Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Build a Restaurant (Guide)

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hey guys welcome back this is MD and I'm gonna show you how to build a restaurant to build a restaurant we need to have a simple kitchen and a dining place beside each other so they should be like close to each other for the kitchen itself we need a minimum of three bonfires and a chest as for the dining place we need to have one lighting source it can be anything a normal torch or whatever and we need a dining table for the dining table we need to have our four small tables for chairs or stool and of course four sets of like supper set so it's like a table with food on it right so yeah we're gonna like build these two rooms like beside each other eh nothing fancy or anything if you want to make it fancy it's up to you as you can see I'm using the clock the basic elements or like material here so yeah I'm gonna like build a small kitchen and a giant like eating place but you can do it however you want you so here I am like I'm putting the chairs the tables and the lighting sources then I'm gonna go to the kitchen I'm putting the the lights and the chest now we are missing the doors so I'm gonna put the doors and the supper set so yeah four separate sets and so we have like four dining tables in a room beside like a small kitchen that simple kitchen we will have the restaurant and that's it that's how simple it is there's nothing fancy so yeah the kitchen is done so I'm just gonna build the block here and the we will have the restaurants and there will be an icon by the way if you like open the map you will see the icon of a restaurant so that's something nice actually oh yeah guys that said the tablet task is completed and we have our restaurants on the map that's it guys thanks for the support liking and commenting on our videos and if you want to see more then please do write in our comments below and that's it guys stay also


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Island touuuuur!!!! Big fan btw

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Where can i find mitrile?

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