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just watching out that in addition to 10 guest speakers at this year's tiny house summer camp five in Vermont a fully hands-on building workshop will be bringing out some off-grid lightweight soul of our solar ovens as part of live demonstrations and we still have more live demos to announce check these guys out too so levar calm hey I'm deke from relaxed calm and Taos New Mexico anyways we're here at the earthships I'm with here with Ashley who's giving us so kind of give us a tour want you tell us your title usage so my name is Ashley Turin and I work in the educational facility at Earthship biotech sir alright so we're going to go in this one today this is one of the newer homes built by Earthship biotech sir it is a two bedroom single bathroom home with an attached garage we like to call it the way B house Mike Reynolds the owner inventor of ership biotech sure he does like to name all of the home so welcome to the way behalf alright so we're going to start by just entering the drive in the garage I guess one so this is a full – – Parker Oz and so we're going to come on in so all of the earth shifts they're made with about 45 percent recycled material so you'll see a lot of bottles cans and car tires especially if you come to Towson and see some mid construction build but some of this bottle work is very tastefully done and it kind of acts is almost like a stained glass window but it's mostly filler for all the walls so very easy building and you don't have to purchase as many materials when you have something filling the inside that will just throw a couple parties you're good to go right what's the bottle of choice whether it seemed to be um blue bottles are like gold yellow to go in a wine oh yeah so this is actually a very tasteful wall this is all clear bottles here but in different homes all the homes are custom all over the world so you'll see a lot of different colorful bottle walls blue is our favorite some of the liquor bottles and wine bottles are preference well come on in this is the main greenhouse hallway we like to call it a buffer zone especially during the wintertime this will hold a little more heat in here so that we're almost tricking the interior space into thinking that this temperature out here is the outside temperature during the summer time what we can do to cool this base office earning this is the pop some of these windows okay I'm noticing overhead two water roller guide lights path right here these are all gravity operated skylights and so this gives a lot of nice airflow coming in and out of the home airflow is obviously key but when we come into the interior space of the home you can actually feel quite a temperature shift in here oh and very noticeably it is very noticeable temperature shift it's a lot cooler in this room it is close to 90 outside right now and it's probably if I were to get about 68 to 71 degrees in here but this home because it is tapping into the cool earth temperature this wall back here will stay a lot of constant 55 to 58 degrees this is what we call our thermal mass temperature and this temperature will stay pretty constant all year round and so whether it's 100 or negative 30 outside you've got a constant thermal mass wall kind of similar to a cave temperature or basement temperature are those returns over there one of those you're actually cooling to cooling today we are in the newest global model York ship all of the global model Earth ships they have the cooling tube just taking advantage of the cool underground temperatures yes you can see this goes all the way through the berm of the house so just like a cave or a basement we do have about 15 to 20 feet of compacted earth the wall at March or yeah or if you had a natural hillside on your property you could build right into the hillside it will tap into that pool earth temperature and that thermal mass temperature can store itself in the wall but this tube goes all the way through a few tire courses up because this is a tire wall so compacted earth tire wall that's earthquake-proof fire-proof of no off gassing from the tires this goes all the way through the berm that big mass of dirt behind the house and is open on the other side so it's rainin imagine a rain dance and a little critter rattling rattle saying we have a lot of those in this area but all of the air now if you have everything vented properly this cooling tube exposed my windows to the greenhouse and also those skylights that we showed you this will act as a natural convection and so the air will get pulled through and it will cool down as it travels underground and then all the warm air will get pushed out and up through the natural arrives as you're pulling all the cool yeah it's almost like a geothermal energy but no electricity no moving parts it's all pretty natural and so this is kind of our natural form of air conditioned my colder if you're familiar with my Kohler The Mole Man or Malcolm wells Rob Roy they used similar practices or different variations of and it's so simple but it works so well you can feel the cool air coming through here it feels like air conditioning but it just gets more cool air in the house pushing out the warm air and obviously getting fresh air indigo because this wall is you know you know that there's no windows on this wall and it's because this is a complete tire structure rammed earth tire is coming all the way up and so this is just Earth's behind this wall for about 15 to 20 feet now up about sorry I mean up above us so these are some pretty serious raptors these are called bigas here in South New Mexico or just in the New Mexico area in general this is a very traditional building style so these videos I believe that they are made out of pine they are sustainably harvest alert in an area this is very traditional for a house kind of Adobe looking home and these walls these are all adobe walls are made out of sand straw mud and water these ones have a light coat of paint over top of them but you can see the flecks of straw in here I wouldn't use any kind of paint you don't want to use a latex paint there's a specific type of paint that goes well with the mud so if you're doing mud walls earthen walls make sure you know what you're putting on yeah but how much earth is up above us I'm you know seeing as these rafters are just so huge well this is very traditional roof you've got your these vegans obviously we've got insulation above these planks and then when and you can head to the roof over at our educational facility we will go on this one but it will see a lot of metal Pro paneling so the roof is not underground the metal Pro paneling on the roof is because all of these columns they collect all their own water for rain and snow so all of these homes they are completely off grid doing water collection from rain and snow energy control you know we don't have to heat or cool the house because of this thermal mass wall and the southern exposed windows this is passive solar gain at its best right here so we get just enough light and heat to make it so the home is about 65 to 75 degrees inside the home at any period during the year so like I said earlier whether it's 100 outside or negative 30 you'll have a constant temperature in here but we also do energy collection from solar panels or windmill we also use about 45 percent recycled materials in every single bill and my favorite component of the home is the gray water system we recycle the water here so hey you guys anybody was washing the dishes taking a shower doing the laundry we do have laundry machines internships that's all the first use for the water when this water goes down the drain it actually goes a really light reason particle filter before it hits all the plants or beds there's wonder if it came out right here he was a quick little buffer zone of plants here is what it is and this if you keep in here and be hard then that will be a light grease and particle filtering Oh inside there we just have a really light panty hose that can catch anything out but some people like to turn that into a worm that will start it off as a very easy grease and particle filter and if the homeowner wants to turn it into a worm bin they can do that on our own but it goes through a system like that before all the water hits all the planter beds in the home so the plant after you take a shower or take a drink of water or run a laundry the plants get all the second use for the water and then that gray water gets pumped to the toilet tank so the toilet water is the third use for the same water in the home and because the plants do such a nice job with filtering that water you'll notice that it doesn't smell funny and it looks funny it looks like normal toilet water and if your dog drinks out of it it's not that easy so basically if you go into an Earthship and see that the plants are doing so well you know that someone's hygiene isn't up to par now they're not showering it up that's how are you like this because I use this thing as an example just so everybody knows this sink water actually goes right to black water just in case of any food particles that get through it's mainly the shower the laundry all of that water goes right to the plants after the the plants and then the toilet then that black water goes to a very traditional septic unit outside before it goes to the Blackwater Botanical cell aka all the exterior gardening so it goes through a leach field outside and Enzi's into a lined planter bed outside is the fourth use for the same water so there's plants really flourish you can grow food out there with the black water as long as it's something with a trunk or a stem you wouldn't want to grow root vegetables in your black what's the average rainfall around this area we only get in between eleven inches around let's see walking long after this you guys will see a very unique fridge this is a DC refrigerator it's very insulated thick walled it runs off direct current we use both DC and eight while VI see how thick the information there yet very fun Frost right I think I saw the process made here in the US this home and I'm not exactly sure how much this one has I think it has about 8,000 gallons of water storage will see the catchment space on the roof but if you've got light rainfall like we do here in Taos you want a lot of water storage and you want a lot of reap storage or you want reach space I'm sorry to touch that water here's just yeah what's your dryer luxurious and these cabinets we talked about before they're all hands yeah these are all hands are simple yet classy my god oh yeah they were like Mike Reynolds the owner inventor I mean this company is really known for beautiful handcrafted cabinets door window water poison juice yeah they're beautiful and she's also known for the tyre walls what everyone knows Mike for is the higher walls they call them the garbage warrior this bedroom number one I was a bathroom this is a very modern bathroom this one even has a very modern tub some of the older earthships have a lot of handcrafted tubs they look very whimsical that's really very traditional but to get back to the water question cuz we're standing in the bathroom here we get some ice on boria's we're standing in the bathroom here if we did not use the water four times and have so much water storage and large root spaces there is a chance that we could run out of water we get light rainfall but their ship was invented in this area so there is kind of a rough calculation of how much a storage space that you want and how much room space that you want but if you were to get 2 inches of rainfall a year that's when I would be a little concerned my house has 8,000 gallons of water storage and I never run but let's head through the greenhouse to bedroom number two and you can see this beautiful floating headboard right here Mike loved to do these in the homes because it gives a lot of storage space behind the headboard for all your clothes so this is kind of the closet for this home and it's just right behind the headboard it's a simple open closet it works yeah so we got we have to go through the greenhouse to get to bedroom number two so we'll head back out here and be more of a beautiful bottle work coming through here yeah the doors to would be like exact no table aspects job is much this is Mike's you know this is his signature look he does a lot of this this style of window door cabinetry but like I said this is a newer model of Earthship so this is a little more streamlined and a little more classy so to speak it's nice because it shows the average homeowner that you can live in an off-grid home and still have all your modern amenities and still feel good about higher living and let's pop in here there's another bedroom or a sorry bathroom in this emissive with the more custom shower area this is a custom shower so unfortunately I can't get you into one of the older models of earthships but if you can imagine this shower but as a handcrafted tub we do a lot of handcrafted tub with the cans and bottles and they look like pieces of artwork other great strap over here as well where plants run and Willie the garden while you're going to the bath yeah and you can see all the storage space in here more of Mike that's a heck of a lot of storage yeah well there was a point in time where folks they wanted a little storage in the Earthship and so since this is more than your home might try to add as much storage as he could possibly fit so you can see there is another cooling tube here so yeah the air a little more through here there's not too much temperature problems in this room at all because the tire wall kind of goes all the way around in a circle in this home so this are in this room so this room is really really nice and cool so i usually tor a lot of tiny houses with the beds are about 20 inches wide this is certainly a different case here that's bigger than some of the tiny houses I tour around my youtube yes tiny houses are amazing I love them I would like to have one they're a little more mobile this is definitely not my oh no these tyre walls with different intention here there's a different intention I mean these tyre walls they they weigh anywhere from two to four hundred pounds per tire once you can pack them that's why the wall is said to be earthquake-proof and fireproof and all of this good stuff but the tiny house you can take a loop with um some very stationary and these tiny plants you can see in here this is sense as a branding Earthship we just have little baby plants going right now Japanese cucumbers peppers tomatoes things we've got mammoth basil we've got thyme a little bit of every pot smells fantastic there's Walker I know it's very a yeah yeah yeah thank you so much for the tour – Ashley oh you're both appreciate it website wise they want to find more of my yellow eww chef calm that website has not only a lot of our information regarding the house but educational programs that we've here so you could do an internship with us or the Academy program where you actually take classroom hours and build on a site with the crew hopefully you'll be able to build one of these things by the time your month is done it's certainly inspiring to see me again a documentary and have some of the books from Michael Reynolds and oh yeah and thank you for the fantastic tours like you've done this tour before yes oh yeah here's why alright like blood yeah you're welcome bye guys


Sarah Soelter · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

How do I contact the, Builder

Axis Faxis · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I wonder what the radon levels are for that cooling duct.

nun · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

How do you stop termites devouring the walls and wood.?

Christer Jonsson · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I love this! But zero fossil fuels? Now do this house create it's on natural gas to power that propane stove?

RP McMurphy · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Soooo, the elite are "going green" now?
Gee whiz- that's super-duper.

Lady Khepera Ankh · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm


Francis York · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Notice these are not built around black people. They would all be robbed in Detroit.

taryn shaw · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Wouldn't birds and other animals come in with the windows open?

John Smithllc · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I made 50000 selling the hippys blue bottles that i stole from the recycling place in santa fe. My f******hired helper broke half the bottles though so I broke a bottle over her his head and threw him out of the truck in Los Alamos

KelMaster Construction · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Net Zero chance of affording this half a million dollar estate.

rainer baker · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Why aren't these more prevalent

Gorigori Yasno · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

a beautiful home, would be a brilliant video if not for a thousand "ah"s 🙁

Caine · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I dont think we'll own cars personally (grab an auto driving cab off street) so wont need to take up so much space with 2 car garage.
Great that it's made from a lot of recycled materials, but if lived the first 2 floors underground and had a small area on top just for ground access, imagine the space and energy savin!

Yaffa Ellington · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

My son is interested in permaculture and is school for engineering. How can he contact someone for an internship? There’s no contact information.

Nikolai · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

This video reminded me so much of a porno

Ariana Grandé · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I stayed in a same design of that earthship! It’s way better than you see on youtube

M. S. · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Yea … not a fan of the architecture. BUT …. the housing science and its applications you have integrated into daily living practices is applaudable! Too bad your heating/water premises aren't more widely applied. Very impressive and admirable. Kudos!

Angela Tucker · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm


rchancock · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Architecturally not my cup of tea, but good for the hipsters trying to make the world better

Rich Shields · May 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Tires are kinda nasty, they can exude gases. Earth bags are better

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