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hello everyone gecko here the
mechanicals are a bit bored today and they want to play with something I got a
special surprise idea for them and Eric the excavator is going to help we’re
going to turn Eric into a theme park ride I’ve designed a new attachment for
Eric’s boom it’s a big bucket with enough seats for all of the mechanicals
Eric will be able to pick up the bucket and spin it around and around really
really fast I call it the excavator rotator does that sound like a fun ride
mechanicals do you want to help me build the new attachment brilliant let’s get
to work that’s it it’s finished that looks
amazing Eric’s all ready to start the ride
be ready mechanicals hop on board I know you’re nervous Green but it’s perfectly
safe we might finally you enjoy it go on give it a go I think we need a countdown
from five ready five four three two one wow that looks like great fun well done Eric oh dear Blue looks very dizzy watch out for those tires oh dear
too late look we love the rides so much that she wants another go well done
Green for being brave that was so much fun I hope you enjoyed seeing Eric’s new
attachment in action as much as we did there’s loads more digger rides like this
in my video all about Diggerland and you can watch it here and to subscribe to my
channel just tap here for now it’s cheerio from gecko Byeeee

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Cute Baby TV · July 21, 2019 at 7:55 am

I Always watching every gecko video, awesome

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