Disneyland Life Hacks 2018!! 10 Disney Secrets for the Best Disney Trip Ever!!

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– Disneyland! The most magical place on Earth! (fun dance music) I’ve been an annual pass
holder at Disneyland since I was 16. So I feel like I really do
know the ins and the outs of the park. So here are my Top 10 Life Hacks: To Do The Disneyland Parks like a Pro. Waiting in lines at theme parks is probably the least magical part. Disneyland just released
an upgrade called MaxPass, that will literally make
your day so much easier, but somehow not a lot
of people know about it. For an extra $10 per person, you can reserve your fast passes online on the Disneyland App, without having to walk to the
physical location of the ride. Also you can order the fast
passes from across parks, So if you’re at Guardians of the Galaxy, at DCA you can reserve a fast
pass for Haunted Mansion, and by the time that you walk over there, it’s gonna be about time
for your fast pass anyways. Plus that $10 includes photo pass, so you can automatically
download any of your ride photos, or photos taken by a Disney photographer throughout your day. The photographers are
stationed all around the parks, so you can get nice pictures
of your day at Disney without having to lug around a big camera. Even if you don’t pay the
extra money for MaxPass, I definitely still recommend
downloading the Disney App, and scanning your park tickets
or passes into the App, you can actually just scan
the ticket from your phone to get into the park. So you don’t have to keep track of a bunch of extra tickets. Inside the Food and Bakery
Tour at Fisherman’s Wharf inside Disney’s California Adventure. They give out free pieces
of sourdough bread. Super yummy snack when you’re having that little, mid-afternoon
craving for something salty. And across the way at
the Ghirardelli store they give out free samples
of chocolate squares, it’s the perfect thing to
satisfy that sweet tooth and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Alright this hack could be
a whole video on it’s own, and it probably will be
on my channel someday, but for now I’m gonna run
through some of my favorite photo spots in Disneyland
and California Adventure. Like I said earlier the Disney
photographers are stationed all around the main photo areas, but here are some lesser
known spots where you can get your photo shoot on, and
get an awesome Disney pic! Three, two, one, go! Let’s start with the Disney spots. In Tomorrowland by Autopia,
there is a big area marked Star Wars Launch Bay. Right next to the exit
there’s a big galaxy ball that also has Star Wars quotes on it. This one’s great because
it’s always shaded, so you don’t have to worry about lighting, it’s pretty private so no
ones gonna be like looking in on you while you’re taking your selfies, and it’s awesome because
if you’re a Star Wars nerd you can pose with the quotes, and if you’re not you can just
stand in front of this cool looking galaxy wall. On your way to It’s a
Small World and Toon Town, on your left there is a really pretty wall that is actually a cast member exit. It’s blue and has all these
silver geometric shapes, it’s such a cute photo background, it’s definitely one of
my favorite Disney walls. And even though it is in a
pretty populated walkway, it’s kind of on the side
so you’re not gonna really have a lot of people like
walking in front of your picture. The Tea Cups in Fantasyland
are a great spot, to get a fun, bright picture
for your Instagram feed. You can either stand in this
little alcove that over looks the Tea Cups as they’re
spinning in the background, or actually wait in line
and take pictures inside one of the tea cups while it’s spinning. If you like bright colors, I
definitely recommend this one, it is like, it’s just
like my favorite thing, like that is my aesthetic,
like Fantasyland. My last Disneyland photo spot
is anywhere in Toon Town. Toon Town is very, very Insta worthy, has lots of cute little spots, because it’s Toon Town
everything is very like bright, and fun and has lot’s of
cute little Disney-esque architecture things. Pretty much every little
stairwell, or building, or gazebo, or trolly stop
is gonna be a cute spot to snap some Instagram pictures. Now in California Adventure
if you are walking towards Pixar Pier, on your left there is an area that is meant to
replicate the painted ladies in San Francisco. You’ll see it as you’re
walking towards the pier with Little Mermaid on your right, it’s gonna be on your left. This is one of the most
colorful photo spots in the park and there is a lot of variety in the colors of each building, so you can pick which color
coordinates with your outfit. Under the Silly Symphony
Swings on Pixar Pier there is a great little
photo spot where you actually have three background options. You can take the picture facing the water, where World of Color usually plays, against this really
simple mint colored wall, or with the white rollercoaster
in the background. It’s always shaded no
matter what time of day and one of the most private
photo spots in the park. People rarely walk under here. The blue wall is an iconic spot in DCA, it even has it’s own Instagram page, like I feel this one is pretty well known, it’s located at stage 12 right next to the Monster’s Inc ride on the left if you’re walking down Buena Vista Street, it’s just a plain blue wall
honestly it’s pretty basic I’m not like a big fan of this photo spot, but it is pretty popular
within the Disney fandom. Right next to the blue
wall a new Instagram spot that already has it’s
own Instagram page too, people are calling this
the Buzz Wing Wall. It’s just a cute little
spot in that same area where you can pose and
stand like Buzz Lightyear. Hack number four. The Cove Bar is a really cool
spot in California Adventure where you can get fancy
cocktails if your of age, but there’s actually a
secret menu at the Cove Bar, where you’ll get crazy,
colorful amazing drinks that you won’t see on the regular menu. You can just google Cove Bar secret menu to see all the different
varieties of secret concoctions that they will make for
you at the Cove Bar. My favorite is the Mickey’s Fun Wheel it is really pretty and
taste real good too, I definitely recommend trying that one. Usually you have to
pay for your ride photo or take a crappy iphone
picture of the screen to save that memory. But there is one ride at
Disneyland where you can get the photo for free! And that is the Buzz
Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. As your exiting the ride and
walking through the courdoir on your left there is gonna be kiosks where you can find your ride photo and email it to yourself for free and on this ride you’re
shooting targets for points, and it actually puts your
score on the ride photo, so you can brag about how good
you did to all your friends. Here is an easier way to
get around the Disney carts and save your feet from the extra walking. One easier way to get
in and out of the carts is to take the monorail
from Downtown Disney Station to Tomorrowland Station. They scan your pass at
the Monorail entrance so not only do you skip the
line to get into the park, but you also save a
lot of time and walking to get into the heart of Disneyland. You can also take it
from Tomorrowland Station to Downtown Disney Station
at the end of the day to get out of the park, and
it puts you a lot closer to your car at the end of
the day if you parked in the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, which by the way is my
favorite place to park. There’s also a train in Disneyland
that goes around the park and stops in every land. It’s great way to get around
and it’s kind of a whole experience in itself. You get to see little scenes throughout, and it takes you through
It’s a Small World, and through Splash Mountain. Now those first ways to get
around were for Disneyland, here’s one for California Adventure, little known fact, there
is a secret entrance into the park from
Downtown Disney through the Grand Californian Hotel. When you take this little secret route through Downtown Disney,
not only do you get to see the inside of the
Grand Californian Hotel, which is beautiful, but it
also puts you right into the park next to Grizzly Rapids. Okay, so as a kid I was never
allowed to get a balloon on our annual family trip to Disneyland, so now, I get all the balloons. Walking down Main Street into the park, you’ll see a cast member
holding a giant bunch of Mickey shaped balloons,
if you ask them nicely, they’ll let you post for
a picture where it looks like you’re holding all the balloons and it’s so magical and pretty but, be careful because the
second you ask to do this a line will form behind
you of other people who want to get that same picture. There’s two main ways to
get shorter wait times, without buying MaxPass. First is single rider and this is the only repeat hack from my other Disney videos, I’ve talked about single rider before but, I wanted to mention it here anyways, most of the big rides at Disneyland and California Adventure, has a single rider line,
where you can go through and they’ll put you in any open seat. So the downside of this
is you don’t get to sit with the rest of your group, but you cut the line and
it makes it so much faster on days especially when
the park is really busy. This is great on rides like Matterhorn, or Cars, where there so fast
paced that it doesn’t even really matter who you’re sitting next to. The second part of this
hack if for Fantasyland. I love Fantasyland but
all of those rides can get crazy long wait times
during the day when all the little kiddies are
running around the park, but before the fireworks at
night they actually shut down all of Fanstasyland and
they’ll rope it off. After the fireworks
once the area is clear, you can wait in front of the ropes, and when the cast member takes it down, you’ll be the first in line
for those Fantasyland rides. This hack is especially
great for Peter Pan’s Flight, which can get such a long line and there’s no fast pass for it. It’s one of my favorites,
so when I want to make sure that I’m able to ride Peter Pan’s Flight, this is usually how I do it. Alright, so you’re half way
through your Disney day, you’re dragging your feet, but your not quite ready to
go home and call it quits. Here are some awesome
air conditioned spots, where you can sit and
relax before getting up and hitting the rides again. Disneyland has two spots on Main Street that are great for this, Steamboat Willie and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. These are both short little shows inside an air conditioned
theater that will give you a chance to relax and cool off. Most of the shows at
Disneyland are outdoors, so these are both great
little spots to take a break. At California Adventure you
can catch the Frozen show, it’s located in a theater right next to Guardians of the Galaxy. This show is amazing
but it is an hour long. So not exactly ideal if you
just want a short break. My personal favorite
place to take a break is at the Animation Academy
on Buena Vista Street. No matter who I’m with at
Disneyland I always take them to the Beast’s Library
which is inside this area. Past the main lobby of
the Animation Academy walk through the Sorcerer’s Workshop and you will find yourself
in the Beast’s Library. In here you can take a personality quiz to find out which Disney
character you are most like. It’s really fun, I like it a lot, I always either get Belle, or Ursula depending on if I go hero or villain. Also inside Animation
Academy is a little spot that I’ve deemed, my
secret karaoke corner. Inside the main lobby of Animation Academy they play songs from
different Disney movies, and show some of the concept
art on big, giant screens above the area. It’s really cool and magically
and right next to the Elsa and on a Meet and
Greet sign there’s actually a little screen that plays
the lyrics from the song that’s playing, they’re
basically asking me to sing karaoke. My friend Skylar and I have
spent many an afternoon camped out here in front
of the little screen, eating snacks and singing
along to Disney songs. ♪ Watching from the windows ♪ ♪ All those years ♪ ♪ Outside looking in ♪ Give it a try and if you ever see us there you better come duet with us. If you’re using you phone
all day at the parks for fast passes and pictures, it’s gonna die well before
your Disney day is through. I always bring a little
external battery pack in my Disney bag, so that
I don’t have to worry about conserving battery,
I can keep my brightness all the way up, and play
Pokemon Go as much as I please. Another great option especially
if you come to Disneyland a lot, is they actually
sell external battery packs there for $30 and for that
$30 you get unlimited swaps. These little fuelrod
stations are all throughout both parks and once you buy one, you can use it as much as
you want and swap it out for a fresh one when it’s dead,
as many times as you want, every time you come, $30 bucks
and you can get a new one every time you run out of juice. I definitely recommend bringing
an external battery pack with you to Disneyland, it’s one of my Disney park essentials, it’s always in my little Disney backpack. If you guys want to see a video about what’s in my Disney bag, let
me know down in the comments and I will definitely make
that and if you want to see more Disney content right now, click that card right up there for 10 more Disneyland life hacks. Thanks so much for watching,
I hope you Disney babes are ready to take the parks like a pro and I will see you on Tuesday
with another new video. Bye! (pop dance music)


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