Documenting Magic Series | A Disney Movie Traveler's Notebook!

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hey sky bosses welcome back I have something new for my documenting magic series if you're new to my channel the documenting magic series is all about documenting all things related to Disney and my family and I are definitely Disney fanatics and I thought because Disney has so many fantastic movies coming out in 2019 and 2020 that I would document this in some way we love going to movies and so I wanted to scrapbook our experiences seeing all these in really great movies a lot of them are live-action some of them are superhero and it's just so much fun so what I did was I made my own custom travelers notebook last year before I went to Walt Disney World with the intentions of using that to document my trip but I had some extras left over so I decide to use it I'm pointing to all the embellishments on the front cover everything that I'm using for this product is from the say cheese collections one two three informative post links down in the description box that wood veneer Mickey that is from el estudio and I'm also gonna post a picture they just launched a Disney inspired scrapbooking kit that you can take a look at as well as the coordinating stamp set so make sure you check that out all the links to these products are posted down below in the description also check out the Victoria Murray blog if you want to see stills of these layouts on my travelers notebook so essentially I'm just keeping it very simple this first one is my Captain Marvel layout this movie came out in March and those are photos of my daughter and my spouse and I we usually take a photo in front of the movie poster when we hit the theatres and I use that in addition to the movie poster image that I find on google of the movie here I'm showing you this interactive element that I created using a 3 by 8 piece of patterned paper fold at that in half and mount at my 3 by 4 photo on there what's basis to journal the next one was in March was Dumbo the live-action Dumbo so I'm using all le studio products here from their magical moments collection again Disney inspired and I thought the colors worked perfectly I did some beautiful stamping on there using the stamp set that coordinates with it I also did some repetitive stamping there on the left hand side and then some stamping below where I stamped a baby mine using some more el estudio stamps now what I do is I go on Google and I find the movie poster image and I go ahead and print that out and I will pop that into my pic frame app and print it three by four so it fits into i travellish notebook and then i used an el estudio stamp to create those dated stamps and you'll see that here in just a second and so I go ahead and I print out the photos as the movies come out and so they're ready to go I'm gonna go ahead and work on this page this is when we went to go see the Avengers which was a fantastic movie and what I did was I printed out the movie poster Avengers in game there is there's some pattern paper I used from the kid I want to show you that and then a photo of myself wearing my marvel t-shirt because Avengers is a part of the Marvel family of superheroes I mounted that on some white cardstock and I'm gonna put that on the left-hand side of the layout I also have this piece of patterned paper that was just kind of hanging about so I cut it in half and I'm gonna mount that on either side of this photo strip here and in a second I'm going to adjust the photos just slightly because I need to put the little dated stamp that I created a little die-cut I created there to the side there we go April 24 so here's the stamps that I'm referring to it's called the mini dated stamp set from el estudio I'm pointing out the stamp set I've used it has some months as well as numbers and you can pop them in to create the dates that you need I'm going to go ahead and embellish this a little bit so I'm gonna bring over this die-cut this is a hundred percent fun then I have some golden stars there as well as a heart that I'm gonna layer right on top we love going to see the movies and so seeing Disney movies makes the experience even better and I'm glad that I'm scrapbooking this cuz this is something fun to do when you don't want to maybe make a full layout but you definitely want to do something so having a themed traveler's notebook is a lot of fun so I have this photo it's roughly uh I want to say four by four I also have this pocket again I will just want to say cheese one two three or four collections one of the two one of the four rather I'm gonna go ahead and mount that pocket there on top of the photo now I have some other little elements that I want to stick in these tags here have some stitching on them I'm gonna use them to do a tiny bit of journaling so I need to do a ton of journaling for this layout I also have that cute little clip as well as a ticket and a polka dot heart red polka dot heart as well as another little golden ticket there and I'm just kind of popping those in the pocket and I want them loose because I am gonna draw along them so I want to be able to pull them out I'm also layering those on top of the pocket to give it just a little bit more interest I have this little circle die-cut with a star that I'm just gonna tuck that in right underneath the ticket then I have this wood veneer piece and this would be near peace says perfect picture I'm gonna mount that on a star that's a photo of me and my little family we were trying to take a picture in front of one of the movie posters but it didn't quite work out all right now because I work on my page just separate from my album I'm gonna go ahead and put the pages into my album very simple basic album I created using some pattern paper from this say this say cheese collections and then I also just put in some copy paper because I knew I was going to cover it with some pattern paper and with that the spread is done I really love this project a lot of times what I'll do is I'll put on some dizzy music or a youtube video or a movie and I'll make my favorite drink in my favorite Disney cups I have several and I'll sit down and document these movie experiences plus if you enjoy going to Walt Disney World or Walt Disney Land weather here in the United States or overseas it really helps with the Disney blues to be able to do a project like this and if anything it helps to relieve some of the creative mojo because you have such a small space to work with and you can certainly make it your own and use up some of those really fun supplies this video is made possible in part by the Victoria Mary scrap boss patrons if you want to learn more about how you could be a patron and support Victoria Murray designs click on the link down below and as always if you are not subscribed yet I don't know what you do and go ahead click that subscribe button click the bill indicator that way you'll know each and every time a new video is posted to this channel I'll see you guys next time


whatjenren peterson · July 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

Such a great project and spread! I’m seeing Lion King 🦁 this weekend! Can’t wait to see the new Maleficent! 💗👍

tksbaskets · July 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

This was an awesome video and project. I saw it on your blog and I was super happy to see this video. I suffer from Disney withdrawal too and this project looks fun and I’m going to do something similar in my album. Thanks for sharing.

A Girl In a Sweater · July 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

Yassss to our Disney queen !!!!! Can I be like
The co queen lmao 😂. Love this. You are sooo talented !!! Hugs hugs janet !!

galecrafts - ( The Happy Stamper ) · July 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

What a fabulous idea! We are total Disney NUTS!!! I love to pop in all my different Disney C.D.'s while I am scrapbooking in my craft room – so fun…Thanks for sharing ~
Gale The Happy Stamper 🙂

Tina Inglima · July 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

Oh wow that’s really professional and nice

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