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– Everyone 1,2,3
– Hello, we are DAY6 Everyone! As we look back on our Han River After Party 1 year ago, – Today, we’re back!
– Wow! – Goodnight!
– You MC so well Goodnight~ Mr. Kang Brian, did you bleach your hair? – Help him remove the grass (from his hair)
– Here we are at Han River – Didn’t he do it on purpose?
– It came out Did I dye my hair..? – We’re together with nature
– Yes Alright, so.. We’re somewhere along the Han River Can you hear us? – Can you hear us well?
– Ok, ok, ok~ – Wonpil did a solo vlive
– That’s right What did you do during your solo vlive? – I shared about the songs that I listened to
– Oh you shared I read comments.. And when there’s nothing much.. – Just speaking comfortably?
– Yes, I was able to spend some time like this with everyone – You had the chance to share some honest thoughts
– Yes – When was this?
– Sorry? – When did you do this vlive?
– I did this previously You mean the one you did long ago? – Didn’t you do another one after the first?
– Yes – Really? – Daebak (lol) When did you do it?
– Was it about 2 weeks ago? – I did it
– He did it for a short while – He went out of the dorm for a short while
– Alright everyone please speak a little louder! – Alright!!
– Since they might not be able to hear us well!! Since we’re at the Han River!! – Recently, we also performed at Busan
– That’s right! – “Cherry Blossom Scandal”
– It’s the season of cherry blossoms nowadays – That’s right
– Cherry blossoms were blooming – Can you see (the cherry blossoms)?
– But it rained a few days ago – Yeah
– So it was a little affected – But we can still see quite a bit of cherry blossoms, more than I thought
– That’s right – The weather has warmed up a fair bit
– That’s right! – It did What does it mean when cherry blossoms bloom? It means it’s Spring! – So.. – Yes
– So, what is it? Dowoon, did you get angry? – Uh? We need to speak a little louder, right? So..
– The way you speak.. yes? Where would be the best place to view cherry blossoms, everyone? – To see cherry blossoms.. – Here!
– It’s right at.. – Han River!! – That’s right – There’s an answer for this?
– Nope I was just asking – The place I would like to recommend..
– Where is it? – It’s the Hwang Ryung Mountain at Busan – There’s a place called Hwang Ryung Mountain
– Yes, I went there pretty often too – The place where people view the night scenary
– Ah.. Last time, I went by the Hwang Ryung Tunnel often Alright. As for Seoul, there’s Yeouido – Yeouido Park – That’s right
– There’s the Seoul Park too, isn’t it? – Seoul Land?
– No..? – We’re just saying anything, I like it
– Seoul.. Swamp..? Seoul Grand Park? – Seoul forest?
– Seoul Forest!! Seoul Forest! That place’s good too! Seoul Swamp…..? There’s such a place? (lol) I think that came out in Maple Story, sorry Suddenly? Anyway, these spots are great too I hope when the weather’s good, you’ll take some time to view the cherry blossoms Firstly, let’s eat while we continue We’re going to eat as we start? – We can’t leave the food like this
– Let’s pour out the sauce first – Let’s talk as we dip our sushi in the sauce..
– Be careful not to spill the sauce~ – Spoon, spoon..
– So firstly.. – The spoon’s there.. – Oh it’s there?
– It flew over? – As they prepare..
– Dowoon, there’s one over there….. – Oh? – I’m just kidding, sit down
– Ok Since sitting with your legs crossed is difficult for you, maybe you can lay down on your stomach – Nope – You can kneel too
– Nope While you guys eat, I proceed with the MC-ing Since I MC-ed at ASC before coming here, I’m still in MC mode Ok, let’s do this a bit later I’ll hold this.. Did you get hit (by the board)? – Just a little
– Please be careful, I got hit too Anyway, In April.. Focus! Please~ I thought you said you’d proceed with MC-ing while we eat? – Yes. I will
– Since you’re a great MC! Alright. In April, There’s a special day for Day6 There’s a day that all of you like. Which day would that be? In April.. – 1st April!
– 1st April. It’s April Fool’s Day – April Fool’s.. – April Fool’s Day Help me out, everyone. So, what is this special day in April? – The day we visit Han River~
– Read the script!!! – In April, it’s Wonpil’s birthday
– It’s Wonpil’s birthday! Thank you We don’t have a script! We’re just doing this on our own We don’t need a script~ Since Wonpil’s birthday is.. (trips) …coming soon! Wait.. Since his birthday is coming soon, We’re thinking of singing a song for him – We’re singing? – Already?
– Why do we sing?- Yes! Already! There’s nothing that says ‘Sing a song’ If it’s not about singing, what is it..? ‘As we come closer to Wonpil’s birthday’.. ‘The members’ birth flowers..’
Oh..Ah it’s not about singing him a song Can you hear our voices?? We’re going to learn more about our birth flowers – Jae, what are birth flowers?
– Please be quiet I was born in Seoul at 6am in the morning So, to learn more about our birth flowers, – YoungK has prepared something
– What did you prepare? YoungK, what are those things that you have in your right hand? Ta-rah-rah-rah~ – This is..
– A hidden item We’ll present the first birth flower! Wonpil! Zzah zzah zzan! Who’s is this? Wonpil~~~ 28 April~~~ Red Primrose – What’s primrose?
– Primrose (english)! Do you know primrose? Nope I don’t Optimus Prime’s the best – ..Suddenly?
– Yeah Of course. He has a great voice The meaning of the red primrose is.. ‘Beauty’! – Jae, what does this mean in English?
– ‘Beauty’! – Beauty~ – It’s saying that Wonpil’s beautiful
– That’s right. Wonpil’s beautiful – Thank you The meaning of the flower follows the person! (wonpil=beauty) Alright proceeding to the next! Right away! Good. So what’s next? So Wonpil yours is a primrose – Yes I’m a primrose
– Mr Primrose Kim The next one, 1, 2, 3! Yoon DOWOON DOWOON DOWOON~~ Flaming Flower! FLAMING FLOWER!! – Flaming flower!
– You’re a flaming! flower! – What are you gonna do!
– ‘Lovelorn mind’ – Do we know the meaning of lovelorn (in korean)?
– I searched it up They said it’s similar to anguish/distress If you were to find a synonym for the word, it means to feel distressed (because of love) The heart that is in anguish because of love (in korean) ‘Lovelorn mind’ Actually, I don’t know the meaning of ‘-lorn’ Alright we’ll move on to the next one Jae~~~ Wow it’s mine! Hey there Deli.. DAHLIA – Dahlia!
– We all know! Do you know what’s a Dahlia? ‘Fancy’ The flower’s really pretty Which side (of the photos) is the flower? – Which is the flower?
– Isn’t it the one on the right? – This side? – Yes
– The flower’s here – Ahhhhh~ Ok, let’s move on Yes, ‘Fancy’ ‘Fancy’ The fourth is YoungK’s YoungK, please read yours Snowflake! It means beauty – What’s that in English?
– ‘Beauty’. But why is it.. It’s areumdawoon ggot~ (beautiful flower with English pronunciation) But even when the flower’s different.. why is it that they mean the same thing? – Different flowers can have the same meaning
– That can happen~ – Did you(staff) get lazy? – No, it has always been like this! – Alright
– We layman wouldn’t know – You’re lovelorn
– That’s right. I’m in anguish because of love Sungjin’s.. it goes really well with him Yellow Hyacinth – ‘Match’ Sungjin, you’ve always been competitive With that, we’ve wrapped up this segment Continuing with the ‘Match’, today, all of you would have to compete to determine a winner Wow! He linked the word to segue into the next segment! We have something to compete about today! We’re going to play a game As for what this game is about.. It’s the ‘Match the meaning of the flower’ game!
They played around with the words a bit For this game we have to match the last words (misread). You know that right? Last words..? As in word chain? It’s not Match the Last Word! It’s Match the Flower Meanings!! It’s the ‘Match the meaning of the flower’ game! A warning for you~ You’ve lost your qualification as an MC~ Next up, we have the ‘Match the meaning of the flower’ game! Alright, so how we’ll go about this game is that.. – We’ll play 2 vs 2
– We’ll play 2 vs 2 – One of us will have to MC
– I’ll be the MC. I’ll do it~ I’ll be MC-ing. We’ll split into 2 teams We’ll try to answer 5 questions about flower meanings And there’s a penalty, which is.. The losing team will have to buy food/drinks that the winning team wants from the convenience store But..the losing team will have the money, won’t they? – Yes
– Then, well.. Even if they buy back food that the winning team doesn’t want.. Even if they bring it back.. – That happened the last time too
– Yeah, what if in the end this happens? – Alright, we’ll think about this a bit later
– From how I see it Just be in the same team as Sungjin, and if you lose You can probably buy back what Sungjin wants – How should we split into team?
– Rock-paper-scissors? (To MyDays sitting nearby) You look like you’re seated comfortably as you watch us! Let the elderly team together and us, the youngsters team together Shall we? Ok! We can do that right? Switch positions Then I’ll go to the center 93-line? 93-line?? Oh, I have to go over right. Ouch Oh! The dongsengs wanted to team together… We’ll have to compete to see who’ll win Alright, 5 questions for the ‘Match the meaning of flowers’ game, ok? So how do we play this game? – In order to match the meaning of flowers..
– Yes? – Underneath, there’s a sketchbook
– There’s a sketchbook! Please pass it over 2018! Day6 Over Flowers – Match the meaning of flowers! – Why are you looking at the answers??
– I’m the MC – Oh you’re the MC? – Ok, let’s start
– Wow you have cue cards? – I have cue cards 2018 Day6 Over Flowers – Match the meaning of flowers! Clap! Let’s do this together! Before we start, let’s have each of you express your determination One thing for sure is that as much as we’re younger We’ll win the both of you who have grown old and make you run errands for us You run the errands! Please have a safe trip there and come back – Ok, now..
– There’s nothing much for winners.. – That’s right, there’s nothing much for the winners
– Don’t go~~ (something flew away) Seems like he already set off? We’ll start! Here’s the first question! The flower that means “Youth With No Regrets” is? Me!! 1. Tulip 2. Violet 3. Saffron 4. Ivy 5. Moss So how we’ll go about this game is, you guys need to whisper the answer in my ear.. – Didn’t you tell us to whisper?
– Whisper.. Hold on. Don’t try to fight. Whisper your answer to me And if you get it right your team gains 1 point “Youth With No Regrets”.. (whisper) (No.2~~) – Ok, ok, ok. Alright..
– Jae, we’re really gonna play like this? Yes, we’ll do it this way Wait! We need to discuss as a team.. What is it..? – It’s ok~
– We’ll proceed I’ve heard your answers. Have you decided on it? Ok! The right answer is.. – Team name..?
– Our team name? Come up with your team names (Ninety three..)
– What? – He’s saying weird stuff
– Ninety three? Youth! Our team name is.. Together! with Youth! – It’s ‘Together With Youth’, and..
– Alright, 1,2,3! NINETY THREE! – What did you say?
– ’93, ’93 ’93. Ninety three. – Alright we got it
– 1993~~ – Did any of us get it right?
– There is – This team said ‘no.2’..
– I said no.3 though? – He said ‘no.3’..
– This person!! – I think we need a change of MC!
– shhh The MC is weird!! – If you keep going like this, I’ll deduct your points to negative!
– The MC’s so handsome! – I’ll give you 5 seconds
– Here’s no.3, and theirs, no.2. The answer is.. – No.3!
– WOWWW – Together with youth gains 1 point
– We got it right! Isn’t this a detergent name? Together! With Youth! It’s a flower named Saffron Isn’t this the name of a detergent?
– Yes, there’s a detergent with this name – I said no.3 just now..
– Nope – He’s lying~
– He said no.2. Alright, we’ll move on to the next question What’s the meaning of the flower Daffodil? 1. Grieve 2. Self-esteem 3. Sadness 4. Transparency 5. Tolerance – The best is no.5!
– It’s either no. 4 or 5 Jae, but honestly They teased us about being old just now I didn’t tease you, only Dowoon did. – Usually the younger ones..
– So can’t you tell us what’s the answer? Ok, since you teased us I’ll deduct 1 point – Ok~~
– No! Those bad guys.. I think no.5 is the most positive of all – Suddenly..!
– No! Don’t look! Hold on, they’re searching it up! – I didn’t do anything
– He was searching it up He had a text coming in, it was a text! – I need to check our schedule for tomorrow..
– The correct answer is! 5, 4, 3.. – Have you decided? – No.3..? Ok
– ..2, 1 – No.3..? Ok (NO.3~~) – I think we got it right
– I don’t know The correct answer is.. both teams got it wrong, it’s no.2! – No.2 – Oh really
– So it’s pretty clear cut – We said no.2 though
– Really.. you’re too much.. Didn’t I say no.2? Did I say no.1? Jae, didn’t you hear him go ‘NO.2~~’? – Currently it’s 0:0..
– Seems like Mr Park Jae does what he wants We’ll move on to the next question Among roses, what colour represents the meaning of “Everlasting Love?” Red roses! Everlasting love..? – Otherwise why would lovers get red roses..?
– What colour would represent “everlasting love”? – Let’s do this together!!
– Alright, look.. Though we kept discussing, we didn’t get any right answers Wonpil, please put down your right hand, I can’t see clearly – My hand’s here!
– Oh it’s there? Ok.. You see, lovers give each other red roses. Why would they do that? ‘Let’s be together for a long time’. It must have such a meaning for them to gift red roses to each other I’m just saying.. if you say ‘NO.2~~’ like this, how would I know? – You heard him! You did!
– Please be careful with your words~ – We’ll go with no.1
– No.1? Ok, 1,2,3! This round both teams got it wrong too! It’s no.4! Purple roses I’ve never seen purple roses! So purple roses actually exists.. Anyway we’re winning.. – It’s a fierce competition. Right now it’s at 0:0..
– What do you mean? It’s because of you! – What are you saying??
– Why is it 0:0?? Just now, Dowoon, with his own words, put down the MC. I was a little upset.. What about the staff in front of us? (Them being older too) Here’s the next question. Please read it out. What’s the meaning of Bristle Grass? Bristle grass? Everyone. In movies, you see young boys and girls holding bristle grass.. Please read the question! What’s the meaning of Bristle Grass? – Look..
– 1. Childlike 2. Hope 3. Innocence 4. Luck 5. Friendship – No. 2 for this one
– Luck is for four-leaf clovers Oh right – I’ll go with no.2
– Me too (deciding through rock-paper-scissors) (NO.5~~) No. 5 and 2 – Is there a correct answer among them?
– NO.5~~ 1,2,3! Both teams got it wrong again!! It’s no.1! – It did felt like no.1
– I was just talking about childlike.. Should we just hold hands and go there together? – We’ll just leave the camera here
– Nope. I don’t feel like it~ From how I see this, the questions.. It’s the golden goal (equal scores by end of match) The next question Which of the following is not a meaning of the flower Azalea? This one has many meanings! Please put down your phone! He’s searching! He’s searching it up! – For me.. No.4!
– No.4 Azalea.. No.4? He searched it! He searched it up already! He was looking at his phone just now. We were looking at vapp – Ahhhh, forget it!
– We were looking at comments! Anyhow. Your answer is? This kid doesn’t know either! No.4 I’ll go with no.4 – Ok. No.4?
– Yes No.3.. Alright! Once again! None got it right! The answer is no.5! Why ‘moderation’ out of the blue? ‘Ardent love’, ‘Happiness of love’, then suddenly.. The competition is real here.. – What’s this? Chapter 2?
– We’ll move on to the second segment There’s more? – It’s 0:0 at the moment
– 1:0! It’s 1:0..Why are you like this.. There’s really loads of questions.. We’re so bad at this.. – It’s still 0:0 at the moment
– Jae, why not I MC and you exchange positions with me No I won’t – Or should I MC..?
– Here’s the next question Which of the following is the flower with the meaning of “unsurpassed beauty”? Black rose! Unsurpassed beauty..? 1. Cherry Blossom 2. Wild Rose 3. Lavender 4. Magnolia 5. Camellia NO.2~~ for me It came out in the comics – Black roses
– Candy – You’re done?
– I’ll go with no.1 Congratulations! – That’s right, it’s cherry blossoms!
– Wait, by saying congratulations you mean..? Yes, you got it right – It’s cherry blossoms?
– It’s cherry blossoms. No.1. I said.. cherry blossoms.. though..? We’ll go on to the next question – He’s a little weird
– It’s really the right answer? Yes it is – Cactus..?
– The meaning of a Cactus?? I remember it as something really positive! But they are all positive..? I’ll give you the opportunity to pick first You don’t have much interest right now, don’t you? You can pick no.2, we’ll pick no.3 Alright. We’ll buy delicious food. We’ll just get what we want to eat What did you say? Even if we win, it’s not a real win! Let’s finish it first No.1 – Ok, no.1
– No.1! No.1! No.1! – This round.. you said no.3 right?
– No.1 Noooo!! – Was it no.1?
– Yes – Ah..
– He makes me go crazy, this dude. You’re good at this! You have the qualifications of an MC – You’re good at keeping up the suspense
– I’ll go with no.2 This round.. Both teams.. Failed. Unfortunately, it was no.5. ‘Burning heart’ – Burning heart..? – Wait.. With a burning heart, we’ll go on to the next question Among tulips, which colour has the meaning of ‘one-sided crush’? – We saw it just now..
– I saw it, but I can’t remember – One-sided crush – First love or one-sided crush?
– One-sided crush Didn’t purple tulips came out earlier? Nope, that was purple roses – I think it’s either no.4 or 5
– No.4? – No. 4
– No.4 will be wrong – No.3?
– Yes – 1:0
– It should be 2:0! Well, you can say you’re 3:0~
– Do what you want~ No.4 Is there a correct answer? – Must be ours. It’s not yellow.
– No it’s no.3 For this round.. – The team on my right won!
– Nooo Since they said no.3, they won It’s now 1:1 We said no.4 though..
(just go along with it) Suddenly? Why! We said no.3! So we’ve won! It’s 2:0 – We won right?
– There’s really a lot of questions – There’s a way to end this real quick
– The answer was no.3 – Oh it was no.3? He was being weird.. It’s correct, right? This hyung is fabricating things~ If you’re gonna react like this.. Well this team won! Game Over! What are you saying? We have to continue with the game – We’re continuing? – The last game..
– I thought we’re going for a pre-recording? Don’t last rounds usually have a higher bet? No we don’t have that – Or shall we? Ok?
– The last round is the real round? Sure let’s do that.. – Here’s the next question
– What’s the meaning of a Sunflower? Everyone, sunflowers look at the sun It’s the meaning of my birth flower. ‘Match’. 1. Sincerity 2. Gratitude 3. Waiting 4. Consolation 5. Effort We’ll go with no.3 We’ll go with no.1 He almost revealed the answer sheet.. What a waste. This round determines the winner, right? – No.1 for us
– No.3 This team won! – I think you can just take the trip
– So we can slowly go over now? – Yes you can go now
– Next question! How long more are we going to answer this? We know nothing about meaning of flowers.. We’ll continue! It’s almost over.. – Oh it’s not over?
– Stay there, and just give me answers You can go there now Or you can set off first, just give me answers via phone call Ok everyone, then let’s do this. We’ll do one last question. Please sit down Here’s the last question. The bonus quiz! – Is this worth 5 points?
– The last question is worth 100 points! What?? Then there’s no meaning in getting the answers right all this while!! In 2018, the cherry blossoms were set to bloom on 7 April in Seoul. Therefore, when were the cherry blossoms set to bloom in 2017? Me!! 11 April! 3 April? – How would we know this..?
– His birthday.. 28 April Oh, so just get it wrong? Ok 28 April! – No that’s not it
– Maybe it’s actually 1 April – 3 April
– April..? – 11 April – 28 April for me
– Alright. 28th. – Let’s each give one answer
– Ok! It’s too difficult anyway – I’m really thirsty
– Hey (to pigeon), come on in I think I saw it last year too.. – Kids.. (pigeons)
– Let’s do this – Jae, have you eaten?
– Yes, I just wish to drink something Then let’s do this We’ll each give an answer, and the one who gets it right pinpoints someone.. – No, the chosen person will go alone
– Do you think there’ll be a correct answer? – Going alone?
– If anyone gets it right – Alright The winner.. …gets to pick someone who will have to go alone – 7 April for me – 11 April for me
– 3 April for me – Wonpil’s birthday! – Oh this year’s 7th..
– 28 April for me! Then I’ll go with.. So the date that’s furthest away from the answer loses? The date closest to the answer wins – 5 April for me then
– Jae can you remember the answers? – I think there’s no answer to this..?
– 11 April (Dowoon) 28 April (YoungK) 5 April (Wonpil)
3 April (Sungjin) Jae what about you? Do you know the answer? I’ll announce the answer – April…..
– Wait – Tell us the first letter
– I’m thirsty!!!! I’ll announce the answer April.. – 6! The team on the left won!
– WAAA. I said 5 April!! – I said 5 April
– Then Wonpil can go with someone.. The winner goes??? That’s not it!! The winner.. The losing team goes, right? Wait, wait.. The chicken delivery is here – Hello..?
– Wonpil, go and come back quickly I have to go? I have to come out? I have to go out too.. Sungjin, let’s head to the convenience store for a bit It doesn’t even take 5 minutes to go there. Ok, please buy something back – Wonpil, come..
– Why? – Let Jae stay here by himself
– You’re alone? Should I go too? – I’ll stay here then. Both of you please go together.
– Play around for a bit Please go and come back Please buy back some drinks – So we can just buy any drinks?
– I just want a bottle of plain water Me too – Cola?
– Something refreshing? There’s so many kinds of refreshing drinks.. (started a second live broadcast) – Oh they’re doing this too. We did that last time.
– Drinks? – Hello? – Just anything
– They said it’ll reach in another 10 minutes – You too?
– Me.. Finally.. We can’t see comments Oh they were really looking at the comments? They used Sungjin’s phone to look at the comments? Isn’t this Sungjin’s phone? We should have had embarrassing penalties instead Oh right The broadcast hasn’t ended Alright everyone..Then.. Shall we communicate a little? It’s not cold What’s this? It really isn’t cold Everyone, since the weather is good Wonpil and Dowoon.. They’ll.. They said they will compose a song for you No, I ordered some chicken Chicken..? Why would you order chicken for them? What kind of vibe are you looking for? Jae, if you could start singing first.. We’ll follow it and sing.. But you may not hear us well due to the strong wind Can you hear us? (dog barking) I knew it would bark at least once – How should we do this?
– Just anything Just speak a little, I think about it Everyone, what are you doing right now? – They’re saying you put on cool socks today
– Yes I did You know how you should eat this, right? Tear this.. If it spills, you failed (fails) (fails) Alright, it’s been a while Let’s start – Ok, you can start
– 1,2,3,4 The mat~~ Far, far away~~ It flew away~~ – Is it ours? It’s not?
– No.. Since he was playing
– Owooo~~ – It feels kind of..
– The mat~~ Far, far away~~ It flew away~~ Why.. Alright. The mat flew. We’re flying away too. I pay no attention.. You can’t hear? They say they can’t hear us Really.. Today Really.. With the BGM.. – It feels like we’re on radio
– You can do this like a radio broadcast It’s been a year since we’ve been here at Han River – What is this..
– It’s funny! – It sounds a little awkward
– I think it’s alright even if you don’t play the guitar Let’s have a honest talk For example.. All this time.. Ok I’ll continue playing my guitar~ Compared to when we were here last year.. It feels like we matured a little..? A matured feeling? – It (pigeon) came previously..
– Come, come – If it comes into frame..
– You’re really coming in? It’s an entertainer (Shocked by pigeon flying) I was so surprised.. It’s so nice to be with nature It’s a bit of a mess.. – I really like impromptu scenarios
– If the wind doesn’t blow, the weather is pretty good Actually the day before.. I was thinking as I laid down in bed before I sleep In January last year We performed together And that venue was much smaller than our concert held back in March this year And I thought, ‘We’ve really worked hard for this’ Us.. ‘We’ve really came far’.. I had such thoughts Not just us, everyone, the fans too.. Hi, we’re back! Oh you’re back Dowoon, did you snatch my seat? There’s no such thing as ‘your seat’ or ‘my seat’! Your seat, my seat?? – I’ll just stand around..
– No.. I’ll just clear this away When did you bring out the guitar? We were a little awkward earlier on, so to fill up the emptiness I played the guitar while we spoke No it wasn’t that awkward.. – The wind blew so strongly
– A mat flew away – The mat flew??
– The moment I started singing it flew away The mat knew that it was awkward too.. What about the guitar? We’re not playing it? – We can always play it later
– Alright So, Now we’ve gathered again. Did the trip to the convenience store go well? We only bought drinks, since we’ve already ordered chicken Last year, One of the two of you Ruined the (ramyun) machine Wonpil was the one.. – It wasn’t him, right?
– Wonpil.. Seems like Wonpil has given up on explaining For those who wants the truth You can ask the owner of the convenience store And the second time I went in, I got scolded, since we weren’t suppose to film inside Because we were not suppose to film inside He was saying, ‘Sorry but you can’t film inside’.
So today I didn’t go inside and stayed outside I was so lonely, being alone in one corner – Sungjin bought things quickly and came out
– That’s good – Since I only bought drinks (MischievousK) Since it’s spring season, Where, in Day6’s opinion, Is the best sightseeing/picnic location? Isn’t it Han River? – Picnic location..
– I’ll go pick up the chicken delivery Yes please – Picnic locations..
– Isn’t Han River a good spot for picnic? It feels like a spot made just for this Then, since Han River is a very common answer, let’s exclude it For me, it’ll be the Children’s Grand Park (explaining location) Your eyes look sad as you speak My eyes are kind of bloodshot because of the pollen Han River is good too.. Places that are far away are good too Far away places..? Somewhere you’ve visited Lake Park! It’s in front of our house – Not in Ilsan? – Ilsan? No, Incheon
– Yes, not in Incheon I can’t remember. I’ve been there though I think it was pretty nice – Mine’s near (my) house too
– Near our house? – Somewhere like a park?
– Yes. Near my house..The Niagara Falls – Right..
– Well that place is just.. I knew he’d be really random The place was really pretty when we visited it previously – Is there anywhere you can go sightseeing at in LA?
– In LA? – No, not sightseeing, for picnics.
– Picnic? For picnics, maybe Malibu? Malibu? Malibu beach or.. Since there’s many seaside spots there Are there cherry blossoms in LA? – Is there?
– There isn’t..? – I don’t know – Is there? – I’ve never thought about it
– Me too I thought it’s only in Asia areas due to the climate – Let’s find out
– We’ll find out later There’s something else – Wonpil, can you see clearly?
– No I can’t – You can’t, right?
– Yeah Anyway. Songs that Day6 thinks would suit the spring – Songs!
– Spring songs This came out during the autumn season, but I think it’ll fit the spring too? – What is it?
– Hi Hello! – Oh, among our songs?
– …Ahhh Hi Hello’s good! I didn’t expect that! – Why did you open your mouth this wide?
– Ahhhhhh…. – I didn’t expect that!
– Hi Hello’s great – It suits the spring well, don’t you think?
– Yes I think so That was why I said we should add it into our setlist (for cherry blossom scandal) And we added it – It was great. It was fun.
– Hi Hello was good We’re not limited to only our songs We can pick from a variety of genres, even if it’s not our own songs In spring..Daniel Caesar – Actually.. he seems to fit all 4 seasons for you
– In summer, you said ‘Daniel Caesar~’ too – Last year..
– In autumn, you said ‘Daniel Caesar~’ too! Daniel Caesar’s songs are suitable for all year round listening His sweet voice.. ..together with simple guitar lines. It’s beautiful – I have someone like that too
– Who is it? – John Mayer
– Oh John Mayer’s great too – His songs fit all seasons too
– That’s right Your Body Is A Wonderland? – That.
– That’s really a spring song Ah! Still Feel Like Your Man Still Feel Like Your Man It was a song in his recent album I didn’t listen to his recent album yet It has the spring vibe, the warm feeling Since it’s a love song. It’s good. Still Feel Like Your Man For me, it’s Ed Sheeran’s X album Overall, well, not just spring and summer.. – It has the warm vibe
– Yeah It has themes from all four seasons I recommend that album If we talk about our songs for spring there’s I’m Serious, the iconic.. – That’s right
– The iconic song of ours that would fit the spring season It came out in the spring season. It was born in spring. Oh no, it was born in winter But we thought about how it would fit the spring season! So now that we’ve eaten our lunch boxes – Did you eat?
– I did eat..kind of – The chicken is here
– And now the chicken is here..? What did you mean? – You look like you’re struggling to sit like that
– These friends are not being helpful! – The chicken is coming right now
– I’m alright now – But you don’t look fine
– I’m used to this posture now – Really? That’s fortunate.
– I’m trained for this We have a prop like this.. Wonpil can you put that behind your ear? This will come in handy later on – How?
– There’ll be a use for it later Dowoon’s now preparing something for us to sit on, and he’s coming back – He’s working hard
– He’s back He’s bringing us a huge mat It’s so huge~ Do you feel sleepy in spring? – I feel sleepy through all seasons
– Right? Me too They say it’s a spring symptom..You’d feel sleepy (flies pass with extra mat)
– They say in spring you’re more likely to be sleepy – I’m always sleepy..
– You’re back? Let’s sit further apart Sorry! Did I hit your face? Should we move them to the back? Isn’t that the same as this? – Yes, everyone.
– Bye!! Since it’s spring, it’s really warm and nice But, honestly, the weather is good – It may look like it’s cold, but it’s really not
– Yes, it’s not cold The wind does make us kind of flustered once in a while, but it doesn’t blow that often If you wear a light outerwear.. ..you can come to the Han River today Taking a stroll is good It’ll feel good to take a stroll with the breeze in your face It’s just right for me now What’s just right? I was walking along Han River.. Ohhhhh Waa this is kind of worth anticipating Let’s eat They did say it might rain later..and I think so too No it won’t~ Alright, we’ll eat this as we proceed Day6 Over Flowers What is our next segment? Day6 Over Flowers – Who can take a better photo with flowers? Raise your hand if you think you’re good at taking selfies in Day6 ‘I’m the best at taking selfies in Day6’ – You raised your hand
– Nope not me – Jae took some nice ones today
– Oh yes I did, my photoshop skills got better But we don’t really have a ranking among us, right? – Sorry?
– Don’t get angry through your eyes! No, the wind’s blowing so strongly, so my eyes sting So we’ll have to prove ourselves – Who takes the best selfies?
– ..the worst selfies? – Who takes the WORST selfies??
– ..the worst selfies? – We’ll prove it now. How should we do it?
– It’s me! What should we do? If it’s for bad selfies.. – Are we doing funny ones?
– I’ll be confident in that Funny photos? My allergy is kind of acting up now, so.. Jae, you should take one right when you feel like sneezing Are we going for funny photos? They say we should take nice shots That’s a pity But how do we show them the shots we took? We’re taking it through this camera? We’ll take a photo and show it through the broadcast camera Camera.. So how do we..? The flower..? We’ll hold the flowers and take a selfie Then Kang Bra-..YoungK, start first.. – ..What?
– I’m sorry. Then YoungK will start first ‘There is not enough available storage to take a photo’! With that, we’ve come to the end! Then, we’ll store it in our hearts.. Ok, another phone has arrived A new phone has arrived~ Hello! Can you see? Waaaaa NEXT – Do we take nice ones or..?
– You have to take a nice one There’s this type.. Oh we have to take a photo with the flower prop? Oh that’s nice~ Everyone! To give you a tip.. The ratio.. Sorry!!! I’m sorry!!! The 3:4 ratio.. Did the chopsticks touch this..? What is this war that is happening in front of me? – The ratio..
– The ratio! – (pfft) 3:4 doesn’t work
– 3:4! doesn’t work! – The ratio
– The ratio! – needs to be 1:1
– ..1:1! Please go ahead 1:1. Ohhh! I have to acknowledge this You have to show it at the front You see? 1:1, and your face is in the center Like this, yeah – You have to use the prop well
– There’s this one too – Do we have to save the photo?
– Please pass that to me I think I didn’t save it? We don’t have to save it separately? We have to? They’re saying we have to save it.. Goodbyeee It’s automatically saved!! If the wind blows really strongly and we fly away it’ll be really hilarious! As the wind blows strongly, suddenly a tree gets uprooted.. ..and we see it blown away in the background Don’t the falling cherry blossoms look like snowflakes? It’s blowing away in a beautiful manner You have to utilise the props well – Go in front and show them the photo
– We are kind of old.. My back.. That.. That.. Flower.. Oh there’s one here – Can you see~
– Can Sungjin use this instead? Please? Please?? Can you wear the flower crown? – Me?
– Yes Ah please~ The flower crown! – There’s no flower crown though?
– Flower crown x5 – It’s here, wear both Sungjin, bite one with your lips and wear one behind your ear In such circumstances, I have SO MUCH confidence to take a good photo My confidence is overflowing The moment I wear this, it’ll get blown away No but..The birds… Is this for real?? COME Put it in front of your face Ah, like this.. – I can’t wear this for now..
– Alright 🙁 If the wind didn’t blow so strongly he could have worn the flower crown 🙁 – I feel like running!
– You feel like running..? I guess I have to run and come back.. – Huh?
– Go ahead and run – Wow…His gaze~
– He got it nicely I can’t even open my eyes properly.. Can we fly a kite? – If you fly a kite now..
– If you fly a kite now, you might fly away with it I mean it..I really want to fly a kite Wonpil, why are you dressed so prim and proper today? They said we’re going on an outing today So I dressed nicely.. But the wind is really strong Can you see this clearly? Yes, this is my photo Tadan~ Lastly, Wonpil I’ll look forward to yours~ Yours came out nicely – You were looking at mine?
– It came out really nice? His gaze~ – I can just go back..? – It came out bright
– Yes, it’s automatically saved I don’t know, it just came out like that? Maybe it’s the sunlight? Usually when the weather’s good, the photos turn out nice Oh! My hair was like that? No! It’s really pretty now. It’s not much of a difference with your usual look? You’re saying it looks better than my usual hair..? No, not that. Usual as in when we do our vlive broadcasts and you always flipped your hair backwards And it’s always splits apart – To be honest, it’s better than that
– Yes much better In our practice room too Even when I tidied your hair for you, you flipped it back straight away Ah.. it’s a little- No, it might look good in photos – Oh.. there’s something like that?
– You have to hold the flowers But you can take multiple shots? I thought we were doing one-take shots – Nope..
– It wasn’t meant to be one-take? Wait, do something to your hair… No! I don’t think I can take a photo like this!! I’m scared!! It’s interesting How do I take a photo?? We don’t have our phones with us..
– Wow!!! It’s really pretty!!! – They didn’t send out weather alert texts right?
– Cherry blossom snow! These aren’t cherry blossoms.. if you get hit by them it’ll probably hurt?? – Ahh it stings….
– Can you see this? You can’t see the cherry blossoms blowing in the air clearly, can you? My eyes sting so much I can’t open them.. When exactly are you going to take your photo? The wind was too strong just now.. I think he’ll take about 3 years or so.. (flower falls off) If it got caught on camera, I’ll go with this one (proud) It got blown away! – WAAAA – Let me see, let me see
– He used it as his background.. But it’s pretty This was in there – That’s right
– Let me see! It was really flying in the air At the exact moment the flower was falling.. Ohhh it’s pretty!! I’ll go with this one. The one with the flower falling off The scene was captured – Suddenly?
– Cherry blossom ending? Since we’re out on a spring outing.. Let’s sing a song.. When you’re out on a picnic with an acoustic guitar.. ..you know what kind of feeling that is right? – Won-feeling
– Won-feeling, right – Please pass it.. Oh..
– Jae, would you prefer to play instead? – It doesn’t matter to me
– You can play.. – It doesn’t really matter to me..
– Me too – And what are we singing..? I’m Serious.. But this is really serious.. (cherry blossoms attack) (blocking off cherry blossoms) Dowoon, your ‘cajon’.. – Cajon..
– Pass it to me – You should have brought ‘that’ along!
– Ah right! – That one’s really good
– What a waste Everyone, there’s a cajon made of paper. I’ll bring it next time The sound is decently good This doesn’t work? Then what about this? It has a pretty loud sound When is the song going to start~ (look at wonpil) ……(what’s the lyrics..?) I’ll start again – Huh?
– Just this part.. Oh, I have to play for the bridge too.. Waaaaa (My Days: Waaaa) WOOOO (My Days: YEAHHHHH) WAAAA I’m sorry I don’t know if it’s because of the colour of the sky.. I’m Serious was originally.. ..very bright Yes it was really bright Wasn’t it.. Kind of calm? – Was I imagining things?
– It did feel a little calm – You’re imagining things
– I guess so The weather was really good. Though the wind was too strong.. But due to the wind, we saw cherry blossoms that looked like snowflakes – They blew like powder
– It was really beautiful I believe there will be many interesting clips from today – The pigeon army!
– There will be one of pigeons fighting against the wind It would have been really hilarious if it was caught on camera. It may not have been captured. At least this didn’t fly off Yes, well.. That’s right The power of positivity. That didn’t fly away too. Smile Taskforce Anyway! Thank you everyone for watching our live
(dog barking in the bg) (To dog) Ok I got it~ Later.. no not later. Where will we be performing next? On Saturday.. At Jeonju. Cherry Blossom Scandal. We’ll see those who will be able to make it there. Till then, enjoy spring as much as you can! And I hope you stay healthy This was Day6. Thank you!!!!

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