ESAFE – Hazardous Locations

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ESAFE approves equipment for Hazardous Locations
to Canadian Standards. Hazardous Locations are areas where the potential
for an explosive atmosphere exists because of the possible presence of
flammable gas, vapour, dust, fibres or flyings. If equipment in a hazardous location
does not meet all the electrical safety requirements, the results can be devastating. ESAFE’s expertise in HazLoc product certification
ensures that your equipment is properly reviewed to provide everyone the assurance
that your equipment is safe. Our highly trained evaluators
can promptly analyze your equipment, no matter how large or how small,
and ensure that it meets all the codes and standards that are applicable for the area classification. ESAFE is accredited by the standards Council of Canada and uses an ISO 17065 compliant
quality management system. Our experience, knowledge and perfect track record,
has resulted in full recognition of our approval process with all Canadian Authorities Having Jurisdiction. When your HazLoc equipment has our mark of approval, you can be confident that it not only
meets the minimum safety and legal requirements for use everywhere in Canada,
but you can also take pride in knowing that your equipment has
the only Canadian mark for electrical safety which has been trusted for over 100 years

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