Emma Pretend Play w/ Restaurant Kitchen Buffet Dinner Party Kids Toys

Published by Darron Toy on

I want to open up a can you help I'm so hungry me too oh okay let's climb on the table okay Wow those who look so yummy yeah look good today okay what happened but I really need it I just invited my friends right now they're coming sorry auntie joys I have my beer I won't go buy some food toy for you hi hi do you have any yeah okay okay they're coming right now welcome to my party guy yeah well I love salad and a hot dog Oh sushi is so cool you guys join our show please remember to subscribe to our channel at least about what's up video Natron we can take the kitchen and the floating chains to the okay everything is ready Emma I go to the topic right now welcome to my shop what do you need to fix today the kitchen I'm attract float is broken can you help me fix them I think you dropped it somewhere okay Oh No what should I do open the restaurant I think I've done guys how much for fixing the stuff are you opening a new restaurant and they can you help me put the kitchen down

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