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hey guys and welcome for the log I meant Dumbledore nobody is getting there did I why I shot a few she looks very happy guys I guess she wants to take a photo here good our Sophie are you jealous Nicholas okay they don't know and this way like a little you know engineer over Venezuela alright guys so that's how this part starts we're in a very touristic section when things don't work no no no catered money no key Romano this guy is trying to paint me all right so you got a lot of touts over here basically they offer you a bracelet they offer to paint you or like this lady she just jumps in the picture and jumps in front of the camera and then they try to charge you money you know it doesn't work like that so anyways we're gonna explore is little area here it's kind of surrounded by favelas and whatnot but now when you make it to a little tourist zone right here everybody whoops out their phones what about the camera and this is the view here check it out you got a little Ford over there it's pretty cool so eventually you make my way down there and whatnot but this is the spot right here guys you got like some old buildings up there and whatnot it's a very very old city salvador brazil by the way venezuela plays brazil today so that's what she was saying something about she she got mad so I want to hear but it doesn't work like that guys I want a picture no thank you I thank you they got guys over here offering services it's pretty annoying we're gonna push on through a few going alright so we get to this point that you can walk this it's 50 cent guys 15 cents because it's so cheap re like who cares chilli Fiona's is Venezuela and did you guys see Chile destroyed Japan that's what happens to foreign teens with a console and America we show them that we run the football world anyways let's push on through everybody goes indoor for let's see if we can take a shortcut to here or not alright guys we made a mistake if you go in that little bit it just brings you down so the shirt cut so you don't got to walk so we're just gonna go with it guys they're setting all type of stuff here everything's really cheap look a coconut for one rail that's like 25 cents 25 cents for a coconut all right I think there's a market I'll go check out the market he just threw these out there guy they try to study everything all right this is mercado modelo check out all the traditional stuff they got standing here hey walk around this market is one of the things to see here inside of our Lord it seems that they have a lot of souvenirs a lot of things you can take home and whatnot let's see what else they find hopefully they have some food or something Sophie knows the way around apparently will follow her all right so a lot of clothes maybe it's more pricey here but you can walk around the little favelas and find all this clothes but almost for free like extremely cheap oh we have food and drinks here yeah oh they got bars here yes a bit of a hassle here if you're a foreigner you're gonna get invited everywhere all right you can get good here traditional foods Brazil's known for the nuts I okay souvenir central and local traditional clothing check out the drawings this is what the city looks like when you're walking around except a bit older check out keychains from the local football clubs and you got some football jerseys these are all local teams they cook you can smell the drink and then lemon with honey apparently is all this over here both dear all right if there's only six rows for that I'd like a dollar fifty Oh they don't have it yeah I want her to try honey they don't know they also have beer here but I'm not going to show you guys here right now even though they have a lot of beers to try and Brazil I should do next to here having is preparing a semi haha mmm yes the case our cotton Oh meme on our lemon and honey to sweeten it up I love interesting interesting it's really good oh yeah it's really good it tastes like the Aqua char thing tastes like Rome almost but you get this mix of the honey and the lime in there the lemon and it's really nice let's draw it's almost like drinking rum straight out of the bottle you feel it going down your throat cleaning up ready to supercharge you to walk around Salvador we got an intruder Ishika is Garfield on a diet all right so Pineda wants to try out strong yeah the lemon and the honey good all right guys not bad I definitely suggest to try it sells for all that's $1 Pitney for a shot pretty much a big shot so let's try this all right so here in Brazil they drink the alcohol as when you're sick when you have a little bit of a cough or a cold you're drinking with the honey and the lemon is nice and it goes down it really cleans you up now I agree with the parts and I said before extremely friendly um what was I saying Jesus we're just walking around here guys but oh yeah you can have it with milk but the guy that served it agreed with me like alcohol the meal you're gonna eat that and you're gonna feel really bad yeah so anyway we're just gonna walk around here and see what we see check it out we got some dudes over there dancing all right guys so as always on inside these markers are terrific spots the food is overpriced literally right outside of it we got the local Spira here a very small little hole in the walls have a joint pool with local and the food is cheap I ordered some fried yucca with Carmen aka here they call it a pink con carne Yuka it's just you got to show you what it is check out they also got all these pastries over here she's preparing the food right here like I said a real small place right here guys this is usually where you get the best stuff with all the locals they also got juices for 50 cents you get some beer here I might upgrade to a beer alright guys so I want to order sign up with you but look how they come here here's a pineapple juice they have these little tiny pineapple but they come out super sweet it might be the best pineapple juice I ever have do you think like beer drinking and either no no plastic I agree alright guys check it out this is Yuka right here it's almost like a potato but it's not anyways this right here 15 where all this what is that it's like three or four dollars pretty much for it US dollars not bad not bad at all you guys try there for Lucas Bobo exactly like the brothers of mashed potatoes material thank you I mean I mash potatoes potatoes like a potato but not quite the same so just something to try Yuka arrastia try to hear bazoo I am p19 ainp I am you alright guys I'm back up here to show you the panoramic view check that all you got the little tiny 4 right over there there you go huh Mexico Mexico Colombia Venezuela see beyond it is really fun happiness yeah alright guys so you got little beaches all around over there that's the port there they'll take it's on all the little beautiful beaches yeah but I like Ponyo yeah that's gonna be as if I year to some say by SSN Costa very much like an arena Central Valley of Elah salty Fiamma hastily is a pilot car Nevada for a career – really – aha as equity Baraka now unit a group of San Francisco PD as Tavi okay all right guys so check out the little rosy leg you got a lot of old buildings now I'm gonna point something out I've been to stop already I've been to afford to illegally I so really sink here I'm very good however here I'm not gonna lie to you yeah you don't feel safe at all I like every leave it literally this place I'll just show you here the elevator down to the market is only place you feel saved at Harvard you're like you're kind of harassed a lot by all the towels trying to sell you their products anytime their vocals walk up to you and tell you like go back make you might get robbed they don't feel safe here my Airbnb host told me that I should take over wherever I go Robbie's not we're surrounded by four brothers everywhere so that's the thing about that so yeah I keep that in mind if you do come here don't take anything with you just your credit card a little bit of cash with me minimum and then go walking around that way if somebody Rob's you they look at you take that you know anyway that's my piece of advice if you do happen to some exercise it's one of the main buildings at the top to see and one of those places that you feel really really safe until you step out but let's walk around help hear more there's a little few more things to see and I'm gonna wrap this video up Oh touring El Salvador all right guys una caipirinha for fall right there so the caipirinha is right here guys for five rounds that's a dollar in 25 cents I found another safe area check it out right next to the elevator over there you can walk around here nice and calm not bad hey guys dollar and 25 cents panini and it's delicious Wow I think it tastes way better than any that I tried in the States for like 1/8 for the price alright guys so they're doing traditional dances over here I just got a beer here you get two of these for fiber out that's 2 for $1 but the dance is interesting check it out alright guys so we have this little area here it's very tourists as she saw school American kids like but they say don't leave the flags thank you we're about to cross the border kind of like in lankey when you know Mufasa like alright you see that over there don't go over there it's kind of like that but we're just gonna linger here and this check out this building as a thing here there's a lot of culture I recommend if you care about culture and history and things like that you get a guy to explain it all here there's a lot these are all the Portuguese colonial homes over here a lot of rich history here in Brazil alright guys so it looks like they're setting something up here remember in as little papers ill tonight right here in this town so I don't know this animation is always like that but for now it's pretty cool they do their painting they do their playing drums setting something up over there more than anything is all the colors and the way they got this Center over here like all animated and whatnot it shows the happiness that is Brazil the joy the cheerfulness Alegria alright guys that's it for a side of a door there's also beautiful beaches they have tours all around this area where you can book that if you want to do that definitely go check that out they look very beautiful there'll be another video this is more the city center cheap drinks here good food around if you want to check it out hope you liked the video and catch on next


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