European Sojourn Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

Published by Darron Toy on

(classical music)
– This 23-day itinerary includes eight remarkable countries. Begin your voyage in
fascinating Amsterdam. Sail onto Kinderdijk and
its network of windmills. In vibrant Cologne,
Germany’s largest cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (classical music) From Koblenz, you’ll
visit Marksburg Castle, perched high above the Rhine, while quaint Miltenberg features some of the oldest
half-timbered houses in Germany. (classical music) In Wurzberg, tour the ornate
baroque Bishop’s Residenz. Bamberg is a picturesque medieval city, perfect for strolling. Nuremberg offers panoramic
views from the city walls, while Regensburg has buildings
dating to Roman times. Passau is home to Europe’s
largest pipe organ in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. And in Melk, you can
explore the well-preserved 900-year-old Benedictine monastery. Vienna is rich in art and architecture. (classical music) Budapest is stunning, especially the dramatic
Fishermen’s Bastion. (classical music) Visit Belgrade and its
famed Kalemegdan Fortress. (classical music) You’ll cruise the Danube
through the dramatic Iron Gate, while at Belogradchik, you can explore its
dramatic rock formations. (classical music) Spend a day in Veliko Tarnovo,
Bulgaria’s former capital, before finishing your adventure
with a visit to Bucharest, where you’ll tour the city
and enjoy an overnight stay. (classical music)