El Questro & Emma Gorge: S03 Western Australia E17 Road Trip Lap

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we finished up at the bungle bungles yesterday and now I'm continuing along the Kimberley's hitting up to el questro today that's a nice sealed Road at the moment and then shortly we'll be turning off onto the outmost Roy entry which is a little bit of a fun Drive I believe yeah so to get River Road from this end the Great Northern Iowa is sealed all the way to el questro so I guess we've skipped the worst part of the game and now we're heading back into el questro I'm gonna check that out and have all of these views it's amazing Wow it is across this Drive it just comes to life changing up nice and early this morning we're going to a cooler bag for breakfast we're going down to the zippedy Springs we're gonna have a nice swim in the morning a 30-degree water jockey now apparently only does it close at 12 noon down here for private to us but also if the car park is full it's likely these Springs are full it's quite packed it's quite small so getting down here at about 7:30 in the morning means that hopefully we can get a park and get a spot inside the springs it's a bit shaky this 12 p.m. finger again this maximizing the dollars I can mill terminal I guess in to is in it's quite a nice walk into the exhibit II Springs very tropical Zippity Springs somewhere between 28 and 32 degrees coming from deep down and you similar to the artesian Springs are though they're bored fed in we go it's pretty cool the water it's not too hot it's not too cold it's just right it's Goldilocks so we're gonna have a better now spin around start our breakfast for now it's good he's sleep I'm trying not to get it wet the other day Alex guys guys as well we got our coffee he said mr. Levin chocolate was selling it the springs go all the way out cities find a pool jump in line popping these guys won't have any people of cooked breakfast at tiffany's spring those before many rats going and what the deal is we're just we might be moving on now snakes decided to come in maybe that's why they closed it at 12 o'clock yeah thanks a little snake up here Cleve the girls out of the pool and the kids have disappeared it's beautiful clean water I think I'm starting to like these are this good stuff the budget massively to pigeonhole which is a four-wheel-drive track so we're gonna spend a couple of hours driving up and having a look around up here this is the start of the for drive track so a little water crossing again make our way through got the lawns up ahead of this they're taking the lead today all right so we are heading up a hill as you can see out the window here so this is up to the pigeonhole look out at el questro I have the dashboard absolutely lit up with lights and what we've done is we've turned off traction control with a gauge diff lock we've gone into four low and I've put it into s2 so literally everything we've got I don't have much of a clue about this stuff I've been learning with people I've been traveling with it helps if you've got someone who's got the same car as you that knows what they're doing to be able to help you out with how to actually use your car but long story short the landcruiser is really designed for this sort of stuff and it is absolutely hammering up it's no worries that's worth the trip out for salad I'll even go on very fast so far not literally in 360 degree views you can drive up to the top and then there's a short path about 20 meters up you can see absolutely beautiful views all of the cows down the bottom by the river maybe some Crocs it might be logs we're not sure but we're not going to beat you down there to check it out absolutely gorgeous well worth the drive up here somebody's cruising down this track it's very rocky very but this is real life apparently there's a very big rocky ledge down here we just passed someone who came down and turned around and came back he said to go check it out for ourselves he wasn't too keen so we'll go down and have a look at it and work it out there we've got two of this year so the lungs likely Lillian Cruiser as well so we'll see if if we can get down and past it otherwise we'll have to turn around to come back but there are a couple of Y turnarounds is apparently worth a look alright so we just jumped out of the car we're gonna go down and assess this ledge apparently it's pretty big we've come all the way down the hill the actual pigeon-hole end of the tracks block for a function which is great for them again but Maddy reckons you some might be a bit too bit too steep for us you know a look at this and see here we go assisting our first ledge okay we're good will you do with Adam all right Matthew lund the first attempt we decided to do it it's been fun Manny no worries yeah hey see clearance hey it's a clearance this weekend god I'm good an yet slowly crunchy day fun nothing ventured nothing gained but we're gonna put me on your ties here so this is the end of the track is signed say no swimming crocodiles so there is a risk of the vents and Crocs in there we can sort of see you can see pretty clearly a couple of shapes over there he's our arch-nemesis that big descent rockledge that we had before so I'm going to try to get up there the same way that we came down it's one let's do this Harry's Isaac thanks good vegan house bang well that's what we're gonna make a day of it then they come back down head back around to alpha story Gorge down here that can be a long walk up to five to six hours but there is a halfway point that we're going to stop out today and have a bit of a swim back to the Deep River Crossing and they do advise that you just with the snorkel has been pretty dry around so we're just going to have a look when we get there and see how high the clearance is how deep the water is and make a decision on that one so a better go throw you can see the water there get quite deep in these first bits we're going to keep it consistent and then once we get through we should be right through down a snorkel the waters low enough we should be right fingers crossed well here we go first deep water crossing we're going to keep their momentum up there's a date bit here and then we push through it here we go yes through the wispy what a day I'll tell you what it has been it has been a day of adventure surf just break out a big saw and we're not done yet we've still got to go and do this halfway gorge walk got in the big water crossing now we got the little water crossing Steph's good with this one no stoppin aidid well she did a blowout in the back this is much like the setting that we had for a kidney gorge down the bungle bungles see these sort of dinosaur like palms set amongst all the rocks so bad is it pretty shady don't really need you sunscreen and stuff we're reaching the halfway pull we sent another little pool first Tony you got to go through the halfway pool to keep going so we'll have a bit of a swim here and the kids legs been working overtime so this might the oricon had a busy day it's been a really good walk we've seen a lot of different terrain ferns all up the side of the gorge el questro gorge here and the swimming holes are great and there's lots of little areas you can have a bit of a swim as well as you sort of make your way through so we've got plenty of options ah but hidden back yeah it's been a big day of adventure go through the massive data age so much here to explore it up with joy so we're at the end of our day and we've got one more day tomorrow that will be going and checking out emma gorge on the way out before that we got a water crossing one more time Harry where are we off to be glad worse you're off to kids horse riding wha how excited are you pretty excited are you feeling good awesome alright here we go yeah footprints alright Harry's about to get onto Rambler really like her hairy's our kid who absolutely loves animals everything in Harry's life is all about animals so when he saw that there are people riding in horses a few days ago here at el questro he was so excited like mom they get to ride horses he had some birthday money left over from his birthday back in May and he decided that he'd use his birthday money to buy a kid's introductory horse training session so here we are he's just going out on the horse and hopefully he's having an amazing time he was very nervous but he was so excited all right we're done for the day now we got a gallon by a bloody horse and it just so happens to be leaving the hills with lots of horse tracks so I don't like their chances of getting getting out of this problem it comes cowboy alright how was it it's really good does a good day our last trek at el questro we are heading up to emma gorge we're going from the start point here at the resort we're gonna walk all the way along grassland walk way up into the face stuff Falls look at through the old track and then we're gonna make it all the way to the emma gorge pool and the falls which is a bit of a trickle that's still a beautiful spot let's go tell you what it has been a busy few days but geez you've got a money's worth here at el questro see if we have this women birthday here's the trail we're going up the rocks just meandering up this path so we've gone through all the rocks we kicked criss crossing over this strain which is gonna let us up to the pool at the top which is the source of the water so there's a waterfall that comes off this mountain range and that's what forms a pool here at emma gorge there she is just coming on the hot pot so we're just coming near up into much more shaded area she's gonna be a lot cooler so these markers all the way along he's having the time of her life yeah yeah oh there you go biggest loser let's go for a swim I'm hanging out all right we made it here's the pool they're pushing up further beyond that first pool there's another one up here it's colder but there's a waterfall I told it's absolutely beautiful and the background in corner there's some hot springs coming up I'm gonna try to find them it's been a tricky walk worth it well worth pushing up the next part my school holidays in Western Australia and she's packed but at least we made it it's waterfall coming down gorgeous room number tonight seven eight not sure what we're up to so I swimming out in Taniguchi gets pretty day pretty quick beautiful waters heavily this this is beautiful area coconut want to set the Duff off all my rock here save me do a little horsey and emma gorge this is the last of the pools that we've gonna be to here in Western Australia we've had an awesome time swimming pretty much all the karijini and down a bunch of others along the way it's definitely been a highlight for me in Western Australia is the ability to stick it into these pools and swim and they're just beautiful this one's a little bit cooler there's another one down the stream gonna go that went to a warm one but this is magnificent so this is the second one down at emma gorge it's not the end one it's the second one back so you get to it first you can do it buddy okay hurry hey Harry did you jump in do that you're brave but we be brave like brave like an ant you're gonna get hairy


Selwyn Tracey · July 30, 2019 at 2:08 pm

I really appreciate and enjoy your videos. They make a great resource. I hope you never take them down.

Mudduck's 4wd Touring · July 30, 2019 at 2:08 pm

Elquestro looks awesome! Its on my bucket list. Cheers Steve

chriss madden · July 30, 2019 at 2:08 pm

Great work guys I and my family enjoy your adventures

darryl aynsley · July 30, 2019 at 2:08 pm

Loving your videos.Its great to watch your adventures with your family.Looking forward to the next episode.Keep up the great work guys

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