautiful river box at five holy moly so remember you're getting me this pets we need a tank like this it can't make it tank like this don't buy this is four and a half foot probably right down probably like sixty seven to five probably so brother get a boyfriend when I recognize it beautiful cap is literally true Vermonters together look I'm telling you guys look how big this thing gets that's why I told you guys make sure you guys have a Cheyenne tank because you got to make sure you keep this thing for the whole entire life 15 20 years and that little 2 inch pitch you get at the pet store turned into this remember mom literally river monster well bull water boom right here in the corner that defeating these things oh my god insane either bellies on those things there are true breeders cool stuff you guys these enclosures everything you guys saw is pretty much what my goals are all the time here at Lake he's gotta get my wrench and you guys see this is definitely a goal to be a dream hopefully that will come true we're gonna put inside I've looked inside again a wrench inside of the new building that will be getting built soon a monster tank like this with a viewing panel would be insane with all these fish you know we have some crazy permits as well so who knows what's gonna happen all right buddy this is going to be the end of the video Jenelle over here helped us out seeing all those rhinos those hippos on everything and those giraffes if you guys want to help conservation help save those rhinos you guys could follow Jenelle right here on her Instagram and she's gonna have all the links all the things that are coming up for these rhinos bowling for rhinos is gonna be the link she doesn't have it up yet everything's gonna be starting to come but if you guys want to follow along you follow her Instagram and you guys will be able to help save the Rhinos out on the wild and bring them money for these awesome amazing creatures so make sure you guys subscribe put those post notifications on and you guys like I said make sure you guys follow her on Instagram so you guys are always ready so you guys could save these rhinos keep them horny guys


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