Dogtainers Pet Transport Domestic and International Animal Transport (Long Version)

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with over 40 years experience in delivering any pet anywhere anytime including dogs cats sheep goats birds and fish dog teeners is the most trusted pet transport company in Australia and the only owner operated service with officers located in every state and staff in every airport our officers are owned by animal lovers with a passion for pets many of whom are also breeders behaviorists trainers veterinarians vet nurses kennel owners and internationally renowned pet judges there are animal loving dog trainer professionals all around Australia waiting to help you plan the shortest and most comfortable journey with minimal waiting periods before or during transit our close relationship with leading airlines transport companies and dog trainer partners around the world means we can offer a reliable domestic and international animal transport 365 days a year our door-to-door service collects your pet from home in one of our climate-controlled pet friendly travel vehicles driven by owners who care who have sound knowledge and expertise in pet care if required your pet will wait at a premium pet care facility until their flight and relocation to you and as part of their pet friendly travels they'll have fresh water and food planned around flight times and be given a walk to relieve themselves before being taken to the airport on longer domestic and international flights we can also share your comfort stops with trained pet carers on route for international consignments we work within the trusted global network of the international pet and animal transport Association a global association of pet transporters who work together to transport pets to any low in the world the domestic roots if you opt for our airport to airport pet-friendly travel service you just need to tell us the type of animal size and approximate weight and the correct travel crate will be waiting for you at the freight check-in counter ninety to a hundred and twenty minutes before departure you then simply collect your pet again at your destination Airport you can choose to hire or purchase your pet friendly travel crate and the size of the crate should allow your pet to stand sit and lie comfortably we need just for easy measurements taken with your pet standing still to choose the correct size a measure the length in centimeters from nose to root of tail don't include the tail in this measurement B measure the height in centimeters from the ground to the animals elbow joint don't include the shoulder in this measurement C measure the width in centimeters across the widest point and D with your pet standing in a natural stance measure the height in centimeters from the ground to either at the top of the head or the top of the ears whichever is higher the travel container will then be correctly sized by our experienced animal handlers whether it's a dog cat sheep goat bird or fish moving pets can be complicated but at dog Tanner's transporting your best friend is what we do best with local officers in every state you'll find us convenient and nearby and with each office managed by an owner operator and they're dedicated dog trainers staff we can deliver a personalized service supported by their training and expertise in keeping your pet as relaxed as possible when traveling we'll also lighten the paperwork load coordinating all of the necessary paperwork permits quarantine requirements and vet checks to have your pet ready to travel as soon as possible so for the most trusted pet transport company in Australia called dog Tanner's one 313 52 52 or visit dog penis Comte you where you can also download the world's only dedicated pet transport app for iPhones and Android dog trainers special animals special transport you


UltraVlogger · July 29, 2019 at 1:05 pm

How much is it?

Dogtainers A · July 29, 2019 at 1:05 pm

For all our customers to give you an idea of whats involved when you transport your pets with Dogtainers.

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