Eleanor, BA International Tourism Management at the University of Chester

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My name is Eleanor I’m doing Tourism
Management at the University of Chester and I’m currently in my third year.
A typical day now is quite intense because you’re obviously your doing your final year,
you’re up to dissertation standard. But first year you probably have maybe one
or two lectures a day or seminars probably. Lectures last about an hour
and the same with seminars. It’s varied depending on which year you’re in, but it’s
really fun and really interesting. Taking modules I really enjoy here, second year
I was given the opportunity to do HR which is really good for tourism because
you you’re not in a bubble when it comes to it because you’re doing tourism
management and you get to engage in all the kind of business aspects of things
that was really really interesting, because you don’t really think about it,
unless you actually have a HR team when you’re working or in a working
environment. The best thing I love about studying tourism would probably be the fact that I’ve been able to find something that I’m so passionate about. I left
college and had no idea what I wanted to do. I started looking into university
courses and found that I could do one in tourism and the fact that I became
so passionate about travelling. It’s completely opened my eyes to the
possibilities where I can work in this kind of area rather than just being a
seasonaire or a rep abroad, there’s so much more I can do with it. I think the
worst thing about the course is because you’re studying tourism there’s this
expectation that you’re going to be travelling and seeing the world whilst
you’re doing the course. It’s not that, you’re studying the theoretical
background to it you’re not here to go and travel and see all these different
places whilst you’re doing your degree, so I think if you come being aware that
you’ll enjoy the course a lot more. Whatever university you’re looking to go
to I’d advise looking at course content and understanding what’s going to be in
the course itself, I didn’t do it and then I didn’t realise how much there was
going to be for the course. My career plan for the future, there’s a
huge overlap between tourism management and business modules throughout Chester, so I’ve had the opportunity to study HR, strategic management as well as
marketing. HR really spurred my interest so eventually I do want to go into HR as
a career. But there’s loads of other things you can take for this tourism
degree, you can go into the public sector so you’d be in the council you’d be in
Destination Management something like a Visit Britain or Visit
England. But obviously there’s the usual kind of roles like tour operators, travel
agents, there’s all the holiday company’s. Sustainability is a big one so you could
even go into a sustainability kind of route obviously like Galapagos Islands
that’s a big thing for sustainability and looking after the wildlife and the
actual destination there and things like that and Great Barrier Reef you could go
all over the world with this kind of degree, just depending what you’re
wanting to get out of it and where you wanting to go eventually with the course.

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