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Trina's own welcome bag for lazy toward it is yogge honking a flavoring a nerve Evelyn groom Costigan stocks in the reserves so laughs the album is over though abnormal ambulams Edelen cancer numerous study on Elena's and total alpha cooked and oak here vyak for novel been in the ziggo dome stand or deployment where they here then 17,000 fans to Rock toxin operators are maintained or podium here avoidance of various survey Simferopol Carmichael Asia to a salamat hollow student interview in the ziggo dome Saddam at Sheeran [Applause] [Applause] thanks for coming out how's Amsterdam treating you till now it's good yeah it's good I have a parent came out so they're here as well yeah I've been hanging with them and I've got mates that live here and Mays a visiting so it's been pretty good we always start the show with the question what kind of student were you Ed Sheeran ah what at school oh yeah odd because I didn't I know yeah well I went actually I went for a week I went for a week sorry four weeks of school now to college okay yeah yeah but as a student if there was something I was interested in I'd work really hard as it um but I didn't see the point in learning things that I wasn't personally going to use like learning trigonometry at school how old were you when you like sort of thought okay this is enough I'm going to do something else you know I got to like 16 and I was like there I can't I want to be a musician and to do that I just have to go out and do it blinks talking about sex drugs and rock and roll how did you score when you were in school probably like there wasn't much rock and roll because I was into like really really like emotional acoustic guitar music obviously drugs I you know I experimented when I was really young and then stopped it so I what did you try ah I don't really want to talk so no but I basically I'd bet I peaked too soon basically all of my friends started getting into it when I start playing music so I'd go home and they'd be taking drugs that I didn't I couldn't pronounce and like I just kind of missed that phase basically so yeah I peaked too soon one category left sex right yeah it happened it happened yeah not as frequently as a lot of likes it too but it definitely happens okay let's open up the hall for the students here first question over him yeah a lot of people are being bullied right now and I was one of those people and well apparently you had a quite difficult time to you what are life lessons that you've learned that you can give to children who have a difficult time at school right now bullies are only afraid of what's different like and that's that's why it comes out because they don't get it they don't get someone wanting to be individual and normal and from my experience all the most successful people ever have been themselves and someone who has been a bully at school fits in with the crowd and then they continue to fit in with the crowd and they live a very very very boring life and then they die whereas someone who doesn't fit in with the crowd goes on and achieves amazing things inspired more people that don't fit in the crowd and that's how the world works it's um it's just part of life that there are mean people in the world but no one can be you better than you and you just have to remember that that being individual is is really cool and yeah I think we win in the end you know over here I add hey I was wondering have you ever tried to write a song about a certain feeling you had but you couldn't get it on paper so you tried different approaches maybe what would be a good tip being a songwriter and I think what's good about summarizing is you can kind of get out any feeling you want to I think that the when you have sort of anxiety or depression or anything that gets you down the one way to get rid of it is expressing it in it could be a song it could be art could be poetry could be playing a game of football but just getting out that emotional things really important so um if you have trouble with it just write anything even if it's like even if it sounds terrible just do something to get to get it out I'd say looks fun and you come across as a very normal guy but anyways you talk about a downside surfing are you afraid of will one day eat you up and what helps you to keep your balance Ries recently has been a bit weird because I've found things that I say get taken really not even out of yeah like out out of context and edited and then put in a like headline and then someone will read it and then that old that will be their opinion of me there was another thing where someone said them do you want to be bigger than zelf and i was like who doesn't and then they was like he thinks he's bigger than a cell like this whole this whole thing so like that's one thing that I'm trying to get round what is actually wrong with having the ambition to be bigger than a dill I don't know I don't like it I really like that baffled me that baffled me and I think it's this like not there it there she is I think this um your people again going back to the individual thing people don't like things that a dream big you don't like you you're meant to like just sing and like not want to be the biggest ass hearts and but why is it a suspect thing to be calm Bish's and why do people start the picture on a pedal and a water head on what I've learned from it is banks I can say anything and just keep your mouth shut because like people don't want to people don't want to hear it so like like I promise you every single artist that you listen to things that every single one goes yeah I hope one day I could be that successful not not not just not for financial reasons but just have that many people listening to music if this isn't a financial I don't wanna be which of the debt or don't want to like make more money it's just I would like as many people who listen to her music to listen to what is it Emma you already accomplished so much in life so it's a still big dream for you to chase ah not musically I kind of like I've gone way beyond what I wanted to achieve so like I've liked if it ended today I'd be like alright cause like that's that's fine they're serious it's so hard to get leave we know well my dream was to play Shepherds Bush Empire in London and sell 100,000 albums that was my dream for the whole of my life and the week the album came out we did thousand and played Shepherds Bush Empire so at the end of that week I was like so I don't yeah I've kind of like it unique to young I have achieved what I want to do but I do think the meaning of life is to start a family and raise it well and put good people into the world so yeah I think that's that that's the end goal what's your favorite moment from your friends memory from his childhood I think when I was like third what basically what castle on the hills about when I was like 13 14 and me and my mates had like well actually borrowed my mates BMX because I didn't have one but we used to like ride around little country roads the barracks steal little cans of cider putting their backpack and like ride up to a hill Jacobs do things we don't even see and like that's like those summers I really remember and that's like I would really like my kids to experience that yeah yeah but now smartphones are here like no one does that anymore everyone's just inside playing xbox and going on Twitter like it kids need to eat worms again and stuff climb climb trees and eat worms and get muddy and deer figure one well on that note we always empty show with what is your best advice through those students here and the people who are watching this show at home it like literally anything you want to do in life you can achieve if you work hard enough anything anything if you want to like if you if you choose the most weird thing in the world and everyone looks at you or you're crazy you're like you're never going to achieve that that exactly that happened to me I remember dropping out of school and everyone went well that's a bad idea and and it did and it did take a while you do have a lot of times where you think it's never going to happen and it's if you're failing and you've made the wrong decision you should have just being safe and done what other people thought you should do but I'm telling you if you put in the work and I think there's a 10,000 hours rule 30 per 10,000 hours into something eventually you become an expert in it but if you choose something and you and you go for it enough it will happen the key is not to have a plan B don't set up any any way any way that you can be like odd you know what if this doesn't work I can just do that there has to be like no other option has to be like either this works on and you just go for it until it until it does [Applause]

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