East African Countries working on joint tourism strategy

Published by Darron Toy on

the EAC cons of ministers will this week review the region's new tourism strategy meeting on Wednesday this week so we could only try and have the meeting today to give us time to have a report from the facilitator be able to brief the minister the minister needs to update his reports to make a presentation on Wednesday among others it seeks to collectively generate a private sector-led framework that is expected to enhance investments in tourism promotion as well as harmonized arrivals across the region before this man's distance of 12 in perhaps two position yes yes they referred to as depart was the destination three increase ESC intricacy and international twice morale goes into and within the region beyond capacity oh yes secretary masters to effectively market for years ago Uganda Kenya and Rhonda North the East African Community single tourist visa that sought to allow for wider entry and visit by individual tourists across the region all to try and integrate the continent to open world Africa for Africa and the effort of trying to have a marketing strategy for East Africa is as well to position East Africa appropriately in regards to the rest of the Corina ojun NTV business

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