Enter the Dragon Hong Kong Locations/Bruce Lee Biography Documentary by Bey Logan for CNX

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I'm here in Hong Kong on the peak where in 1973 a shot was filmed from this very spot to play under the opening credits of the martial arts classic Enter the Dragon that movie remains the one by which all other kung fu movies are judged and it's the movie they put Bruce Lee firmly on the worldwide cinema stage now CNX takes you behind the cameras for an exclusive look on location enter the dragon Hong Kong check it out this is castle pink temple where the opening scenes of anthem dragon was shot the first guy we see Bruce Lee fight in the movie is a slimmed down version of saml hong who would later find international fame as the star of the CBS TV series martial law the abbot ironically enough is played by Roy Chou a committed Christian who's here playing a Buddhist monk you oughta see Roy menacing Harriston forward at the beginning of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom then there's the young boy that Bruce Lee teaches a lesson too he's played by Stephen Dunn why who would like to find greater Fame behind the camera as the action director on films like would you believe scooby-doo and the more recent bulletproof monk Enter the Dragon was like the starting position for a whole generation of Hong Kong martial arts movie talent where this modern development now thunders up to the sky there once stood the mighty Golden Harvest studios where all of the interiors for Enter the Dragon was shot there used to be an old shanty town just down there and that was where the fight scene was shot between Angela mal yang and a Horus thugs Angela Molly yang was taiwanese native an expert in chinese opera who made the move to making martial arts movies although she's best known internationally for playing Bruce Lee's sister Lin – the Dragon she had a successful solo career at Golden Harvest filming movies like when Taekwondo strikes in Hapkido she's now happily retired married and lives in Los Angeles this is the Kate collison cemetery where at the beginning event of the Dragon Bruce Lee comes to pay his respects at the graves of his sister and mother you may notice in the scene that Bruce is wearing a very sharp gray suit this was something that Robert Klaus wanted to bring to Lee's character in the film he was somebody who would be equally at home in any environment so the beginning we see him at the Shaolin Temple and later in the modern metropolis of Hong Kong this is different from the earlier Golden Harvest films Bruce had made where he was depicted very much as the country bumpkin director Robert Klaus wanted a martial-arts hero who would also be a man of the world behind me is the Hyatt Hotel in Kowloon and it was a suite in this building that provided the offices for mr. Braithwaite in Enter the Dragon Oh Braithwaite himself was played by Geoffrey weeks who was then head of programming at Hong Kong's Radio 3 several months after enter dragon wrapped he went home at lunch time was later found dead in his bed another victim of the curse of the Dragon we'll never know this is aberdeen harbour from here that the junk sails to the island of mr. Han carrying with it the competitors to the tournament it's also here that we see for the first time our three leading men the displaced riverboat gambler Roper played by John Saxon soul brother number one Williams played by Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee played by Bruce Lee in fact two of the three were second choices for their respective roles originally the man casters Roper was william smith a towering American actor who'd been in dozens of Roger Corman biker flicks and is now best known for playing the father of Conan the Barbarian in the film of the same name unfortunately Smith is way over six feet tall and Bruce Lee found out he decided the disparity in their sizes on-screen was too much to handle he hired them or regularly proportioned John Saxon instead the Jim Kelly role recently was intended for a black axe named Rockne Tarkington but the night before production was about to commence target and cold air producer Fred Weintraub and said he felt he was being exploited talking him was out Jim Kelly was in and as far as I can make out Rockne Tarkington never heard from ever the movie is very much Bruce Lee's in front of and behind the camera to see the huge leap forward he made in terms of martial arts movie making you need only look at the other films made by Robert Klaus or indeed the Hong Kong martial arts films also made during 1973 Klaus himself brought an American sensibility to the film if they wanted to fill it with as much local color as possible the filly behind me is on Stubbs road here on Hong Kong Island provided the exterior for hands fortress the interiors are all shot up at the Golden Harvest Studios mr. Han himself is played by set keen veteran of over 500 local companies movies he doesn't actually speak any English so he learned his lines phonetically as best as he could and then on the set production manager Madalena Chan would lie down out of shot reading the script and he would answer her bat line by line she would go gentlemen he would go gentlemen welcome welcome you honor our island you honor our Island and so on the film was then taken to America and mr. hands lines were looped by the late key Mook an actor who played master PO on the kung-fu TV series it all works wonderfully well and most people in the audience not aware that mr. Han is not actually speaking English it's at this very stone jetty that Bruce Lee and his fellow competitors arrived to take part in the tournament organized by mr. Han enhanced tournament itself takes place right up there on what once tennis courts leading up from the seat up to a manor house below the land itself was owned by mr. Lowe of a prominent legal family low and low when Bruce came to shoot the sequences here he actually sat down mr. Lowe and they found out both of their surprise that they were actually distant relatives he watched the end fighting sequence very carefully you can actually see the white demarcation points of a tennis court and these are those tennis courts on which the final battle sequences of Enter the Dragon was shot and some of the blood spilt here was real the fight between Bruce Lee and Bob wall as the evil ihara was filled right over there and the finale of the fight sequence sees Bruce kicked two bottles out of Bob wars hands in an American movie would be in sugar glass but on Hong Kong at that time they were using real bottles and one of them sliced through Bruce's hand he had to be rushed to a hospital his hand bleeding profusely the only hospital available is right on the other side of this mountain behind me there was another day on which Bruce actually got to show his real martial arts prowess we're doing a break in production and Bruce and the other cast and crew members were goofing around down here there was a row of extras sitting on this wall behind me one of them jumped down and says Bruce Lee are you really that good and bruce says are you ready and then his foot moved faster than the eye could follow and before anybody could react the extra opened his mouth and blood and teeth fell out one side examples really the speed and power of the real martial arts skill of Bruce Lee and it happened right there on the killing fields from Enter the Dragon behind me is 200 Nathan Road where now stands this glass and chrome shopping more there was once a humble tenement building in that building of Leahey churn a famous company's comic star and his wife Grace his daughters Agnes and Phoebe and his sons Peter Robert and Bruce Bruce Lee grew up in that family home was immediately exposed to several of the key elements that were defined his later career for one thing his father as a martial arts practitioner studying the Chinese system of Tai Chi Chi get cute so Bruce was instantly aware of the benefits of lifelong martial arts training he also saw any number of actors and directors coming and going so he picked up elements of comedy of Chinese opera of drama he felt the lure of the silver screen all of this was an example of how the child would later become the man behind me is Francis Xavier College where the young Bruce Lee was a student at that time he was already well-known as a child actor working in companies black-and-white melodramas however he wasn't appearing in action films it was while at school they was exposed to see Western martial art that influenced his later development Bruce's elder brother Peter was an olympic-class fencer it's from him that Bruce Lee experienced the stop hit principal that have become a key element at Bruce's own style Jeet Kune Do is also little known but Bruce actually was a boxing champion in western boxing while at school and even look at his later movies who actually see him employ many boxing techniques as well as the classical movements of Chinese martial arts this is late AK Street former site of the Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu school and it was here that Bruce Lee learned his first classical martial arts system Wing Chun according to legend Wing Chun was first devised by a Buddhist nun boy who taught at a beautiful young woman in Wing Chun from whom the star got its name it devolved down from the Shaolin Temple to the southern city of fat Sam which was yet man's home town young man moved to Hong Kong we taught Wing Chun to many students when Bruce Lee is by far the most famous we can still see the particular trapping and striking techniques of Wing Chun both in Bruce Lee's own style Jeet Kune Do and in the fight scenes from the films that made his name this is boundary street in Kowloon there's on the rooftops of buildings like the one behind me that Bruce Lee and his fellow students from the Wing Chun Kung Fu style when engaging challenge matches with representatives from other Chinese martial arts systems primarily choy Lee fat kung foo it was this exposure to real-life combat that added that extra tang of realism to the fight sequences Bruce Lee would later craft for his martial arts movies here in the bustling heart of the Chimps Archer area we find the Tung yung building formerly housing the offices of the Golden Harvest film company and it was here that Bruce signed the contracts for his first Hong Kong martial arts movie the big boss Golden Harvest was so keen to bring Bruce Lee on board they actually stuck him in a film that's already in production in Thailand the star of that film was James Chen Chen John he poor fellow got pushed aside and was stuck with second fiddle roles for the rest of his career when the movie was released in Hong Kong it was a huge breakout success it put both Bruce Lee and Golden Harvest on the map wanna fight I'll take yawn they rushed into production with another film Fist of Fury in this film Bruce really showed all that he could do in terms of multiple kicks using the nunchakus and bringing in an American fighter to fight him in the final reel his American student Bob Baker this film was the even greater hit Bruce sat down with producer Raymond chow to renegotiate their contract from now on all the films he made the child would be partnership productions Raymond represent Golden Harvest and Bruce his own newly formed company Concorde productions the first film from this new team will be Lee's directorial debut way of the Dragon all of the interiors for way of the Dragon were filmed at the Golden Harvest Studios which once stood right behind me this included the scene supposedly set in the Coliseum in Rome in which Bruce Lee fought Chuck Norris to the death Chuck would later find international fame as the star of Walker Texas Ranger a Golden Harvest there were concerns about the commercial prospects of way of the Dragon which is more of a comedy and Bruce's earlier films have been they need to worry wave the Dragon was the biggest hip in the history of Hong Kong cinema its success loud ruse to move out from this modest building in home aunt in this was the Lee family home at 41 Cumberland Road not much by Hollywood standards but for Hong Kong of the 1970s a palace the whole place was packed with Bruce's workout equipment and he got running down these streets in the early hours more importantly it was a refuge for Bruce and his family from the high-pressure world of Hong Kong show business and it was in this house the Bruce Lee devised his unfinished Martin's Game of Death in suspended production on that film to shoot the movie that would make him a household name around the world Enter the Dragon this is the Miramar Hotel in Jim sorrow which used to house Bruce Lee's favorite Japanese restaurant it was here that former James Bond George Lazenby and producer Raymond chow waiting Bruce have dinner with them on the evening of July 20th 1973 Bruce was never to arrive it was here that Raymond chow received a phone call telling him that Lee was unconscious and unresponsive at the home of actress Betty ting pay Chou called his own doctor who rushed to attend to Bruce at the building in Beacon Hill Bruce was finally rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where tragically he was declared dead on arrival this is the Kowloon funeral parlor in ER marte in 1973 it played host to one of the saddest days in history of Hong Kong in history of martial arts in history of action cinema the funeral of the late great Bruce Lee all these years on speculation still runs rampant as what actually caused the death of Bruce Lee my own theory is that through fair means or foul he was poisoned by tainted cannabis Bruce was a habitual cannabis user and it's been overlooked that months before the actual event that killed him Bruce had been struck down by a very similar attack he'd fallen unconscious at Golden Harvest studios was very near death when he was rushed to hospital on that occasion doctors managed to save him on the evening on which he lost his life he was at a location where he was not as readily accessible and therefore did not receive the appropriate care and attention until it was too late in the end though it should be remember that how Bruce Lee lived his life is far more important than how he lost it Bruce Lee remains Hong Kong's favorite son and it's remarkable that 30 years on there is as yet no permanent memorial to him anywhere in the city regardless he lives on in the hearts and minds of thousands of fans here and millions more around the world a remarkable figure a man who went from life the legend in the space of just 32 short years CNX celebrates the martial artistry the magic the man that was Bruce Lee


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This brit is sick he really thinks that BL was some kinda real shit

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Correct me if i'm wrong. The famous Ip Man's school was in Yau Ma Tei on Lee Tat Street. But he went to Li Tak Street in Tai Kok Tsui. Different English name and different Chinese characters. As Yau Ma Tei was largely redeveloped in the past and Tai Kok Tsui is pretty close (15 minutes by walk), and many streets in that area look similar, so can't say then it's a big mistake ๐Ÿ™‚ Justy funny mistake ๐Ÿ™‚

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Why Bruce Lee die young? That guy was untouchable

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1:32 for some odd reason reminds me of one of the Battlefield 4 maps.

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Thank you for uploading this gem of action movie history. One day I will see all of these places. One day.

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At 2:23 the grave on the left has arabic writing on it which says โ€œmay allah shine light on his graveโ€ and also a crescent moon and star on top which is a symbol used for muslims. This is quite interesting.

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Damn conspiracy theorist. He died from an Allergic reaction. It's well known how died. Look at his autopsy.

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great job !!

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I'm astonished there's ANYTHING left of the then locations. There's no such thing as yesterday in Hong Kong.

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I never knew that about Han's lines. His acting was so on point, especially during his little speech at the guillotine. So his voice is Uncle Iroh!

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Nicely done. Thank you.

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Nice revisit on filming the locations. And interesting facts about the rest of the cast. Good job. ๐Ÿ‘

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Bruce Lee was scheduled to play the lead role in the warrior later renamed Kung-Fung starring David Carradine it is such a tragedy it didn't happen we would have so much more documentation of his genius than we do now. David Carradine was not a martial artist in the least and Carradine was a bonafide pervert and died acting out a perversion!

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Rule no.1 if youโ€™re a special guy donโ€™t get rich and famous unless youโ€™ll incorporate into your genius the skill of all aspects of self defence in life. If you donโ€™t, someone WILL kill you…

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I really really want to go to Bruce lee grave since I was about 11 years old and Iโ€™m 41now and I still have the same passion if not more to pay my respect but being a Muslim Iโ€™m not allowed in USA in case I blow up bombs. Been refused visa 3times. One day hopefully.

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What a true legend missed by so many and an inspiration for even more.

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Bruce Lee is greatly missed by fans worldover, but thanks for lot of memories in his short life, thank you for taking us to the locations of films.

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At 7:30 of this video the extra he is talking about is Chung Lee, the nemesis in Lion Heart.
The way it's told here is not how I remember the story.
Chung called BL a fake karate man and jumped off the wall. BL said So you ready Chung grunted and BL pinned him to the wall. He came at him again and he put him against the wall with more authority. Chung came at him one more time and BL clocked him and pasted him to that wall. Fight over.

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If there's no Bruce lee.. there will be no Kung fu no thai chi no wing chun no Jackie chan none of them known by world.

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These conspiracy theories are sometimes sounding credible, sometimes too outlandish.. but what we do know, Bruce used steroids, and back in the day, there was not much medical supervision.. He also used cocaine. I believe few factors contributed to his deterioration, but murder is not one of them. I love Bruce Lee, but this is the truth. Drugs and their combinations with stress and his intensity did the job instead of killers (woever might have had some reason to want to kill him)..

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A dam good tribute to a legend. R.I.P. Bruce. and Brandon.

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Epic! i must admit this is the most iconic martial arts movie ever

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Insightful and informative. Great little piece on the legend that is ..Bruce Lee

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