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Hello guys, welcome to Amanda Tastes. The weather has been great recently hence we have decided to go out for a picnic today Last night we prepared lots of food for today’s picnic I will tell you how to prepare all these food for a picnic, including sandwich, salad, and sushi First of all, let’s treat our pork chop get these kind of pork chop, remove any bone on it remove any excess fat just leave some fat then, because pork chops often have a layer of white fascia therefore you need to cut the fascia, otherwise pork chop will roll up once it is heated just cut some openings around the pork chop then beat the port chop to soften the meat simply use the blunt side of your knife gently beat the meat vertically and horizontally this will break pork fiber which will give your meat better and softer texture this creates the same effects of using meat hammer after you have prepared both pieces of your pork chop you can season with some salt and pepper on both sides evenly cover both sides leave them for about 10 minutes let’s prepare bread crumbs for deep frying you can use prepacked bread crumbs, but because we are going to make sandwitch today I have some fresh bread with me, so I am going to make some fresh bread crumbs tear a piece of toast into smaller pieces and put into your blender use pausing blend function to blend the toast break it into larger grains of bread crumbs the larger the bread crumbs are, the crispier it will be after being deep fried. prepare oil for deep frying, pour some oil into a pan to heat the oil let the temperature of oil rise here we keep preparing our pork chop crack one egg into a deep plate beat it until it is well mixed sift a thin layer of flour onto your pork chop evenly cover your pork chop with sifted flour and dip into egg mix and bread crumbs after you have a good layer of egg mixture, cover the meat with bread crumbs keep one of your hands dry while the other is wet this will keep yourself clean and tidy press gently to make crumbs stick to your pork better oil temperature now is about medium heat use a chopstick to test the temperature if it is quickly bubbling around your chopstick it means it is read for deep frying our pork chop it doesn’t take long to deep fry pork chop it takes about 2 minutes for each piece of pork chop your pork chop is ready when the color turns goldish let the pork chops cool meanwhile let’s prepare some side dishes finely slice cabbage cut your carrot into thin slices and then slice them into thin shreds, you don’t need too much carrot, they are only used to add extra colors now we can make our sandwich first of all, we have two slices of toasts, I have made an episode before on how to make toasts. spread some room temperature butter on one side of both slices of toasts, I took the butter out from the fridge before and left it in room temperature butter not only adds flavor to your sandwich an important reason is that we eat the sandwich on the next day therefore if you don’t spread some butter liquid from our fillings will come out and wet our toast which will makes our sandwich taste bad adding butter gives our toast a layer of protection to keep the taste of the bread evenly spread a good layer of butter then it comes to the sauce you can use any sauce of your preference mayo is however something essential spread a layer of mayo on top of buttered bread I have taught you how to make mayonnaise before, (scan QR code, follow and type in “美乃滋” to see the video) you can also spread some mayo on the other slice of toast, or if you like more flavor in your sandwich you can also use mustard sauce today we are using yellow mustard sauce with whole mustard seeds it gives your sandwich a pinch of spice with the combination of pork chop, it will reduce the greasiness of the pork chop when you done it, put a layer of lettuce and mix well the shredded cabbage and carrot that we’ve prepared and place one piece of pork chop on top of our salad if you have any pork chop sauce, you can also put some over the pork this is a special Japanese sauce for deep fried pork chop I had an episode called deep fried pork patty in which I introduced how to make such sauce it consists ketchup, chilly sauce, soy sauce, mirin and miso mix them according to certain percentage you can get this kind of pork chop sauce in many supermarkets or if you like, you can make it yourself, just go back to my previous episode, and make your own then you can lay another layer of shredded vegetables another piece of lettuce and place this piece of bread with butter and mustard sauce on the top our sandwich is rather thick now, don’t worry let’s use some clear film to wrap it after you’ve wrapped it, you can cut it in half which will keep its shape if you have this kind of bread knife, it is easier to cut slice it in half you can cut the edges off if you feel like so here we go, the sandwich is done you can keep the sandwich in the clear film wrap and put it right into a container then you can easily take the container and go in the next day we have finished our sandwich, now let’s prepare our salad I am making prawn pasta salad here we have some pre-peeled prawns you can buy those prawns may have been cleaned and without sandline, or maybe not we need to slice it from the back and double check, if sandline is still in it, clean and remove it. prepare two pots of boiling water, and add prawns into on of them add some salt into the other pot and cook the pasta, I am using spiral pasta today you can use macaroni this kind of pasta are very suitable for making salad it takes a long time to cook pasta however, prawns take shorter time to cook, about 2 minutes once the water is boiled, you can turn off the gas take them out and put them into ice water or you can wash under cold running water to bring the temperature down which will keep its crispy texture meanwhile, leave the pasta to cook for a bit longer the package often tells you how long it takes to cook the pasta it is about 10 minutes in my case my pasta at this stage is not completely cooked it is still a little hard in the center but because we use it for salad it will be soft and cooked till tomorrow do not run the pasta under cold water you can add some olive oil when it is still hot and mix well which will stop them from sticking to each other now let’d prepare other vegetables slice cherry tomatoes in half I am using green and red cherry tomatoes put them directly into the pasta then some sweet pepper chop them up and put into the pasta then avocado cut a circle, twist, and open use the tip of your knife and slice the avocado, and slice across scope avocado out and put into a bow leave avocado out first, don’t put it into pasta first because it is easy to get oxidized squeeze some lemon juice to the diced avocado mix well, this will prevent it from getting darken and now we can put it into the bow now it’s our last vegetable, chop some parsley wrap the parsley and chop it now let’s make some salad dressing I am using a mason jar to make the salad dressing vinaigrette again, here we have some squeezed lemon juice from before and we can still use it squeeze some lemon juice into the jar, and some white vinegar you can also use red vinegar, or without any vinegar at all I used vinegar and lemon juice to give it a richer flavor then some olive oil generally speaking the ratio of vinegar to oil is 1 vinegar : 3 oil but I think it is too oily, I often use 1:1 ratio then make some garlic mash and mustard sauce which I used when I was making my sandwich some sugar salt and freshly grounded black pepper seal the lid and shake well because there is mustard in the jar, it will emulsify it therefore after shaking, the sauce should look like this, which looks like cream or lotion you can taste it first you can add extra vinegar/lemon juice or salt to adjust to y our own taste since these vegetables are basically flavorless therefore it would be better if your sauce is slightly salty I will add some more salt now we can add the rest of our ingredients into the bowl cooked prawn some mozzarella cheese in small ball shape which you can get easily from cheese sections in the supermarket selling imported goods it is freshly soaked in clear liquid which is very suitable for salad however, if you can’t get any, don’t worry, you can replace it by cheddar cheese or you can buy a regular size mozzarella cheese and break it into smaller pieces I also add some olives olives are salty, so when you beat into it, it will give you an obvious flavor then here comes the dressing we’ve made because we don’t have watery vegetables in our salad today therefore you can put the dressing in first to let them mix well secondly, it will taste better if you leave it overnight because vegetables like pasta and avocado takes quite a long time to soak the flavor however, if you are making salad with lots of leaves, you should not mix them too early for salads with lots of leaves, you should only add the sauce before serving after you mixed it well, sprinkle some finely chopped parsley now you can use clear film to wrap the bow and put into the fridge it will taste better when you leave it for one night I hope it will be a good day tomorrow I have taught you how to make sushi (sushi roll), you can find the video in my Weibo or WeChat account, search for “紫菜包饭”, then you will see it This is the end for this episode, if you like this episode, or like having a picnic, please don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW and SHARE Thanks for watching, see you next time ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)Bye~Bye~


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